Lovey Needs Encouragement to Deal with Her Condition

Sad LadyLovey posts this sad message to Many of the members here have been through this type of paralyzing doubt and have found a way to get the help they need. So, if you have a minute to spare, in the spirit of the season, why not offer Lovey a message that will help her get her nerve up to go to the doctor.

Lovey writes:

Hi, I’m too scared to go to the doc as I have a large lump in my throat. I don’t know much about thyroids or how it works an wat the worse case situations r. Alls I know is that the lump is about as round n size of a golf ball maybe abit smaller. I’ve had this lump for about 4 years an it’s recently started to get bigger. Ive gain about 12kg in about 8 months but I still do everything the same. I weigh 75 kg an MT height is 174cm. Something is wrong isn’t it!!!

Here is my reply to her;

Hi Lovey

A sluggish thyroid often produces a “lump” in the neck (which is the enlarged thyroid) and weight gain due to a slow metabolism. I’m not sure if you believe me but there really isn’t anything to be scared about. For example, if it turns out your thyroid is under active (low functioning or hypothyroid) the treatment is very simple. For most people taking one pill per day is all that is required to get back to normal. May people with hypothyroid are taking their thyroid pill and feel fine.

It’s hard to say exactly what the problem is in your case, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is something like hypothyroidism, which could be fixed so easily.

So please get yourself to a doctor, clinic or whatever and have them look into this. Then you can stop worrying so much.

Okay? Let us know what happens. I’m asking other members here to give you their words of support as well, since many of the members here have gone through what you are experiencing and are happy they received proper treatment.

Dr. G. Pepper

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  • The number of nodules or lumps on the thyroid that are malignant (cancerous) is very small. But if this lump you have on your thyroid contains cancer cells the quicker you have it treated the better the prognosis. Thyroid cancer is a slow growing cancer so it is critical that you get this looked after as soon as possible

  • Alexandria Christan

    Awesome thank you for writing that to everyone!

  • Located your web blog through Delicious. You already know I am subscribing to your rss feed.

  • Patti

    I found a lump in my throat in August of this year. I am one of the few (about 10%) who tested positive for Thyroid cancer. I also had cancer in 4 of the lymph nodes of my neck. I am a competitive athlete (for fun not for a living) and I worried what would happen. I had surgery in September and although the last 4 months have been very hard on me, I am happy to report I am running, swimming and cycling again. The cancer is completely gone based on my body scan and negative bloodwork.

    Most likely you do NOT have cancer. But you can’t roll the dice and not know. And if you do, you can and will get through it and go on to live a wonderful life. It takes work and perseverance to be healthy but it is worth it. 🙂

  • Amy

    The Doctor is right, Lovey. I went through almost the exact same thing many years ago, before much was know about thyroid. It took a while for us to figure out what was wrong, and I developed that lump, gained weight and was increasingly tired. Once I began taking replacement thyroid hormone, the lump disappeared in the matter of a few months. It requires regular testing (a simple blood test) to maintain the correct dosage, which changes periodically. But I’d not necessarily cancer, and you won’t necessarily need surgery. A tiny pill every morning, that’s it. All the best to you.
    Patti, congratulations on being cancer free! Sorry you had to go through that, but very glad to hear you are back to your sports!