Margie Reports Her Success with Armour Thyroid

Hello, Everyone

I was diagnosed Hypothyroid 10 years ago, I have two sisters and several aunts with the same problem. I was prescribed synthroid and it was a Godsend for the first three years even though I was up and down, however I began to be more and more tired and just generally did not feel good, my dosage was up and down, finally doctor prescribed cytomel to go with it. still no good my bones hurt all the time especially my hip going down my leg and in the middle of my upper back, my beautiful teeth damaged. I finally told my Doctor to either give me the Armour or I was going to find another Doctor who would, He did and shazamm all symptoms disappeared, I feel great Like before I ever had this problem, I Thank God for Armour, and I also avoid flouride, chlorine

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  • Jessica T

    Hello Margie,
    I myself have been suffering from hypothyroidism since 2007. The last 4plus years have been the worst years of my life. I have spent thousands of dollars on doctors, medications and labs. Currently I’m taking three different medications on a daily basis that don’t make me feel a bit better. Needless to say one of the meds on my daily intake is Synthroid. Uuugh, how that word makes me cringe! Also to include Cytomel.
    Your story has brought me hope that there is something out there that will bring me back to life. However, I have read so many different blogs about Armour Thyroid; that it has been reformulated, that is no longer available in the US, But is available thru Canada pharmacies….PLEASE, PLEASE, HELP ME!! I’m desperate to have my life back. My post thyroid life is literally killing me day by day. :'(
    Where and how can i get Armour? It is beyond words what I would give to feel normal again. Your help is extremely appreciated.

  • Thank you for this web site. If you are one of the few people that can not convert T4, is it still possible to feel hyperthyroid on Synthroid? And or your labs TSH range be hyperthyroid? Yet not have enough T3 in your cells and yet be hyperthyroid at the same time??? The reason I ask, is because when I was on Synthroid at 125 mcg I did not feel hyper and my labs were normal, however I still felt hypo, so my dose was increased to 137 mcg and then in the evenings I could feel my heart rate increase, so I suspected to be hyper and my labs confirmed this. For this reason my original doctor kept me on 125 mcg and at that dose my hair fell out in large amounts daily and I felt tired, always cold and had brain fog. I have Hashimoto’s with a high level of antibodies. Now I am on 100 mcg of time released T3 only and for the first time in 10 years my hair stopped falling out and I feel better. I discussed this with you before about my T3 only medication, another doctor (the 3rd doctor I’ve been to) prescibed me Armour 30 mg 2xdaily and 50 mcg T4 1x daily, because he said Armour has mostly T3 and the brain needs T4, but I’m scared to switch and my hair start falling out again. The doctor that has me on the T3 only (my 2nd doctor) planned to change me over to a T3/T4 combo or Armour, after my reverse T3 was under 300. I think I want only the Armour and not the combo Armour/T4 like the third doctor prescribed, I think the synthetic T4 makes my hair fall out. It’s a known side affect that’s even written on the information from the pharmacy. So the reason for my question, can my cells lack T3 yet my labs show I’m hyper and I feel hyper??? I never felt good on Synthroid and my hair was always falling out even when my labs were normal and when they were hyper. I know you don’t like T3 only, but only since I’ve been on T3 has my hair stopped falling out. And I even suspect since my T3 dose was increased from 87.5 mcg to 100 mcg at my request, I might be a little hyper now and so I need to re-do my labs to confirm.

    Thanks, Lisa