Member Blog: How to stop being fat

That’s the thing that is on everyone’s mind.  Our world, our country, ourselves.  How do we really stop being fat?  A great question, but not an easy one to answer.  Ten years ago I made up my mind to stop being fat.  Having grown up with an unhealthy relationship with food, my weight grew to 358 pounds by my junior year of highschool.  By my freshman year of college I had had enough.  I changed my lifestyle, my relationship with food, and incorporated exercise into my life.  Now ten years and 140 pounds healthier, I feel balanced and complete.  This experience has lead me to an unwavering passion of health.  I am a certified nutritional health counselor and life coach, and my profession allows me to help people through my passion and experience.  If you want to know more please voice it as a response to this blog.