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Dear Oprah, It was Fun While it Lasted!

It’s over between me and Oprah. If you are a regular reader of metabolism.com you probably know about my proposal to Oprah. Don’t get worked up, it wasn’t a marriage proposal. It was a proposal to create a Diabetes Lifestyles reality show for her new cable network. Here’s the background. Oprah is starting her “Own” network on cable and is hosting a contest for ideas to add to her line up. For the past 6 months visitors to Oprah’s website have been able to view all the ideas submitted by the public and vote for their favorite ones. My idea was to produce a Diabetes Lifestyle reality show called This Sweet Life. Over two months my idea acquired about 60 votes and was still in the running. The problem between Oprah and I started when she asked for a commitment. I’m not phobic about commitments but she asked for too much. In order to stay in the contest I had to commit to taking 6 weeks away from my medical practice to go to Los Angles to participate in filming of the conclusion of the contest. I’m sorry Oprah…I’m already committed to my medical practice so you can’t have me!

Maybe some other time. But it was fun while it lasted.

Gary Pepper, M.D., Editor-in-Chief, metabolism.com

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4 Days and 1 Million Votes to Go

Well….we tried. Thanks to everyone who voted for my Diabetes Show idea for the Oprah channel. With only 40 votes so far and 4 days to go, there isn’t much hope of my idea getting recognized by the judges for the Oprah network contest.

I still think it would be great T.V. to have a behind the scenes and personal look at the lives of people with diabetes and their relationships with their health care providers.

Maybe someday I’ll get another opportunity to promote the idea.

Thanks again for those who supported the idea.

Dr. G. Pepper

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Support Dr. Pepper’s Health and Wellness Show on Oprah’s Network

Dr. Pepper’s Health and Wellness show has only 13 votes so far!!

Oprah is running a contest for show ideas for her new T.V. network coming this fall. The contest is open to everyone. Dr. Pepper submitted an idea for a Health and Wellness show called “It’s a Sweet Life”. This is a show about diabetics and their doctors, with Dr. Pepper as the moderator. Segments would be shot at home/work/play with the patient and while at their doctor visit. As a specialist in the diabetes field Dr. Pepper would be able to supply behind the scenes commentary, bringing out details the average person would never have the chance to appreciate.

This Sweet Life has only 13 votes so far!! Ouch. Without support from metabolism.com members this idea will die a certain death.

To watch the promo video and vote log on to:


Thanks for your support!!

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