4 Days and 1 Million Votes to Go

Well….we tried. Thanks to everyone who voted for my Diabetes Show idea for the Oprah channel. With only 40 votes so far and 4 days to go, there isn’t much hope of my idea getting recognized by the judges for the Oprah network contest.

I still think it would be great T.V. to have a behind the scenes and personal look at the lives of people with diabetes and their relationships with their health care providers.

Maybe someday I’ll get another opportunity to promote the idea.

Thanks again for those who supported the idea.

Dr. G. Pepper

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  • Allison

    I just added a link to vote for you on our compounding pharmacy facebook page.
    We hope you get more votes!!

  • Let me say here and now, THANK YOU DR. PEPPER for your caring and concern for people with diabetes. I know your passion will find an avenue through which to reach and help these folks.

  • Resveratrol Products

    Good luck for next time! maybe you can start something on your own?