Marion Touts New Adkins Diet for Weight Loss for Ex-Smokers

Marion brings us up to date on her progress after stopping smoking, gaining and then losing weight. Thank you Marion for sharing your experience with members!

Marion writes:

Just wanted to give you an update, quit smoking 8 months ago and have gained exactly 20 pounds, seems like the weight gain has finally slacked off. Last Monday a week ago I started Atkins, lost 9 lbs in 7 days, must be alot of fluid. Just the effects of being on Atkins, I feel so much better, but the best part is it forcing your body to burn fat and increases your metabolism. Try it its not as hard as you think. The NEW Atkins is alot more flexible and easy to learn than the old version. Basically the same with a few easier ways of understanding it. Good Luch I hope it works. Thanks, my goal is to wear a bikini this summer, not in public of course just at home in my pool, lol.

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  • jojosie

    Hi Marion
    Well done! 8 months is wonderful!
    I gave up smoking 8 weeks ago. Have been on Champix which has been a great help.Still some cravings but I am coping with them.
    I have been on a modified Atkins diet prior to quitting smoking and also since. It is run by a G.P and whilst I lost weight before quitting I have gained a few pounds since – around 6 pounds. I am in Australia so we go by the metric system which is in kilograms so its been 2 kg that I have gained. I seem to deviate a little from the diet each day. I try not to but I seem to have some small thing that I am not allowed eg small peice of cake, or crackers
    Just thought I would touch base re the quit smoking. If you have any words of wisdom re the weight thing I would love to hear from you.