Yikes! Only 13 Votes for Dr. Pepper’s Diabetes Show

C’mon gang! Since I posted a request for support for It’s a Sweet Life, not a single vote was registered. Oprah will never take this idea seriously unless more people show enthusiasm for it. Shouldn’t there be a show about diabetics, their struggles with the disease and their relationships with their health care providers? If that sounds like a worthy goal then “cut and paste” this URL into your browser and vote for “Gary’s” Health and Wellness show (not a Talk Show).



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  • abdkhaliq

    yes i agree. there should be a show about diabetics, their struggles with the disease and their relationships with their health care providers

  • Red Wine Benefits

    would this be like a 30 minute program, or an hour, or an inert in oprah’s show?

  • Dr. G. Pepper

    The idea of This Sweet LIfe is a 30 to 60 minute show spotlightening the personal struggles of people with diabetes and their inter-relationship with the medical field. People with diabetes often see their doctor every three months or so for years. Their relationship with the health care world is a lot more involved then the average person’s. As a physician I can help analyze and explain what is going on behind the scenes.

    There is a lot of very interesting and compelling stories to be told. That’s what It’s a Sweet Life is suppose to be about.

    It was mistakenly put in the Talk Show category instead of Health and Wellness. That can’t be helping the idea get votes. We can only hope it gets some favorable notice from members at metabolism.com and from the folks at Oprah’s contest.

    Thanks for asking.

    Dr. G. Pepper

  • Shalyn

    Couldn’t find it! Could you post a valid link?

  • Dr. G. Pepper

    I just copied the link


    and pasted into my browser (the URL/address bar at the top of the page) and I got the correct page. Be sure there is nothing else [like http or www etc. ] in your address box before pasting. Please try again and let me know if there is still a problem.

    Things are looking grim….only 26 votes:(

    Thanks for trying!!

  • Sally Anne

    I have voted for Dr. Pepper and will do so again and again if they will let me.