Support Dr. Pepper’s Health and Wellness Show on Oprah’s Network

Dr. Pepper’s Health and Wellness show has only 13 votes so far!!

Oprah is running a contest for show ideas for her new T.V. network coming this fall. The contest is open to everyone. Dr. Pepper submitted an idea for a Health and Wellness show called “It’s a Sweet Life”. This is a show about diabetics and their doctors, with Dr. Pepper as the moderator. Segments would be shot at home/work/play with the patient and while at their doctor visit. As a specialist in the diabetes field Dr. Pepper would be able to supply behind the scenes commentary, bringing out details the average person would never have the chance to appreciate.

This Sweet Life has only 13 votes so far!! Ouch. Without support from members this idea will die a certain death.

To watch the promo video and vote log on to:

Thanks for your support!!

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  • Healthy Aging

    Maybe this idea should be pitched to more mediums.

  • Angela

    I think the show should also encompass mental illness as there is a stigma about mental illness and I think the public should know that the mentally ill can function in society and be productive members of society either by taking their medications or by holistically treating themselves. I, myself, have schizoaffective disorder and ocd and PTSD and have my ups and downs with bipolar disorder. I do take my meds and I’m able to care for 3 children at home, I do not work. I am a stay at home mom. But I take care of the house and shopping and children. I think a show showing that mentally ill people are not scary or mean would give a great outlook on the stigma that is out there right now. I think education is the most important thing there could be in stopping the stigma against the mentally ill.

    Thanks for listening,


  • Eli Scheidt

    Go see a doctor to propery diagnose your signs of bipolar disorder.

  • Neal Mautz

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  • Salina Garzia

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