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Should Anwyl Give Up?

Anwyl is a young guy with an incredible metabolism. If we knew how to recreate what nature has given him, so many people would love to share in his misfortune. But Anwyl isn’t so happy with his situation and looks like he has given up trying for his weight goal. Any words of advice for him?

Anwyl writes:

23 yr old, male, somewhere in the 5′8-5′10 range. highest I’ve ever hit is 115, think I’m usually around 105-110. People say 2000 calories should maintain my weight, 2500 to gain weight. Most I’ve tried was ~3000 calories a day, w/biking to work, and other light exercise. Had 5000 calories one day, but felt rather sick the next. Seems like just boosting caloric intake doesn’t do anything. Nowadays I’m usually walking instead of biking, and down to probably 2500/day (at least one 1300+ calorie meal a day), and just don’t deal with scales. Basically I just decided I didn’t wanna go through with anything extreme like trying 5000 calories for a week or something. Worst part is good luck finding pants for skinny guys :-/

To Be Present

What does it mean to be present? Many self-development books, TV shows, and people are talking about it, however how is it applicable to the healthy metabolism conversation? As we are constantly making choices about how to live our lives, our body is making choices how to sustain this life by providing constant chemical reactions in order to create biologically essential components and to break down organic matter. So it is all about choices we make, because our mind and body are inseparable and always in synch. If they get out of synch we might develop physical or emotional illness.
Therefore our choices about everyday life directly affect how our body functions process everything we feed it with – whether it is a physical substance or the mental thought. Staying consciously present means paying attention to every choice we are facing and deciding on the action to take about this choice. Often in life we are acting out of habit choosing the path of less resistance – eating this doughnut, drinking this extra cup of coffee, gossiping about the neighbor, obsessing about that conversation… It is important to realize that all of it is a material for our body to process and make a decision what to do with it. Our body is smart, it will do the best it can with what it got, however way too often we supply it with the material difficult to digest. And we do it because way too often we run on the autopilot not paying attention on the signals our body is constantly sending us.
Sometimes right before doing something I ask myself “Is it going to give me pleasure or happiness?” And if the answer is “pleasure” I think twice about doing it. Staying present, listening to my body, evaluating my surrounding and my situation. How this choice will benefit me as a person, how it will affect my life? I might choose” pleasure” after all, but it will be my conscious choice at that specific time and space.

Bobby’s Advice to Senorita on Carbs

Senorita is an Indian girl with a taste for carb loaded foods and Bobby offers some good advice on how to manage this common diet problem.

Bobby writes:

Hey Senorita…
It sounds like you just need some fine-tuning. Try eating your fruits in the morning/early afternoon. Most fruits are high in sugar and you should eat them early on in the day. Eat more protein at night, and leave 3-4 hours between your last meal and the time you go to bed. Switch from cereal to oatmeal(whole oats, not from package). Rice, make sure you are eating BROWN, and not white. Try and get all whites(bread, rice, pasta) out of your diet by switching to their better alternatives. Hope this helps! YOU CAN DO THIS!

Darlene Shares Her Experience with Cytomel (t3)

Darlene sent us this post in which she explains how the addition of Cytomel (t3) resulted in a great improvement in her symptoms of hypothyroidism. Many physicians including endocrinologists continue to dispute the benefit of adding t3 in situations such as Darlene’s. Perhaps posting her comments and others like hers will help sway opinions.

Darlene writes:

I have been on synthroid for Hashimotos thyroiditis for over 10 years. I am on 300MCG. l have experienced severe fatigue and chronic joint pain for most of my life. I also experience bouts of depression. Four weeks ago I was placed on 5mg of Cytomel along with the 300mcg of synthroid. I am happy to say that my fatigue is almost gone, I have lost weight, my depression is gone and my joint pain is almost gone. I have never felt better in my life. I feel better than when I was teenager. I am now 37 years old and feel like life is starting over for me.

Linda Gets Real with Weight Loss Advice

Linda has put together an outstanding post for everyone looking for weight loss advice. Linda offers some “no nonsense” suggestions to help people achieve their weight loss goals. Linda I need to ask you…do you really mean running for 1 hour 5 days per week is needed to lose a pound?! Say it ain’t so!!

Linda advises those wanting to lose weight:

Keep track of everything you take into your system. Weight gain/loss is calories in / calories out. If you aren’t putting calories into your system, you are not going to gain weight. Even non-smokers struggle with weight gain/loss and I usually just give them a sheet of paper and say, here, for the next 3 days, eat like you normally do and write every morsel and how much down, then bring it back to me. Then we sit down and assess their caloric intake versus what they are doing for activity to burn calories. I’ve yet to see anyone who is still eating healthy (not starving yourself, because your body will go into survival mode and hang onto every calorie it can), is engaging in physical activity and not able to lose weight. Running for one hour, 5 times per week, for 4 weeks is what is takes to lose one pound of true fat, so you need to know what your exercise regime is really doing. Each pound is 3500 calories, so it takes time and patience to lose unwanted pounds but very little to pack it on. I’m so tired of people complaining and saying oh I haven’t changed my diet and then I see them pounding back a 300g bag of chips. I’ve done it myself and know exactly what my weight gain is related to but also know exactly how to get rid of it – number one thing for me was getting real with myself on what I was consuming and what I was doing for exercise. Good luck out there.

Dr. DeSilva Wants to Aid in Weight Gain

Dr. DeSilva posts a great question about someone with high blood pressure and thyroid disease who needs to gain weight.

Dr. DeSilva asks:

I would like your advice about a lady who is hypothyroid and is taking the T3/T4 and is very underweight, 80-100 lbs. she also has some hypertension and is on drugs for this. can you suggest a way for her to gain weight?? please let me know.thanks