Dr. Oz, What Exactly Don’t You Know?

For a relatively small South Florida town, Jupiter has attracted a few national news stories. Recently there was the disturbed man who gunned down 4 members of his own family, and Tiger Woods is building his mother a house here. Bringing Dr. Oz to Jupiter is the recently confirmed pediatric brain tumor cluster just West of here. This has stirred up a lot of media attention and later this week Dr. Oz is doing a special on the cancer cluster.

What type of doctor is Dr. Oz? He is a heart surgeon. His training is in using a knife to cut the chest open and in sewing arteries together to heal the diseased heart. Why is he talking to the nation about a brain cancer cluster in South Florida? Why does he have a show where he lectures on everything from swine flu to diarrhea? This situation reminds me of a soap opera where the show’s doctor delivers a baby, removes someone’s brain cancer, and treats someone else for AIDS, all in the same episode. Sorry folks….that’s not the way the real world of medicine works.

O.K…so call me jealous. That doesn’t change the fact that our nation deserves real experts dealing out the facts, not some handsome Oprah pet doc pretending to be G-d’s gift to the medical world.

Operating on the heart requires constant practice and intense focus on only what lies underneath that knife. It shouldn’t come as a surprise therefore, that the last cardiac surgeon I would want operating on my heart is Dr. Oz.

Dr. Gary Pepper, Editor-in-Chief, Metabolism.com

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  • Dr. Oz may have the tools he needs right in his pocket! We all hope that our healthcare providers will do their utmost to remain updated on the latest and most progressive treatments and data available. I am hoping that Dr. Oz will use the tools that I literally slipped right into his pocket at St. Mary’s Hospital during a Children’s Pavilion dedication. The DVD I gave him was the news coverage of the link between low level radiation and childhood cancer, including the brain cancer clusters in Port St. Lucie and Miami Florida. Being in Palm Beach County is especially high risk because we are in between the two nuclear power plants and we have a relatively high level of rainfall. The rain brings the radioactive elements down to ground level where they leach into drinking water and into crops. The combination of radiation and agricultural chemicals has an even more insidious affect. The cancer clusters in West Palm Beach are following the same pattern.

    The evidence is overwhelming and I was hoping to educate Dr. Oz on the subject so that he could use his public voice and television personality to shed light on the issue. I provided him with the website for Radiation.org and a direct phone number for follow up. Perhaps we can give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he has been studying the issue in depth and will use his public appeal to begin to really address the underlying causes of childhood cancer.

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