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Have you been discouraged by inability to lose weight despite really trying? Have you ever paid for a weight loss program and felt you wasted your money? The experts at appreciate what you have gone through and want to help you get it right. Beth Ellen DiLuglio is a certified nutritionist and consultant who is collaborating with to offer a personalized nutrition program that we believe will get results.

To kick off this new service, is running a contest to win a free consultation with Beth Ellen. To enter the contest simply post to the Comments Section on’s homepage with the theme: ….What is the biggest obstacle to achieving weight loss?… We want to hear what you have to say about this common and perplexing problem.

Within 4 weeks the staff of will choose the best response to the question. The winner will then be entitled to a free consultation with Beth Ellen worth $80 but actually worth much more when the results you are striving for are finally achieved with her help.

So enter today and post your opinion to; What is the biggest obstacle to achieving weight loss?

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  • Sally Anne

    The biggest obstacle to acheiving my weight loss is many-fold and complex as I believe it is for most. I believe my sleep apnea is the worst “culprit”. I also have Hashimoto’s thyroid disease and in 2006 I crash dieted and lost 82 lbs in 11 months only to suffer a rapid rebound weight gain of 40 pounds. For over two years, I have not been able to get this weight off. I was previously insulin resistant and had surgery on PCOS. The fibromyalgia affects working out. I feel that all of these issues feed off one another. It is crystal clear to me that feeling poorly every day from debilitating fatigue is the biggest obstacle to acheiving the weight loss I so desperately need. I really do need help. I want to live before I die.

  • Sally Ann, I hope you have sought out professional intervention to address your weight issues. By crash dieting and regaining weight, new health issues crop up. There are several metabolic issues that need to be addressed just to bring your body back into balance. Of course, my advice would be to consider having an individualized consultation!

    Clinical Nutritionist
    Beth Ellen DiLuglio, MS, RD, CNSD, CCN, LD/N

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  • I have struggled w/my adult weight for so long. I have sleep apnea otherwise my health is fairly good. I have been up and down so many times, but the worst of it is, when I lose (wrong way) I gain back the weight with friends (more pounds) I have tried this time to do it correctly, I exercise and watch what I eat, but it isn’t working. I have had the thyroid tested it is within normal range, I’ve complained to my doctor so many times and she finally wrote me a prescription to lapband. I do not want to go that route, as I am able to exercise and watch what I eat and that is something life altering and I believe that I should be able to do this myself? I’ve been at it since September it is now March and I really haven’t seen weight or inches disappear. It is very frustrating. I went to a dietitian only to have her record my consumption and agree with it? No other feedback came with the several appointments. Help please…

  • Sadaf

    I have been able to lose a lot of weight before without any special diets or exercise but now with running after the kids whole day has left me with a sagging belly. I also have a thyroid problem. I take 200 mcg of synthroid. I do try to get the nutrtion from all 4 groups.

  • Kat

    Hi. My biggest obstacle to losing weight is a combination mix of hormones, high blood pressure medication, and a euthyroid condition/goiter. In 2004 I successfully dropped 25 lbs. on WW. I gained it back over two years, then two years ago I could only drop 5 lbs. during 20 weeks on WW. Since then, in spite of being physically active and walking, this extra weight is glued to me and I’m now at my heaviest weight. (5’2″/195lbs). I’ve always been physically active, a tom boy, country gal so to speak. I’m told that I also snore and stop breathing at night. I can fall asleep on a dime and I feel like I sleep deeply. My days are full and active here in the country with my Mother, my animals, church, home business, part-time work, and much more. I’m 52 this year and I thank the Lord I’ve got energy and my hot spells are now under control with supplements and iosol iodine, but this difficulty to lose weight is one I’m so confused over. A personalized nutritional program to fit my metabolism would be so helpful to assist me in dropping 65 lbs., I could get off blood pressure meds and be so much more healthier so I can continue helping others to my best ability. I thank you for offering this new service. God bless you all. Kat

  • Cheryl

    I think my biggest obstacle to weight loss is not seeing success. I have Hashimoto’s and had my thyroid removed in Sept 2008, due to nodules. I really hoped that weight loss would happen for me after that. It turns out that the surgery went bad, and I almost died during the 2nd operation to control the bleeding. I am careful about what I eat, take all the vitamins recommended for us hypothyroid types, exercise, and still saw no results at all. It is all pretty discouraging. I have been on a yoyo of sorts trying to find optimal levels for my replacement hormones. Honestly, I am up for anything that will allow me to take off about 75 lbs successfully. When I talk to other people, I think they get the sense that I binge eat or am not careful about my diet. That is pretty hard. I do try to lose weight, I feel I eat healthy, but I just don’t know where to go from here….

  • Isabel Lanto

    Losing weight is really a problem for me and am quite convinced that am packing on the pounds because of my slow metabolism and sedentary life despite the fact that am watching on my diet by having small portions and choosing what am eating. So far am greatly blessed for not having an illness at my age of 54 and weighing about 140 lbs and barely 5′ tall. What worries me now is the fat stored around my belly… and noticed it just a few months ago… is it not what they called “metabolic syndrome” I really would want to shed some pounds but doing it is another thing… Thanks

  • N. Callihoo

    FOOD FOOD FOOD and FOOD. This is what broke the camels back. I recently hired a personal trainer to come to my home and literally kick my butt of the couch. This was 5 weeks ago. I actually started to eat healthy in addition to this new “way of life.” Presto chango…14 pounds gone in 4 weeks…. I was in awe of my new transformation and a little cocky too…So, what did I do…started eating no-no foods, eating out again…still working out but more food…and within a week…three extra pounds…WTF…talked too the trainer…his first question “what are you eating?” lol. So, I am back on the eating healthy wagon…not too bad…and lost those extra three pounds plus two more…I am convinced that food plays a special part in weight loss, not so much the amount we consume, but the kind….I still have a long way to go in terms of learning nutrition…one of my last convo’s with the trainer went something like this:
    Trainer “what did you eat for breakfast last sunday?”
    Me “oh, you will be very proud of me, had to go to breakfast buffet and I choose to eat 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 1 brown toast and 1/2 cup of fruit”
    Trainer “wow…that’s mostly carbs..”
    I was dumbfounded….I thought I made really good choices….lol

  • jinan

    My main obstaclefor losing weight is eating a lot of chocolate when I feel that I am so tired and I am losing control. I have some depression problems, I took a lot of pills, and I stopped.I don’t Know what to do to stop that.

  • Tamsyn

    Well, i’ve been trying for so long to drop the weight I picked up from PCOS, my biggest barrier would be that and not knowing how much I should really be eating with my training. I used to be able to just eat what ever I want and be ok. Then I realised i suffered from gluten and lactose allergies as well as having good old GERD. Really put me off trying to make food interesting so I lack the skills and knowledge to really make food interesting and get all the right nutrients as well as actually be satisfied with what i’m eating. Sweets and cakes aren’t my porblem, it’s eating either too much of the right stuff or too little? Yeah that’s just how clueless I am..