Dangerous Alternatives for Desiccated (Armour) Thyroid

Yesterday a patient of mine asked if I was aware of a source of desiccated thyroid produced in Thailand. I was immediately skeptical for a few reasons. Many countries do not have an agency that provides quality control for medications. Whatever the drawbacks to the FDA, it is reassuring to know that for the most part, they have been able to protect citizens in the US from dangerous or defective medications. Many other countries provide similar protection to their population. Unfortunately there are places in the world where potentially dangerous medication is still available without a prescription. Quality control of medication production is also lacking.

My concern is that in some parts of the world, possibly Thailand for example, that a medication like Armour could be made but no qualified individual or agency is available to certify its ingredients or standardization.

Today a well meaning member forwarded their comments on a product called Thyroid S produced in Thailand, which is a supposed substitute for Armour thyroid and is available without a prescription. My reaction is that until we can be certain of the formulation of a medication that the best thing to do is to avoid using it. Perhaps in time someone will be able to provide the necessary information required to evaluate this product but as editor-in-chief of this website I will try to guard our readers against becoming victims of scams and exploitation.

I welcome any information others may have on solid information about Thyroid S or similar compounds being marketed as Armour Thyroid substitutes.

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  • Janie

    What we know is here (scroll down to find Thyroid-S): http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/armour-vs-other-brands

    • JMB

      Author is a bit delusional, there is nothing wrong with Thyroid S. If you think FDA is there for your own good, think again. I’ve ordered multiple generic drugs from UK, Canada, Thailand etc. I save 100’s of dollars per year, as opposed to our overpriced medical system. If it’s good enough for the United Kingdom and Canada, it’s good enough for Americans.

  • carolyn

    I suffered almost to the point of death …for about 9 or 10 months….under the re-formulated Armour….without my knowledge of “what the problem even was?”..

    .until one day I got a letter from my regular mail-order pharmacy, telling me they could “no longer supply my Rx for Armour Thyroid”.

    So I went online, to see if I could obtain it elsewhere.

    THAT is when I eventually got on the webpage: “www.stopthethyroidmadness.com

    There, I read a huge wealth of info on what was going on, and discovered to my dismay, that there were literally THOUSANDS of other folks, suffering with the same situation as me.

    What made matters even worse was the re-formulation of Armour
    which made it LOOSE ITS RIGHTS of being “grandfathered in” as GRAS.(generally recognized as safe).

    Also the re-formulation was not helping to ameliorate the hypo-thyroid symptoms…something was wrong with it.

    They used to say: “if it aint broke…dont fix it”…. but the suspicion is that significant money was exchanged “under the table’ to cause the thousands of hypo-thyroid sufferers to be forced to take the synthetic.

    an obvious clue …was the Abbot Co.’s REPORTED record 157 MILLION dollar additional extreme profit …over ONLY the last fiscal quarter (3 months)…..which probably was for many prescriptions of the synthetic thyroid ….to replace the “no-longer-available Armour natural dessicated thyroid.

    So I went online to seek my available alternatives to Armour.

    since there were several, some folks had already tried it, and reported it was sufficient for them….and….Re: Thailand resource…all I can say is …even if it was found at some future date….to not be PERFECT according to USA standards…It is STLL more beneficial to some hypothyroid folks than the synthetic, since its got T 1, T 2,T 3, T4 and calcitonin in it …….from the thyroids of porcine(pig).

    Therefore, even if a person wanted a steak dinner because they were hungry,…… even a bowl of oatmeal would suffice, in a pinch.

    Likewise, if a person had a severely low thyroid condition, ….even a “relatively” strong medicinal amount ……..would be better than nothing….or even the synthetic,….for those who genetically were either unable, or deficient in the conversion, ….and also needed the T 3 as well as the t 4.

    • carolyn hunter (hunter10039)

      3 years have passed since i made the above statements.

      a SUBSEQUENT recent study done by “Panicker et al”, published in the respected journal: ” Journal of Clinical Endocrinology”, proved that aproximately 16 percent of patients with hypothyroidism, EITHER LACK COMPLETELY…OR ARE TOO DEFICIENT IN THE REQUIRED ENZYME, NECESSARY TO MAKE THE NECESSARY CONVERSION BETWEEN t4 AND t3, SO THAT THE BODY CAN ACTUALLY USE THE MEDICATION.



      in THIS time-frame many have switched to thyroid-S (thiroid_S) OR ERFA, AND FIND BOTH TO BE SIMILAR TO THE EFFECTS
      OF THE OLD ARMOUR.according to various comments within the Yaheoo groups that refer to it.

      ALL have remarked on how much better THEY ARE, TALING THYROID-S, OR ERFA……. than Armour’s reformulation.



  • Terry Alan Wade

    I’ve been using Thyroid S for the last six months with more success than I ever had with Armour thyroid.
    Why is there an assumption that the product from Thailand is not as good as the product made by the makers of Armour?
    Why would the quality control of a foreign owned company be less than it is here? Are we to assume that people in other countries settle for less than pure drugs?
    What would make a company in Thailand less able to make a pharmaeceutical quality drug?
    Are we to assume that it’s only the vigilance of the FDA that keeps us from poisoning ourselves?
    I listened to the medical establishment once and wound up swallowing 3 nuclear pills to kill of my thyroid. I’ll forego the great wisdom and make my own decisions from here on in.

    Terry Alan Wade

    • Hello, I just read your post about having your thyroid destroyed by radiation and now happy with Thyroid-S. Did you have Graves Disease? My daughter had Graves back in 2004 and had her thyroid destroyed. She is on the regular prescriptions but has such weight problems. Was this your situation before Thyroid-S? Thank you.

      • Jen H.

        Martha- what you just stated was my situation exactly. 4 years later, and 4 doctors later I’m finally off synthroid, and starting to love life again on Armour. I have used Thyroid-S, loved it, and will use it again without hesitation if the need arises.

  • Nancy

    All I know is I do horribly on synthetics, and the old Armour was wonderful.
    The reformulated Armour was also horrible. My ears blocked up and I felt like I was in a tunnel. So I went wth Nature-Thyroid. Then when that was gone, I went to ERFA in Canada.
    My primary care doctor would not give me a script for natural thyroid and put all of her patients ( according to her) all on synthetics. I was ready to order from Thailand myself.

    The synthetic product I felt like I was going to die on. I had no clue what the problem was. As soon as I took even 1/2 grain of the old Armour, it was like a light bulb went on inside me… I was alive again..
    So if the FDA takes away our natural thyroid product, people like myself will have no choice but to go to another Country that has a natural product. If the doctors here will not give us the needed prescription for it, then we will get the thyroid hormone where we can to ‘survive’.

  • Laurie

    I have experienced the same symptoms from the loss of Armour to Nature-Throid. My gyneocologist’s assistant recommended I start taking a compounded thyroid medication from Madison Pharmacy in Madison, Wisconsin. I was resistant at first as I thought (so foolishly!) I could obtain a compounded med locally. After numerous dead-end phone calls and having to explain the Amour/Nature Throid “No More Inventory” dilemma to unknowing pharmacists and their assistants…….I contacted the pharmacy above. Not only do I feel and look better but I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. This med was compounded specifically for me based on numerous lab results. It works for me and I am so glad to have it….for now. I’m secretly waiting for the ‘other-dessicated-thyroid-powder’-shoe to fall.

  • Mary E. Sanchez

    Terry Allen Wade, where did you obtained the Thyroid S? I would like to look into that. I ,like alot of other people are going thru the same problem . My body temperture has fallen to 96.2, among other problems that I am experiencing. I feel like I am going to die if I don’t get my medication . I need to find someone or some place that will prescribe a natural product. I would appreciate any information. Thank you.

    • You can order the Thyroid S or Thiroyd at their website., Thyroid-S.com or you can also purchase the Thyroid S from Amazon. com or EBay. I purchased mine through Amazon.com

  • Catherine Clark

    I did horribly on synthetics for years and years. Once I found out about natural thyroid hormone, I couldn’t find a doctor who would prescribe it! I was told over and over again that it was unreliable, junk, blah, blah, blah. I had to fire several physicians until I finally found a good integrative physician who hates synthetics. When NTH became unavailable I got my hands on some Thyroid-S; this was before I knew about Erfa, the Canadian alternative. I did fine on Thyroid-S until RT3 reared its ugly head again due to severe and prolonged illness (asthma & bronchitis). I am still on T3 only for the time being, but when I have my RT3 cleared up I will be going back to Thyroid-S until it is gone because I did much better on it than on reformulated Armour, which I will never take again. Once I run out of the Thyroid-S I will have my good doctor write a prescription for Erfa, which is similar to the old Armour formulation. If he won’t then I will get Thyroid-S again, because I will NEVER go back to T4 only treatment that I did horribly on for many years. I have done my homework and know how to titrate NTH to even my Hashi’s out – which means I must be totally suppressed, but not hyper. I have had thyroid issues my entire life; none of which were diagnosed as a child and my childhood was miserable – I had multiple (MULTIPLE!) thyroid symptoms, but I have no idea if I was ever tested. I’m sure if I was I was proclaimed normal because doctors, once they found their little magic TSH tests, and the previous tests, lost all powers of observation and became dummies to big Pharma. If you know nothing about a product, don’t slam it. Do YOUR homework. That’s what patients are doing, and quite successfully, I might add. If the medical establishment wishes to ignore an excellent treatment that has stood the test of time, as in NTH, patients WILL take matters into their own hands, as we wish to be well and have lives that are meaningful and not lived in the weariness and brain-fogged state of untreated or undertreated thyroid conditions, because their bloodwork is “normal” which is a setting on a dishwasher and should NEVER be applied to a patient who is in a deteriorating condition, but has “normal” bloodwork! Use your eyes, doctors. Use your ears. Stop putting us on AD’s and really start listening. We are leaving your offices in droves, looking for doctors who will really listen. If they won’t then we WILL educate ourselves, and believe me, some of us know much more than most idiot Endo’s, and until we can find a doctor who can actually think and observe, we will get our own selves well. Educate YOURSELF on Thyroid-S, as apparently you have NOT done so to date. The FDA, which is a total joke and has no real concern for anything save Big Pharmas profits, is NOT the last word on the safety of medications, especially if you look at their dismal track record. It is arrogance on the part of doctors like you who assume the USA has a corner on drug safety. Not so. I found your attitude ignorant.

  • Catherine Clark

    I would like to add that the real scam is our current medical system that under treats patients and condescends to the sick; telling them there is nothing wrong with their thyroids when their symptoms are screaming textbook thyroid issues. Read a real medical textbook, one that was published before your darling gold standards, which have changed many times, by the way, and when doctors used their powers of observation and their ears and checked a patients cholesterol and temperature and perhaps even BP; all can be affected by a thyroid that is not performing up to par. It is a travesty that patients, instead of being put on NTH and having their adrenal function checked properly, as stated in the brochures of ALL thyroid meds, are undertreated or not treated and put on BP meds, AD’s, cholesterol drugs, the list goes on and on, when they could have their thyroid properly treated and not have to have ANY of that! And yes, you really got me going.

  • Catherine Clark

    I bet my comments are moderated out. If so, then I will be unsubscribing from your newsletter, and consigning you as yet one more physican who only gets it partway.

  • Catherine Clark,

    I see your point of view, clearly. I only do well on dessicated pigs thyroid and will stop at nothing to ensure a proper quality of life for myself.

    However, I am a patient of Gary Pepper and your comments are a bit over the top. Gary worked with me in a proper and scientific manner to get my thyroid condition under control. It took time and the answer for my condition was not immediate. However, like many others, we discovered that an Armour/synthroid combo worked. My well being went from 100% prior to Hashi’s to 10%, then improved as dosing and drugs were tried. I am currently satisfied with my treatment and overall health. While I will never be 100% again due to other health problems, the thyroid issue was solved, due in part to Gary and his willingness to listen to me, my complaints, how I felt and my labs. The very thing you rail against.

  • Amy

    I do not use Thyroid-S but have found the Canadian desiccated thyroid Erfa to be an excellent product. It does require a dr’s prescription to get though.
    I think that many do use Thyroid-S because it’s available without a prescription and this is usually a course of last resort for those who cannot get their doctors to listen to them concerning their hypothyroidism and the failure of synthetic T4. It’s very sad that so many have to self-treat or go on being sick and only getting sicker with very serious health effects because of the incredible dysfunction of our endocrine treatment worldwide. The fact is that most endocrinologists and mainstream medical practitioners have been bought and paid for by BigPharma and will refuse to treat patients by any other method than the T4 and TSH-only scenario.
    I’ve spent much time on many thyroid forums and have heard only good things about Thyroid-S so I think the worries are unfounded about its safety. There have been many, many recalls of synthetic T4 from many manufacturers so it’s hardly a case of T4 being an undeniably safe product.

  • valerie

    Where do you get the Thyroid S or Thiroyd–can you order from the internet?

    • Start with ZWebMedia on amazon.com first.

  • carolyn hunter

    For those of you “sheep” out there…doctors and patients alike…who think the FDA (Food and Drug Association) is out for your benefit…..azand looking out for your safety in “all things”…………….just take a look at the Bisphenol fiasco !!!!

    Bisphenol is what has been in ALL YOUR PRECIOUS BABIES’
    BOTTLES !!!!


    they knew about it for a very long time….follow the money !!!!

    and look at the food safety recaLLS…….

    HAVE YOU EVER ASKED YOURSELF WHY they recalled meats that were months and even years old??????

    could it be to give the time for the meat to be consumed so the manufacturers didn’t have to replace it??or ????

    follow the money

    have you ever asked yourself WHY so many congresmen and senators, when they reach their term limits and have to quit their “jobs” magically get hired by the big drug compnies, and the FDA, etc??????

    FOLLOW THE MONEY !!!!!!!

    • nobody needs to know

      That’s exactly right… FOLLOW THE MONEY. We are the grease for the wheels. Corporate medicine/drugs/food/and FDA to name a few are a cartel of the most heinous organized crimes and we’re the guinea pigs. Doctors are suckered into it as agents of propaganda and over a barrel financially unable to see a way out. Those who will open their minds and eyes to see other alternative options as viable and safer for their patients will make themselves invaluable. Those who refuse and keep the cartel line are doomed to extinction as more dissatisfied patients seek real help elsewhere. The ones stuck in the pharmaceutical loop of 4-5 prescriptions every month will end up dead with those bottles on their nightstand.

      We are responsible for our own health. Your body isn’t deficient in drugs or expensive chemical formulations, it’s deficient in nutrients that are necessary for the proper function of every cell and system in your body. The data is available, do the research and ask the questions.

  • Carol B.

    I hope I never have to go back to synthetics. I tried them all and they were awful and the new formulation of Armour was just as bad. I had all kinds of wasted tests until I searched the internet and found the reformulation of Armour was the problem. I think they changed more than the fillers….that stuff is awful. If people can get thyroid-s I say go for it. The FDA is another useless government bureaucracy that just makes our lives miserable. Their purpose is to keep meds safe and that is all. When they start controlling instead and letting the Pharm Manufacturers lobby them, then that borders on corruption. I get Erfa Thyroid from Canada. I changed docs to get this prescription and it works fine. (had to up the dose slightly) I had no choice, I just can’t live on synthetics….among other things they raised by BP and then they were giving me meds for that….wow was I miserable….side effects all over the place.

    The minute I stopped the synthetics….no blood pressure problem…doc swore up and down they didn’t cause it….now have a new doc. You just have to keep looking until you find one that will listen.


    I am feeling horrible on levothyroxine for several years now. I am presently in thailand for dental work. Does anybody have a clue as to where to get this thyroid-s. soinds great but so ironic that I am in the counry of manufactur and nobobdy seems so have a clue as to whrer to get it. Thanks

    • Many places. But start with ZWebMedia on amazon.com. If you need any other information, please contact me: woodenslurpy@gmail.com. I’ve been on Thiroyd-S from Thailand for 10 months after Levo for 1 year. I have lost 45 pounds. I feel great. I sleep well. My mind is clear. My energy is even. I haven’t felt this good in my entire adult life.

      Good luck, and please contact me with any questions you may have. I will direct you to reputable sources so you can do alternative thyroid research on your own and come to your own conclusions.

      • carolyn hunter

        i need to get the functional e mail address, or a way to contact the thailand person who helped me last time with my ” medicine need”

  • Marion

    Thailand has some of the best hospitals and medical care in the world . The hospitals there are like 5 star hotels and many Dr.s have studied in Europe and the US. Seems like they know what they are doing. Do we know what the FDA is doing? They have screwed up my life for the past year and almost killed me with their reformulation first of Armour and than of Nature Throid and Westthroid. So if people feel well on Thyroid -S, let them take it.

  • max thirlwall

    I was on L’throxine and felt terrible. I started on Thyroid-s from Tailand (under supervision of the great Dr Peatfield, Doctor and Author of The Great Thyroid Scandal and How to Survive it). I feel wonderful. It’s a shame that my GP (s)…. yes I had to change 3 times before I finally realized they are scared of the GMC and unwilling to help with anything other than L’throxine. After seeing Dr Peatfield privately, I was relieved that someone was willing to listen and help. You can find a supplier of Thyroid-s via the website Stop This Thyroid Madness. Mine arrived within 2 weeks or order. We need to be able to have a choice of reliable treatment here in the UK.

  • Hi, I use thyroid-S as getting private treatment is exspensive in the UK.
    the NHS is a sham it only treats you if you are dieing. and uses cemicals that don`t apparantly belong in the human body.so i believe natural is best. i do very well on thyroid-S , so what i say is suck it and see. if you
    like me have been given the run around by so called doctors.then treat your self and stay well.

  • Katrina Smith

    I agree with the person who said YOU need to get informed about the product before knocking it. I personally thought I was near death last year from the reformulation of the Armour Thyroid product. I had to beg and plead with a doctor that would even prescribe it. It took me fighting like crazy to even get a doctor to run the proper tests (NOT the TSH test) that shows all the levels of T1, T2, T3, and T4 before I was finally declared ‘hypo’. Previously I had only had the TSH over and over again and they always said it was within range and I was okay. How can a woman be ‘okay’ when she has gone from wearing a size 8 to a size _18_ within only two years? I was not eating any differently than I had before. I just started gaining weight, falling asleep into an almost coma-like state, forgot what I was doing, had brittle nails, had NO energy and would collapse at the end of the work day and sleep for 4 hours, then wake up to eat some and then fall immediately back to sleep. Even after finally getting the ‘hypo’ diagnosis I was put on the synthroid which is of course T4 only. For four years I continued to suffer and fall asleep at the wheel of my car, literally!!!!! It is a miracle I did not kill myself or hurt others during this time. Even after I convinced and pleaded with the doc to give me the Armour, the dosage was low. I managed to lose some weight but still had to wear a size 14, and I am only five feet tall. I was way overweight for my body build. But he was using the horrible TSH tests and refused to increase the dosage. So I still suffered, although I was doing a _little_ better. Got a different doc who did increase the dosage slightly and I started to feel like a human being again. Still was having hypo symptoms though. Then the reformulation and a downward spiral. I still feel that my health was permanently damaged due to the reformulation and the complete and utter disregard for patient’s lives. Why did the company not tell us what was going on? I also did research and learned thousands were having the same problems as I was. I pounded the pavement trying to find someone to compound the natural thyroid product. My doc was somewhat skeptical but went with it. I started to feel some better but it has taken nearly 9 months+ to get to where I am now. My brain works, I can _think_ again, I don’t fall asleep at the wheel anymore, I have more energy, but still don’t think we have things right. Recently my doc did the TSH again, against my wishes, and told me to reduce back to 90 mg. I told him I was NOT going to do that and go back to feeling like a ‘slug’, that I had fought too long and too hard to get to this point. With MUCH reluctance he said okay, keep on with the 120 mg, which I take in two 60 mg capsules a day. If he gives me grief over this at the next appt. then I will DUMP him and go without a doctor. I am fed up with these people who claim to be ‘doctors’ but they don’t listen and honestly I don’t think they care if you get to feeling well again or not. It is just money to them. If I have to go out and buy a darn farm and buy my own pigs and then butcher them for the thyroid and cook it, then I will do that. At least then I can manage my own health and be free to live a good life. I HAVE to be able to take care of myself and my family as well. I am a caregiver to my father who suffers from Alzheimer’s. I will fight tooth and nail to do what I have to in order to feel well, BE well, and take care of him. I think I would most surely not choose YOU sir to be my personal physician. YOU sir, are just a fear-monger and that is a true shame. GO DO SOME RESEARCH, dude. You most certainly are not acting like a REAL doctor. You can zap this message off your site if you want to, but others will be here later on and you will have to zap their messages too.

  • Lynelle Mellecker

    I am hypothyroid due to a pituitary tumor diagnosed at age 9. I am now 46. My tumor was removed with radiation and I take prednisone, estradiol, prometrium, and thyroid-s. For the first 30 years I took synthroid only and suffered from hypothyroid symptoms the entire time-weak nails, dry skin, foggy mind/forgetful. I got my endocrinologist to give me armour thyroid which helped, but I feel the dose was too low, leaving me slightly below the normal ranges but I can’t get her to raise the dose, claiming concerns for my heart. (in spite of the fact that research shows no increased risk of heart attack if levels are in the normal range and increased risk of heart problems with hypothyroidism) after problems with armour thyroid arose she put me back on synthroid/cytomel, a low dose which left me with countless hypothyroid symptoms. Even though my free t4 was slightly below normal and free t3 was at the very bottom of the normal range, she refused to raise my dose and I finally took matters into my own hands and ordered Thyroid-s online. I have been on it , 120 mg for 4 months and feel great! My levels were just tested and came back at: free T4 1.2 (.9-1.5) and Total T3 2.1 (.8-2.0)
    I’m suffering no hyperthyroid symptoms. She wants to lower my T4-too bad! I’m not going back to: trouble concentrating, falling asleep at 6pm in front of the tv, thinning hair, weak nails, inability to lose weight after sticking to Weight Watchers like glue for 9 months. I highly recommend Thyroid-S

    • Dr. G. Pepper


      It seems your problem was with your doctor not the Armour Thyroid you were on. Due to damage to your pituitary using TSH levels to guide your replacement dose is not feasible. T4 and t3 levels and your symptoms should be the guide to finding the best dose, as you discovered on your own. I cannot agree with your advice to use Thyroid-S because of uncertainties of its manufacture and it is never a good idea to self medicate using drugs bought from foreign countries over the internet. Hopefully you will find a more knowledgeable physician who can help you get an appropriate dose of prescription medication such as Armour Thyroid, for your long term therapy.

  • simon culley

    Dear Max Thirwell
    I am also under the guidance of the great Dr Peatfield.Can you tell me how many armour thyroid you take per day?I have been taking two but still feel lethargic and under par.I’d be interested to know because your story is a positive one.
    regards Simon.

  • max thirlwall

    Hi Simon, I’m now doing VERY well on 4.5 Thyroid-s which is multi dose during the day. I increased gradually and felt improvements with each dose increase. Good luck with your journey. Dr Peatfield is a kind and well informed doctor. Have you been to the Thyroid Patient Advocacy website? They are very helpful. Max

  • Mary

    Is 500mg to much meds for a 53 year old. I was on that amount and I felt great. I went to a new GP because the doctor I had retired and later passed on. The new GP said I was taking to much meds for my age. Again that saying ,”If it’s not broken why fix it”. I went along with her recommendation. Soon after I started with alot of problems . Hair loss and thinning hair, dry skin, weight gain, puffness not being able to sleep, high blood sugar , high cholestrol, high triglycerides, brain fog, slow speech, the works. Everything and anything that could go wrong was . Now I refuse to take meds for high cholestrol and BP. The only one I did accept was Metformin just because I want to get well and feel better. The GP was amazed to know that I was well informed of my condition as other patients are not . It is my body and I should be able to understand what is going on with it. To have control of it not the GP. I understand I am not a medical doctor. But I see them as mechanics and we are the owners of the automobile. They really don’t know how you feel from within until you let them know the symptoms you are experiencing. I would like to know from someone that is knowledgeable if I could still take 500mg instead of the 120mg that I am on now? Your response will be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Dr. G. Pepper

    I assume the 500 mg you refer to is the Armour Thyroid dose (the metformin you are taking also comes in 500 mg dose).

    I like to remind my patients that 2 aspirins can help relieve a headache but that a handful of aspirin can put you in the hospital. What I mean is that any medicine in a correct amount can be beneficial but excess amounts do more harm then good.
    You are wondering whether 500 mg of Armour is too much for you, as your doctor mentioned. In my experience most people are taking anywhere between 60 mg to 180 mg daily of Armour to achieve good results. Could there be a condition that would require you take 500 mg? There is something called “thyroid hormone resistance” which is a rare genetic disorder causing the body to be insensitive to thyroid hormone. This is sometimes called Refetoff Syndrome. I have seen this maybe 2 times in 30 years. These people need very high levels of thyroid hormone for their body to function normally.

    I suggest you consult with an endocrinologist to see what they say about your thyroid hormone requirements. For the average person 500 mg seems like a lot but not if you have a rare genetic disorder like Refetoff.

    (my comments are for educational purposes only and do not substitute for the advice and treatment of your own physician.)

  • Arnold

    Where can I order the Thyroid-S Can someone e-mail me w/ a source which is dependable and safe.
    Thanks in advance

    • Natasha

      I get mine from Amazon, great price too and they send you some free as well.

  • Sue Houser

    I am having a difficult time finding a pharmacy for Thyroid-S. Could someone email me a Website.

  • J Franklin

    Anyone wonting more info on the thyroid then go to-
    tpa-uk.org.uk or stopthethyroidmaddness.com and
    their are others that will help you understand the thyroid and adrenals
    another good site is drlowe.com -thyroidsience.

  • tori

    Well Dr. Gary, I’d say patients have been empowered and you’re outnumbered here. We know the U.S. has the 37th best healthcare.

  • Kate

    I had been on Synthroid for 5 years, until I started having the worst cold flashes. I changed to 30 grains of Armour which worked great until there was a world-wide shortage and they re-formulated the fillers in the pill. Womens International Pharmacy created a capsule for me based in olive oil to the exact dessicated porcine thyroid that I need and they would mail it to me. The pharmacists are very helpful there.
    That said, I have a doctor who wants me on pharmaceuticals and refused to fill my prescription. I ordered Thyroid-S over the internet which is the generic of Armour. It has worked better than any of them! My hair stopped falling out, I have more energy, but in what I’ve read, one should take it after eating and not take it after eating grain or soy products. Taking it twice a day in half doses is better as well.

  • Diana

    Can someone say how long Thyroid S from Thailand lasts if placed in the freezer? I can’t believe the great prices, but worried about getting 500 pills at once. I too was on fake thyroid for 20 or so years and felt AWFUL. My body temp hovered between 96 and 97.8, and only reached 98.6 ONCE a day – around 9 p.m. I had severe fibro, fatigue, inability to exercise, a sleep disorder, not much hair or eyebrows. I take enough Armour to suppress TSH to zero, and that is the ONLY PLACE I feel normal! If I let my dosage fall below 2.5 grains, I start feeling awful and I gain 1 full pound a day eating exactly the same diet. The photos taken of me on TSH-measured fake meds and on too little Armour are very dramatic compared to how I look now. It actually causes me physical pain when I talk to some poor soul who is on fake thyroid and can’t get their doctor to listen to the information I provide to them.

  • Amy

    I realize the initial post was made quit some time ago, but incase someone else pops in for research I’d also like to comment.

    Every since I was a youngster growing up in the midwest, the family DR was always concerned about my Thyroid, as it always felt somewhat swollen to him. He would test my levels and they would always be “within range”.
    I was an involved kid – played softball, volleyball, swimming, playing, bike rides, worked farms during the summer, had part time jobs involving lots of walking and climbing stairs. I also had a fairly low sugar/bland diet (incl very little salt). Yet, I was a fat kid. I never could run as I would tire out way too fast.

    I’ve struggled with depression, fatigue, “throat” problems, weight problems, etc etc almost my entire life! I really believe that the GP really wanted to help, but all the tests would come back ‘normal’. Now add in an “adult” diet of fast food, frozen foods, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, chemically treated livestock, etc etc and up goes everything – weight, bp, depression, hair loss, etc etc. In my mid 30’s I was so anemic that I had to have 2 blood transfussions within a year before switching me to iron injections. Also, to offset depression I had been off and on again with anti-depressants.

    Fast forward to new GP in new area, gave history, he did tests and determined I was ‘borderlline hypo’. I asked for Armour (not knowing it was reformulated) as I have strived to follow a healthier lifestyle. GP put me on Synthroid/generic. I wasnt too impressed since I knew it was T4 specific, but I was desperate to feel better. Within a week my hair was falling out (again), headaches, sore throat and I felt WORSE.

    I tried a test of my own and had my hubby give a bovine thyroid treatment from the healthfood store, the Synthroid, iodoral, and a placebo. Of course these were spread out over several months to allow for detox time. The placebo did better than Synthroid but not as well as the bovine thyroid. The Iodoral ranked better than all of them – but it’s still a struggle.

    I tried to tell my GP, and although he appeared to be listening he also had a bit of ‘I’m the Dr and have the medical training’ attitude. So, I am hesitant to even bother looking for another since my experience over the years have been pretty much the same attitude.

    I have ordered from the Thialand supplier. Like so many others, I have opted to risk the non-FDA approved treatment because my call for help has gone unheard for far too many years. The FDA initially started out to improve quality and conditions and to protect us from the snake-oil salesmen, but over the years it has compromised itself. Pharm companies spend a lot of money in research, perks to those who promote their latest ‘miracle drug’ often backed up by skewed reports, etc etc. And now the FDA and Govt want the “natural med Drs’ regulated, removing their ability to write prescriptions for non-FDA vitamin/supplements/therapies, etc. including IV vitamin therapies.

    Just who is the ‘snake oil salesmen’ ?

    Overall the US is a good place to live, but we are not always superior to other countries when it comes to health issues.

  • Peter

    Hi All, I live in Thailand and I have many hypo symptoms, but just learning about it now. Hard to believe all the trouble to get this medication. I will see what I can buy at the local pharmacy.

  • suthee

    I am in Thailand and taking Thyroid S. And believe me, it is so difficult to get it even I am Thai.
    I try so hard to get it. And it is a lot better than levothyroxine.

    If you are in Thailand, you can get it at CDS( central drug store) 66-27127157
    Locate at Central Plaza, Chidlom, 1st floor. Good luck

  • Peter

    Yes I agree, I cannot find it in any of the local pharmacies. And even worse, the local pharmacies are not able to special order it for me. By the way, thanks for the info, I called the number 66-27127157 you provided, and it is not a valid number.

  • Nina

    Hi all,
    Like many of you I suffered for years. I diagnosed myself a long time ago but it was years after that until I found a doc willing to let me try dessicated thyroid meds. Everytime I was tested before that they told me well you are in the low end of the normal range but you’re still normal. “It’s probably just the birth control pills your on….try this diet____…..even’when was the last time you ate McDonalds?'” Seriously some docs just dont get it. After starting on Armour at 1 grain a day I was eventually raised to 2. The weight gain stopped and some more symptoms cleared but I still wasn’t 100%. Doc refused to raise it. Grrrr. So then I ended up moving to the Midlle East for work and brought what Armour I could with me. It ran out and was forced to take Levothyroxine because dessicated thyroid isn’t available any where in the Middle East. Probably because it’s most often made from pig thyroid. Hmmmm. Ok so I’m in the Middle East, can’t find Armour or anything like it, on Levothyroxine for 8 months, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, feel like crap, and have put on 15Kg. Now what? I took matters into my own hands. I ordered Thyroid-S after much research from medipharmica. It got here just fine. I ditched the leveothyroxine. I started back on a couple grains and slowly upped it. I found myself an amazing doc in Amsterdam who runs my labs for me as needed via sending samples by FedEx. Once a year I go check in with him for a physical exam and do any more labs that are needed. Dr. Dirk VanLith is awesome!!! I’m now on 8 grains. Yes, that much can be normal. My TSH is now suppressed. I am actually losing weight now while eating NORMAL. My blood sugar and cholesterol are normal and many syptoms are gone. Some remain from years of no treatment like arthritis in my 20’s people. As my weight comes back down my Doc and I have planned to decrease my med amount. It will have to be done slowly to make sure I dont relapse and start gaining, but the basic idea is as I’m getting smaller eventually I’ll start to feel hyper, then it’s time to go down a bit, then repeat. If you look at the stopthyroidmadness site they have all the dessicated thyroid pill ingredients listed. Thyroid-S is just like Armour only more like the old formula. If you are stuck on chemical meds and thinking about switching…DO IT! Don’t wait. I speak from experience having been forced to go from natural to synthetic and back again. Any dessicated thyroid med including Thyroid-S is better then the chemical make you wanna die Levo, Sunthroid crap. I hope this helps someone out there understand the situation better. Take care. Carpe Diem-Nina

    • Marcia

      I have just received Thyroid-S from Thailand…do you chew your pill or swallow it?

      • Neither. It’s best if taken sublingually, which means it absorbs into your body under your tongue. If there are remnants the pill that remain undissolved in your mouth, then chew them. That releases the hormone from the binder ingredients in the pill, such as cellulose. Do not swallow. Hope this was helpful.

  • Martin

    FYI, Thyroid-S and Thiroyd are available on Amazon in small packs and without a prescription. I have ordered but not received it yet. Customer service seems quite good.

  • Adrienne

    In response to Martin’s post, I have ordered Thyroid-s and Thiroyd in the small packs via Amazon and had a wonderful experience. The seller is incredibly proactive in his communication and the NDT arrived well-packaged in discreet packaging. My only gripe is that they only sell it in small quantities, so I probably will look for it elsewhere next time.

    In regard to the efficacy of Thyroid-S, I am incredibly pleased with it! For some reason, my body responds really well to it, and it feels so much cleaner and smoother to me than the other thyroid therapies I have tried. The energy doesn’t hit me all at once to the point that I feel over-caffeinated like I have felt on other meds, instead it is just a nice slow, steady energy. Overall, I am incredibly pleased, and at first I, too, was worried that it might not be as reputable, but not anymore. I have tried Synthroid (of course, boooo ), Erfa, Acella, Compounded from a local pharmacy, Thiroyd, and Thyroid-s. So far, Thyroid-s is what my body responds best to.

    • rosa

      i just started on the thyroid s. not sure if my armour dose is equivalent to thyroid s.. i was on 120mg armour. can readers please discuss what dosage with thyroid s they find comfortable. I had to take 6 erfa 60mg grains to feel well,.. and i felt great in fact. i lost weight, had energy, and took a dance class. i still felt that i was overcoming the flu. not sure that will ever change. i just ovtained a script for the erfa for 200 pills exactly. thanks:)

  • lisa truitt

    Re the good doctors comments, I’m sorry but you don’t have any credibility with me. You may be a caring person but the industry that you work in is not. It is all about the money. All it cares about is the money and medications that are lamentable and what makes the most money. Everything is controlled by big pharmacy and its profits. The doctors just work for them and are brainwashed and only do as they are told. They can’t do clinical medicine and can’t think their way out of a paper bag or won’t for fear of losing their high paying cushy jobs. Ones that are different than that are rare to come by and not everyone can afford them. So you do what you have to do and you go the route where you at least have a chance. I don’t buy all the fear tactics about foreign drugs anyway as I had grandparents that lived near the border of Mexico and they went across the border and got their meds over the counter for decades. They are now in their nineties and doing fine. I think in the states we should be able to buy meds that way but the powers that be have to much to gain by keeping it as it is. To me, having you tell me how dangerous it is to get meds outside of the pharmaceutical industrial complex controlled drug dealer system which is the united states medical industry is a joke. Having everyone believe that you or your colleagues are the only safe source of medicines or of medical treatment serves your interests because if people could go elsewhere your business would suffer. You personally may care about people and warn them out of concern, but I don’t believe that this is true or that the industry that you are a pawn of believes it is true. They just need you good hearted duped that they can brainwash to believe this stuff so you can brainwash the public to ensure their profits.

  • Diane Driscoll

    I to cannot take synthyroid. I was on it for years and was never right. I order Efra from canada and feel much better on it. You have to take more of the efra than old armour. The dose is lower on the efra God bless, Diane

  • tess

    is this legal to order on line

  • Claudio Vianello

    Retired American residing in Phuket, Thailand. Was diagnosed with Hashimoto seven years ago. Synthroid ruined my life. Emotional swings from anxiety to depression, high blood pressure, insomnia all became part of life. Consulted with four endocrinologists from three countries. All insisted my thyroid condition had nothing to do with it. Arrogantly closed to input from their patient offering solutions with anti-depressants and anxia medications. The most recent was at the V.A. in Salt Lake City, Ut. who offered to pray for me. I have formulated my own solution that includes a 60/40 blend of synthroid and Thyroid S. I am myself again. All is in order and life is good once again. Doctors need to get their “heads out” and accept reality!!
    Purchased my Thyroid S in a Phuket hospital, $15 for 1000 pills. Eutirox is also available without prescription; a substitute for synthroid.

  • tess

    were can you buy the thyroid s .

  • Tish

    I have been using Thyroid-S for about 9 years now. It is a great product. The potency seems extremely stable and my dose has never had to be changed.

  • Marcia

    Do you swallow Thyroid-S or chew it?

    • Sara

      I cut mine in half and chew them. I have better luck breaking my dosage up in 30mg increments. I also chew them using only my front teeth so as to not lose any of it within my jaw teeth.

      • Marcia

        How much do you take through the day…how many 30mg…1/2 pill do you chew…and how many hours in between?

  • Marcia

    I have been on synthroid for 26 years. I am 50…the last five or six years have been sort of crappy…just not feeling right. I started Thyroid-S a couple of days ago…I take 60mg first thing in the morning…ad then I was chewing another one at around 1 or 2. I am feeling terrible today…weird is the only way to describe it…should I up one more…or should I take the two both in the morning?

    • Sara

      I just started my Thyroid-S a week ago and I am 55 years old. The instructions say to start with 30mg a day (1/2 pill) for a week and then up by 30 mg if it doesn’t seem to be working. I just started taking my 2nd 30 mg for a total daily of 60 mg. I take 1st one about 6AM and 2nd one about noon. I found if I take 2nd one any later, I can’t go to sleep at night. You just have to try adjusting your doses accordingly for you, but try to stay on a specific regimen for at least a week.

      • Maybe you are taking too much, Sara. I had been on Synthroid when I was in my early 50’s, but it stopped working. After bloodwork, I found that Synthroid was not for the thyroid problem I had. Armour worked much better for me until they changed the formula. First of all, Armour and Thyroid S are not mg. they are grains… there is a difference. I would start with 1/2 of a 60 grain pill (30 grains) and stay on it for a week or so to see how you feel. I take 15 grains (a quarter of a pill) about one hour before lunch, and away from any grains or soy products as I’ve read they interfere. I have read if you take it twice a day, it keeps your thyroid on an even keel throughout the day.
        Then an hour before dinner, I take another quarter of a pill. I also take an Icelandic Kelp tablet twice per week as the thyroid, in order to work well, needs iodine, and I’m not a big fish eater. Also for your adrenals to work well, which your thyroid is a part of, it is most important to to exercise by walking, swimming, yoga, whatever. Exercise actually helps the fatigue and depression, and you’ll sometimes need less thyroid meds. You should have a complete blood work up on all aspects of thyroid before taking anything. Only then, would I think about increasing it, and only by 1/4 of a tablet to make it (45 grains total). I also take BHRT cream- Bio-identical hormone therapy for menopause and have been on that for over 12 years. So have your hormonal levels checked as well. All hormones are regulated by the Adrenals. If your missing natural progesterone, and lacking estrogen, the thyroid overworks. I am not a doctor! I have researched over the years, and have found what has worked in Europe and not worked as far as Big Pharma goes in the U.S. Two good sites for great info: http://www.womentowomen.com/ and http://www.womensinternational.com/educational_information.html The problems arise demanding that your doctor listens and also researches.

  • Sara

    Kate – I only take 1/2 grain twice a day. The Thyroid-S comes in 60mg tablets which is equal to one grain.
    I too have thoroughly researched this thyroid stuff, since my doctor won’t give me any medication, but my blood test say my TSH is 6 which he says is within normal and I say that’s way too high for me. I also have 99% of the hypothyroid symtpoms, but my biggest complaint is the extremely tired always, cold extremeties, unusual weight gain and the edema in my legs, ankles and feet.
    The Thyroid-S has 38 mcg Levothyroxine (T4) and 9 mcg Liothyronine (T3) which is what is in the Armour and Erfa Thyroid. I also read where you need 55mcg of Selenium daily to convert the T4 into T3; therefore I take 1 Centrum Women’s Silver multivitamin daily. I ALSO take 80mg of “Adrenal” (from NutriMeds) every other day. I have only been on this regimen for a week and already I am noticing a big difference. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will work for me in the long haul.
    Everyone’s body and eating habits are different and you just need to find the balance that works for you. Thank you for your advise Kate.

    • Hi Sara, Well, from what I’ve read, a THS of 5.o is considered normal to most doctors, but new research has inferred that 2.5-3.0 is the new norm. Many doctors don’t read. My THS was 8.0 before starting the Thyroid S. Talk about feeling cold, fatigued and unmotivated! The website I posted for womentowomen (above) has a thyroid type vitamin to help the adrenals. I find when I take the Icelandic kelp tablet twice a week, it helps activate the Thyroid S and me. I also take Source of Gold Vitamins (capsule form) from Lucky Vitamins (best prices anywhere) and those boost my energy level. Never had such a great vitamin and I take two capsules! Sometimes you must wait a few weeks or more to see a difference with the vitamins, thyroid med etc. before upping the thyroid meds. In increasing the dosage, it’s very difficult to cut a quarter pill even smaller, but sometimes, that’s all that’s needed. I would also ask the doctor why he thinks 5.o is normal and copy of some of the research and bring it to his/her attention. If he doesn’t like your attitude, find another doctor, preferably an MD who also does alternative medicine. The other website above has a list.(Womensinternational) Yes, you’re right. Everyone is different and you do have to find the balance. Sometimes, though, I think the fatigue and depression caused by the thyroid can really work against some people. It can be daunting. Think positive always, everyone, here.

  • Angela

    Hi….I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about 2 years ago and since then my meds have changed a few times. I am finally under the care of an endocrinologist and he said I have Hashiomoto’s Disease. I’m afraid I’m going to be one of those people who will feel bad but labs don’t back up how I feel. He has changed my medication to 50mcg’s of Synthroid and 5mcg of T3 (can’t remember the name. It’s generic for Cymotel) twice a day. Before this change I was on 75 mcg’s of Synthorid and still felt lousy. When will I start to feel a difference? I’ve read on these forums that the T3 is only short bursts and only in your system for a little while. This is the week before my period and although I know it’s impossible but adding to my hypo symptoms I start acting like I have hyper symptons….heart palpitations, anxiety, and heat intolerance/flashes. So far I don’t feel a difference and I’ve been on the changed meds for 2 weeks. Also, I am fit and have a healthy diet but like everyone else continue to gain weight. But would adding the T3 affect my exercise ability? I run 3+ miles every other day and these 2 few weeks I am more winded and tired during my run causing me to have to stop. Any explanation/advise and will all of that go away as my body adjust to the new meds? I’m so tired of feeling crappy!!!

    • Jb

      Hypothyroid but with hyper symptoms on thyroid meds– you might have adrenal issues that get worse on thyroid meds. You need to get a 24-hour cortisol saliva test and if you have low morning cortisol you can use the t3cm (circadian method) of taking t3 or armour (or its equivalents). Do a google search for stopthethyroidmadness and Paul Robinson and t3cm. I was exactly like you- couldn’t tolerate ANY thyroid meds till I started using this method.

  • Anna

    I was put on Armour six months ago and feel like hell. I’ve been thinking about ordering Thyroid-S and would like to ask those of you who have if you’ve had any problems with customs? On the Thyroid-S website, it’s stated that their product is sold as a supplement (hence OTC). But what if customs opens it and reads the list of ingredients? I know it can also be ordered from Amazon and Ebay, but the Thyroid-S website has the lowest price (99$ for 1000 pills) so that is the most interesting alternative.

    Have you received your Thyroid-S from Thailand without problems? Could the customs authorities claim that it’s really a prescription drug and not a supplement?



    • Abbie

      Hi, I have ordered twice the thyroid-s for my teenage daughter. Both times they came within 2 weeks registered mail from Thailand with no problems. It says right on the pkg that customs can open it and all of the customs paperwork is in it in case they do. These pills have made a positive impact on my poor daughter. She is feeling so much better. She was diagnosed with Graves when she was 13 and was given RAI. Afterwards she was put on synthroid then armour and continually got sicker. This thyroid-s has helped her so much. Do not be afraid to order. I got hers from Amazon and the seller is great.

    • nobody needs to know

      Armour is garbage since the feds made them reformulate it and it wont absorb. I was on it for 2 years and sunk into depths I’d never experienced before and thought I would die before switching to NP thyroid 3 months ago. Like night and day, nearly 100% better but now Acella is halting production which is likely FDA related. Thailand’s Thyroid-s is hopefully untouchable by the bastards trying to keep us sick.

  • Janie

    Anna, try chewing the Armour up first. That releases the NDT from the excess cellulose. Then, look at your free T3 to see if you are enough. Finally, check your adrenals with a 24 hour adrenal saliva test, then your iron levels. And remember: optimal doesn’t equal a result “falling in a range”. It equals where a result is in that range.

  • Janie

    Angela, T3 added to T4 is definitely a step up. But patients have found moving to natural desiccated thyroid gives even better results. You als have to avoid gluten, most likely, and use selenium, 400 mcg. to help lower the antibodies. See the page about Hashimotos on the Stop the Thyroid Madness website.

    • Marcia

      Janie…is it recommended to take something to support your adrenals…if 80mg of “Adrenal” (from NutriMeds) works…should we be adding that…I have Hashimotos…

      • Janie

        Marcia, patients have found out the hard way to NOT assume adrenal support is needed without doing the 24 hour adrenal saliva test! Symptoms of low cortisol/symptoms of high cortisol/symptoms of a mix of highs and low are very similar, and there are different treatments! And some don’t need any treatment. Find out. It’s all mentioned on the adrenals page on STTM, and even more in the revised STTM book.

  • Janie

    Kate, desiccate thyroid is in both grains and milligrams. i.e one grain equals 60 mgs. 1/2 grain equals 30 mg. etc.

  • Dawn

    I find it worrying that since people have been having to go more over to the Thai manufacturers and suppliers they seem to be being attacked. The site I used to use has vanished and now the Thyroid-S.com site has had problems with the payment methods, I suspect foul play from the same sources that are stopping all the other naturals. Why the hell can’t we just be left alone to get better, GOD will be watching all the suffering and he will repay.

  • carolyn hunter


    you asked: “…Why the hell can’t we just be left alone to get better, ”

    I answer:

    because of the millions and MILLIONS of dollars of profit the drug companies are making……from forcing patients to give up the dessicated natural thyroid in favor of synthetics, which are FAR MORE EXPENSIVE.

    On top of that…the drug companies are PAYING thousands of dollars…to many endocrinologists……to FREQUENTLY conduct an hour or two seminar ….to be held by selected endocrinologists…..to make “fun” of natural thyroid…and extol the supposed merits of synthetic thyroid meds.

    By the end of those MANYseminars…the doctors attending it are thoroughly convinced of the above….OR….are TOO INTIMIDATED BY THE teaching endocrinologists and ATTENDING DOCTORS …TO DARE TO DISAGREE.

  • Anna


    Are you referring to the EDN site? I used to order from it, but it’s no longer available and emails I received from them bounce back when I hit the “reply” button. I know the Thyroid-S sit can no longer offer PayPal as an option after some payment problems…so I tend to agree with you. Something weird is definitely going on…

    • Gary Pepper M.D.

      Hi Anna

      My guess it that the people selling Thyroid-S are out of business because they were dealing with an illegal product.

      Dr. P

      • carolyn hunter

        I am NOT GUESSING!! I just ordered my Thiroid-S with my credit/debit card, and the seller’s web page STATED that he had payment problem with PayPal. Paypal is apparently controlled by Ebay.

        I too had problem last year with Paypal STEALING $300 UNAUTHORIZED, from my account, Butte Federal Credit Union, Oroville, CA. and if you dont believe me, you can ask them.

        The worst thing was : Paypal never paid me back, and the Credit Union was nice enough to re-pay me out of their own pocket after Paypal reps repeatedly lied to them. C.U. said that Paypal is exempt from rules that cover banks. I researched that and discovered that Paypal has stolen money from lots of folks.

  • Olivia Sanchez

    Wow, all of you have made me feel alot better about buying Thyroid-S. I have gained 30 pounds in the last year and a half. I had never been overweight in my life. I weighed at most 125 pounds. Suddenly when I was 60 I started gaining weight and gaining it fast. My TSH was 4.5 so my doc wouldn’t prescribe either. I also feel very fatigued and lack the energy I use to have. I can no longer work a full-time job and that has been financially challening. I am really hoping to get some positive results from the Thyroid S. Thanks for all of your great comments.

  • Sara

    To Gary Pepper, M.D.-
    Your guess is wrong! You want them to be out of business since you are an M.D. They are alive and kicking and their SUPPLEMENT is awesome. It’s not illegal. It is sold as a supplement and nothing else.
    Anyone concerned about them should not worry. I order my Thyroid-S from Amazon and have had no problem. I get them much quicker than what they say it could take, no payment problems, no problem with customs and it works. It’s not a miracle pill or a cure all, but for the millions of hypothyroid people out there, that can not get their doctor to prescribe what really will work for them, it’s a godsend.

  • Sara

    Also, if you will use Amazon to order your Thyroid-S and not the Thyroid-S website, EBay or any of those other supposed cheaper websites, you will have no payment problems and you will get the actual Thyroid-S.

  • christy

    To all my fellow undertreated hypothyroid patients – If we want to continue having access to alternatives when our Dr.’s refuse to help us, then we probably shouldn’t be broadcasting “supplement” names and sources on the blog of a U.S. MD who has clearly stated his negative opinion of our having these options….jus sayin’

  • Ag

    I am waiting for my first shipment from Thailand that I submitted yesterday. very excited and hopeful. i have always had hypothyroid symptoms, have two nodules, but TSH is normal. Was treated for depression with antidepressants, then pronounced bipolar and treated with Lithium. My thyroid became visibly enlarged on Lithium, yet the TSH remained in normal range. Lithium was really hard on my body, it can have devastating side-effects, that I got the full range of. I also gained 50lbs, and I made the decision to go off it and start my own research. It has been 3 years since I stopped Lithium and I have lost about 30lbs with willpower calorie restricting diet and exercise. I take True Hope Empower Plus vitamins and do well on them, though still low energy, fatigued most of the time, cold, and still carry that extra weight. I realize I am going to take something unregulated, but I have experience taking regulated medication with horrific results, so I am kind of in a mood of “what’s the worst that can happen”. I am ready for a change.

  • ravi

    Please be aware of the work of dr broda barnes, md, phd, now deceased, who spent over thirty years studying thyroid function; he found that basal temperature (underarm temp first thing in a.m.) accurately diagnoses hypo. and also accurately monitors ones progress as dose is increased. Read his easy to understand book, and search his name online. There is an organization of doctors who follow his protocol, in which only non synthetic thyroid is used. Dr Barnes taught that low basal temp. means hypothyroidism, regardless of blood test. In my own experience, he was right in every aspect of his work.

  • Richard

    I recently ordered Thyroid-S on Amazon.com and after all the research and apparently good results I have found online, I think I made the right choice. I had my thyroid removed because of cancer in 2005, took Cytomel at first, felt great, told to stop cytomel and start Levothyroxine, felt horrible. Two months out(125mcg) TSH was 43.0, increased dose to 137mcg wait another 2 months, TSH was 31.0 Finally told to take 200mcg and TSH started to come down. It took about 6 months to get my TSH where they wanted it and for the side effects I was given all types of medications. They said it couldn’t be the Levothyroxine!! Well, it’s been 7 years now and my life as I knew it is gone. I am nothing like I used to be and because of this I am NOT going to listen to the doctors. I stopped all the sleeping pills, pain pills, AD’s, anxienty meds and can now see what is left. I have been to Endocrinologists who insist T4 meds are fine for everyone, T3 & FT3 can not be checked and is of no concern, natural thyroids are NOT safe and of no use. I find it amazing they can proclaim T4 meds a cure all, it’s all my body needs!! yet can not explain why I feel so bad. I never felt this bad when I HAD cancer and only after my “TT” everything went downhill. All they do is run blood tests and state everything is within range. My TSH is now 0.14, FT4 2.3, the other tests are so outdated they are worthless but to say I am extremely hyper. But the one test that could possibly help, Free T3, they won’t run. This was done on July 2nd 2012 and they said Free T3 CAN NOT be measured.

    When I finally got mad enough the doctor said to take a lower dose of Levothyroxine. Going from 200mcg to 150 is not going to make a difference. I had to stop taking Levo to finally see that IT was causing my problems. I stopped the T4 meds a few months ago, started to feel much better, but went way hypo, TSH was 177.30 Except for no energy most of the side effects went away and I told them so. But they do not listen. I have been asking questions on other websites and doing my own research and the most important aspect of thyroid hormone replacement threapy is how the patient feels. I don’t care if the blood test are OK if I sleep most of the day and night. Once you start to realize how much you have lost due to T4 meds you wonder what went so horribly wrong.

    When you get to the point of not having any sort of life left, I feel so bad I rarely leave the house and I know I can’t go on like this, I have to do what’s best for me. What I don’t understand is why any doctor when told the patient has no reason to keep on going just says your blood tests are fine and it must be something else. I know there is more than can do, like maybe prescribe SOMETHING else, maybe Cytomel or Amour or Thyrolar. I had the same experience in the ER last year, although I was in much worse shape.

    Only because I do have some normal moments in my life, at times the stars align and I don’t feel quite so bad, I know the T4 meds haven’t destroyed everything. I hope to start Thyroid-S soon and find a decent Endocrinologist who will work WITH me to find a medication and dose that helps me get back to normal. I realize this may take more than the 10 minutes they allot for the appointment, but I thought that was why they became doctors, to HELP people.

    I am like many here who have been through years of misery, never really knowing what happened or why, it started slow and just kept getting worse and you make excuses and do your best. I wish I had done more years ago and not just listened to the damn doctors.

  • marlene

    the problem is even if people want to use the armor the one made in america, doctors do not prescribe it . So people who want to get better have no choice to get it themselves. synthroid does not work. I am a naturopath and i see this all the time when seeing clients on synthroid they have all the symptoms of thyroid problems but the blood test comes out ok, its very hard to find a doctor that will give the medication armor. if they would stop working for the pharmas and begin working for the patients people would get well and would not need to do this alone.

  • Ludwig Scotchgard

    Frankly, it pisses me off that the author would be irresponsible enough to lead with a title of “Dangerous Alternatives for Desiccated (Armour) Thyroid.” It’s sensationalistic and misleading as to the actual content of the article. To this end, may I suggest the headline:

    “Anecdotal Evidence on Alternatives to Armour (But Mainly Thyroid-S, As it Turns Out) Sought From My Readers Because I, the Author, Have My Suspicions but Actually No Evidence Yet One Way or the Other.”

    (Sure, it’s a bit wordy and lacks punch. It’s certainly not as attention-catching as the using words like “dangerous”…but at least it would be responsible and accurate.)

    For the record, I live in Thailand and have recently started on Thyroid-S after years of untreated Hashimoto’s (the non-treatment was due to terrible experiences with both Synthroid and generic levothyroxine.) It’s given me my life back–quite literally–and it costs $3 a month. I’m having trouble seeing the downside here. I don’t expect everyone’s experience to necessarily be this positive, but I’m pretty confident it will be due to the fact that natural thyroid products don’t work for them as an individual, NOT due to the fact that the product is bogus or dangerous because Thailand is a Scaaaaary Foreign Country Without the Benefits of a Regulatory Body Such As Our Indisputably Fair, Consistent and Incorruptible FDA.

    Now, sarcasm aside, there are actually counterfeit drugs in Thailand, so I do “get” the author’s suspicions. But these counterfeits tend to be the more mainstream (e.g. boner pills and acid-reflux drugs and antidepressants), high-retail-price-tag ones that can be relatively expensive to produce properly. Pig thyroid here is a by-product in a country that already eats a ton of pork, so I’m having real trouble finding the motivation to counterfeit it.

    Also–and ironically–from what I gather around the internet (again, anecdotally) Armour itself has actually become the “dangerous” one since its reformulation. No, not dangerous like rat poison, but in the sense that the new formula has thrown a fair amount of people who’ve done just fine on it for years out of whack.

    (Oh, and by the way, why DID Armour actually reformulate?)

  • \

    I began taking Thyroid-S seven years ago and have nothing but great things to say about it! It has been completely consistent from batch to batch and I’ve never had a problem with it unlike the synthetic hormones that I took for thirty six years. Synthetics kept me alive but did not relieve my low thyroid symptoms regardless of doseage such as low blood pressure, difficulty maintaining normal weight, super dry skin, muscle bone & joint issues, numbness of limbs, low body temperature, dry itchy eyes, abnormal cholesterol levels, just to mention a few. All the years on synthetics I suffered chronic migraine headaches and irregular heart rhythm. Now I am well, normal and sympton free. The truth is in the results!

  • So glad to find a site that I can read about Thyroid-S, as I was contemplating whether to try it or not. I am a naturopath and a holistic blood chemistry analyst. My website is milk and honey nutrition dot com and I can detect the weak links in the body using this blood analysis. For example, my own analysis shows that my highest out of balance glands are: anterior pituitary, hypothalamus, adrenal cortex, and liver, in that order. I now have a reason for being cold and the very slow metabolism that I have experienced for 30 plus years, while MDs refused to diagnose and treat me for low thyroid, as I was always within their range. In holistic blood analysis, we don’t use the ranges, but we set target numbers to work toward in achieving balance. So for me, I know now that I must work to build my pituitary function and hypothala
    mus, while supporting my thyroid and adrenals, and and helping my liver function. If I can help anyone here, please visit my site to read more about my blood analysis service.

  • Carmenlina

    Thankyou all for the information, I’m taking Thyroid s.