Cami Gets Contentious About the HCG Diet

The HCG diet has created a great deal of controversy among experts and the people who have tried it. Cami posts these words of warning about the HCG diet based on her own and her husband’s experience.

Cami writes:

What Dr. Simeons book does not tell you is that there is a good chance your hair will fall out aproximately three months after completing the 500 calorie phase of the diet. He also doesn’t mention that the shock to your system can cause adrenal fatigue, and hypothyroidism if you were already prone to these conditions.

My husband and I both went on the hCG diet and both lost the weight we had been hanging onto for years. I followed the diet perfectly, but as soon as the hCG stopped, the weight began coming back on, FAST! I had to do a steak day every other day, my blood sugar plummeted and I began to feel awful! I suffered fatigue, dry skin, dry mouth, no energy, no libido, and my muscles and joints began to hurt. The carb and sugar cravings were so intense I felt like a drug addict. I gained all the weight back plus 13 lbs. in three months, then the hair began to fall. My doctor was shocked and completely surprised. His only theory is that the usual dose wasn’t enough for me and I triggered a starvation response which affected my thyroid and adrenals. Together we are going to support adrenal health, then begin t3 therapy in an effort to repair my thyroid. My husband on the other hand, feel great! He has been able to keep off the weight, add some muscle and is happy and energetic every day. hCG does work, but if you have any health problems related in any way to the hypothalmus, I would consider taking the weight off very slowly to avoid starvation response.

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  • I used to be an old advocate of Atkins diet before I knew what I now know, so nowadays I do not recommend Atkins high protein and fat diet for long term but would always recommend a “high- nutrition” 96% VEGAN diet replacing most meat with lentils – but many people will not do this. Sooo even though I give a diet plan in PS1 below, let me share a little first to help you understand how losing and gaining weight can best be done to be stronger and healthier for the long term.

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  • My husband dropped weight like crazy on this blasted diet. I’ve sadly only lost a few pounds. I wonder what the problem is.. I’m starting phase 3 this week guys. Wish me luck with this hcg diet thing. I heard such good things but it seems like the results are mixed at best.

  • I would say that if you have not been able to trim down fast in the past because diets were to restrictive, boring, or you kept plateauing then an eat every other day diet plan or EODD may just be the ticket for you to trim down fast!

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  • Diet For Hypothyroid

    That’s scary. Major hair fall is scary. But if the diet works and someone would like to take risk I think it’s up to that someone.

  • Madeline Westad

    I think about all the people around the world who are going upon these garbage in, garbage out fat loss program hoping to achieve the fat reduction success of those that are endorsing these products.

  • Stephanie

    My experience with hcg is just like Cami’s. I personally know 14 people who’ve done it with success, and kept the weight off effortlessly. Like Cami, my husband is one of them. I’ve tried the diet 3 times. First two times, I couldn’t stick with it because I was so hungry. The third time, with the help of lots of hoodia, I struggled through. I lost all the weight I was hoping to, and was ecstatic. Then I started phase 3, and couldn’t maintain at all. I was doing steak days every other day, until I got fed up with that. I stayed with the “no sugar, no starch” protocol, and still managed to regain 3/4 of my weight in 3 weeks. In order to do that, I’d have to overeat by 1500 calories a day. There’s no way I consumed that much food, so I wonder if I shut my metabolism down with that 500 calorie a day thing. So, while I know lots of people do well on this diet, I can’t personally recommend it.

  • Ditto!

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  • Sharon

    Hmmm… it seems that Kevin Trudeaux wasn’t telling us the whole story when he first introduced the Weight Lost Cure book. I’ve seen the informercial and bought the book from Target. What I discovered from reading Weight Loss Cure book, is that this diet plan was very, very expensive, as they recommended that you go to Germany to get the shots. The shots themselves could cost thousands of dollars, plus the round-trip plain ticket to Germany. But 500 calories for the whole day, not each meal? WOW! I can’t even fathom something like that. But for those who had tried everything and nothing has really worked out for you, I have posted a link to a book by David Herzog entitled, “Natural To Supernatural Health.” And although weight loss is included, this is a book about total healing and lifestyle changes. The book costs $14.95 and I believe it may be the answer for many of us. I’m getting ready to order this book myself, as I am familiar with the author (I have some of his books and have seen him interviewd a few times on television. He’s really a nice guy). I’m really excited about this book, because it seems to target the whole body issues, and not just weightloss.

  • Pam

    The Every Other Day Diet itself is a great diet, though it doesn’t mangle any speed limits!

  • Exercise is strongly encouraged on the Every Other Day Diet. However, it is not required for success!

  • Pat

    Most diets end up slowing your metabolism by longer term calorie restriction making it easier to put the weight back on when the diet is done. The Every Other Day Diet plan can easily become a permanent weight loss, weight maintenance!

  • Originally released in 2004, Jon Benson’s The Every Other Day Diet has been a steady top-seller for years. As of September 2008, the highly-anticipated Second Edition, which includes the new SNAPP!

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    My knowledge about hcg is like Cami’s. Personally, i know 14 people who’ve tried it with success, and stored the load off very easily. Like Cami, my hubby is one. I’ve attempted this diet 3 occasions. First couple of occasions, I couldn’t stick to it because I had been so hungry. The 3rd time, by using plenty of hoodia, I battled through. I lost all of the weight I had been wishing to, and was ecstatic. I Quickly began phase 3, and couldn’t maintain whatsoever. I had been doing steak days every second day, until I acquired frustrated with this. I remained using the “no sugar, no starch” protocol, but still handled to restore 3/4 of my weight in 3 days. To be able to do this, I’d need to overindulge by 1500 calories each day. There isn’t any way I consumed much food, and so i question basically shut my metabolic process lower with this 500 calorie each day factor. So, as i know many individuals prosper about this diet, I can’t personally recommend it.

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