Dael Challenges the Conventional Wisdom about Smoking and Weight Control

Dael is taking a lonely path as a confirmed smoker. So far the benefits seem to out weigh the risks, but we all know what the end of this road will look like. I am posting Dael’s comments to see if the community at metabolism.com can make a positive impact on Dael’s rebellious attitude.

Dael writes:

hey guys and gals just to let you know,

am down to 130lbs and feeling fit as a fiddle. have the 6 pack and abs i dreamed of and am fitter than i have ever been.. it really is odd cos i hate smoking but here i am having lost 42 lbs and loving every second of it apart from the smoking. what can i say – maybe rather die skinny and liking myself, than a fatty with some self righteous notion of how wonderful i am for not smoking… i hated myself with the extra weight, sorry but true…. i really can’t give a f***k for what anyone thinks on here but at least i can bear to look at myself in a mirror and like what i see, not loathe what i look like and try to bullshit myself into believing that i am sooooo happy cos i gave up the cigs….. but next is the NRT – lets see what happens there, and b4 anyone says it, yes i lost two of my best friends to cancer, of the spine and brain, but all i can say is like james dean , i’d rather live fast and furious, that be fat and dumb til 101, you can all choose, but in the end what do you all want?
i do not advocate smoking !!!

I know who i am

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  • Mirian Chafe


  • Mike

    It’s good to do what is necessary in order to avoid a worse problem… and I have done in the past the same. But I think, if one looks very carefully, that one can (and must) use the power gained from tobacco to find the next step out of trouble in the journey of life and death.
    I think it’s tenuous to maintain inside oneself… how can it be said? An ignorance of the negative effects of the dependence on tobacco as the sole agent in maintaining a slim and able body.
    It has been seen that the frequent and persistent exposure to nicotine causes damage to the pyknotic cells of the brain. Also, in humans, it can be seen that mental performance deteriorates without the increasing input of nicotine, which when removed leaves the subject disabled. Never mind the negative effects of excessive inhalation of smoke… which causes various unpleasant symptoms and conditions.

    True… it can be seen from some examples that a particular use of tobacco is not incompatible with long life… but a careful study of this will reveal intricacies that are of life or death importance to those of us who would at first allow ourselves to believe that the intemperate regular smoking of cigarettes is without obvious negative impact.

    I myself believe that tobacco can be a useful curative agent… I even have grown it myself (not being willing to buy cigarettes or commercial tobacco) and have used it in times when I could see no other way out… though those times are fewer and farther between.

    The insight, time, or power gained from tobacco can be used to help one find out what acts of personal habit or “tradition” are so incompatible with one’s body so as to require the constant input of nicotine for remediation. One must work very hard to mitigate all antagonistic factors that lead to a need for tobacco.

    Dael… I’ve been through the which you write about… I admire the renegade spirit… Yet, tobacco demands from us that we learn from it… and that we use it in good faith to get out of trouble.

    This is, unfortunately, not easy… but to cast a blind eye to the alternative is in many and most cases…


    At one moment the tool of salvation leads us to conquer… but time does not stop.
    It may be found, that tobacco makes you see as a god… one for whom a year is as a day… and in 10 days (that would be in truth 10 years) the tool that was your weapon of salvation will have turned into crutches of regret.

    But for the MOMENT… what you have done is righteous and good…

    So listen for what the tobacco is saying to you tomorrow… and find out what it demands of you before it may demand it. One doesn’t want that If and when lord tobacco sends for payment, funds for remuneration should be lacking.

    You may find that tobacco lets you step into tomorrow… but don’t waste that time… because for one day of tomorrow, 10 years are bought and sold.

  • Palmer Ihlenfeld

    Very helpful post on weight loss.

  • Debbi

    I think you both need professional help.

  • Melanie

    @Debbi – I concur.

  • Michelle

    I was a smoker for 26 years. I had been trying to quit for 18 years. I did not enjoy smoking. I tried cold turkey, cutting down, nicotine gum, nicotine patches, nicotine lozenges, nicotrol inhaler and fake cigarettes. I was finally able to quit with the help of chantix 1 month after my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. My mother quit smoking in 1978 but her husband was a smoker and her children were too. Since I have quit smoking 6 months ago I have been through hell. I was constipated and had rectal bleeding, i was depressed and still am, I have bad mood swings, I have hot flashes, I sweat too much, my teeth hurt and I went from a size 10 to a size 16. Yep, I weighed 167 before I quit smoking and now I am over 200. I look like I am 7 months pregnant. When I look in the mirror I am disgusted at what I see. All that fat and flab in my belly and all the cellulite on my thighs and butt and I look again and I smile because I finally quit smoking.