Is it a thyroid or adrenal gland issue?

A while back one of our members, Sylvia, described some troubling new symptoms she was experiencing. A recent contribution to her thread on the message board here at made me re-read Sylvia’s original post. What she described was recent onset of weight gain, depression, high blood pressure and ankle swelling (edema). Her concern was that although her thyroid blood tests were described as “normal”, that the thyroid was the source of her new problems.

On second review the thought occurred to me that the combination of problems Sylvia described is typical of an over-active adrenal gland. This is referred to as Cushing’s Syndrome. With Cushing’s, due to persistently elevated levels of adrenal hormones including cortisol, DHEA, androsteinedione etc., complications develop that include the very ones Sylvia identified; high blood pressure, swelling, weight gain, and depression. Other developments may also include diabetes (high blood sugar), easy bruising, osteoporosis, unusual and severe infections, muscle weakness, and purple stretch marks.

Cushing’s can be diagnosed by obtaining a 24 hour collection of urine for cortisol measurement and by measuring levels of cortisol in the blood in the early morning and late at night. With Cushing’s, urine cortisol levels will be high and there is a loss of the daily high to low transition of blood cortisol levels (diurnal variation).

Sylvia….if you are still reading you should think about the possibility of Cushing’s Syndrome and take it up with your own health care professional. Posting a follow-up of your progress would be very helpful to us all.


Dr. G. Pepper, editor-in-chief,

These comments are for educational purposes only and are not intended as medical treatment. The disclaimer at applies to all comments at this website.

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  • Goodness, our bodies are so amazing and so complicated. You article showcases that so much. I (and many people that I know) struggle with what so clearly seems to be thyroid disorder, yet the test are constantly normal.

    Thank you so much for providing sound alternatives and such clear guidance on the whys of it all. I and I’m sure many thank you!


  • Very often however, specific nutrients and glandular supplements do solve the problem. Supplements that should help eradicate this adrenal fatigue are licorice herbal supplement, siberian ginseng, adrenal glandular supplements, and pantothenic acid (b5).

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  • Mikel Brinker

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  • sandra levy

    I also suffer from ankle swelling, severe infections (virises) etc weight gain. I had my thryoid removed in 1997.

    I have been trying to see Dr. Pepper, but, my appointment keeps getting changed and pushed up.

    I am on Nature Thyroid which I feel is much better than Synthroid. But, still not doing as well as I would like to. I know my dose needs adjusting, but still waiting for Dr. Pepper.

  • Sally Anne

    I am wondering seriously if I have adrenal issues (in addition to my thyroid issues) but not sure about bringing this up to my very mainstream” PCP. I read that so many doctors do not believe there is such thing as “adrenal fatigue” just as some do not believe there really is “fibromyalgia” which I am also diagnosed with. Some articles talk about the symptoms of these syndromes being caused by myalgic encephalomyelitis (which is NOT encephalitis) but looking into this can give you a label possibly of a malingerer or hypochondriac. However, this fatigue and inability to lose weight can cause significant quality of life issues!

  • I feel much better…have lost weight, don’t have much swelling anymore and don’t feel so depressed. I do take supplements that I believe are helping me as well…