Teresa and Marion Share Experiences with Weight Gain after Stopping Smoking

Teresa has plateaued in her effort to lose weight after smoking cessation. Marion offers her support in what is often a frustrating battle to rev the metabolism back up.

Teresa’s story is as follows:

Hey everybody. I quit smoking 3 months ago [7/25/09] and have gained 10-12 lbs [depending on the time of day I weigh, water retention, etc…n} I’ve been doing the the calories in/calories out thing for a year n a half to loose weight… One of my biggest fears with quitting was the weight gain, as that was the reason I started smoking in the first place 18 years ago so i tried upping my activity more [went from walking 1 mile 2x a week @ 2 mph to walking 3 miles 4x a week @ 3.5 mph + kickboxing 2 x a week], decreasing my calories, increasing my food [others thought 1200 was too low]… everything…

My issue is that the muscle built from activity is not burning anything and the fat increased [I’m seeing rolls where I never had a problem before and getting BIGGER-gained 2 inches in my waist so far]. Can anyone tell me-really and honestly- how long it will take to level my non-existant metabolism?! I don’t want to start smoking again. But when I’ve worked so hard to loose weight , putting it back on has made me re-hate my body even more than I did before. I have to loose what I’ve gained and more by the summer [I was already the fat bridesmaid even before I quit].

In response to Teresa’s post Marion relates her similar story:

Don’t give up, I quit on June 14 and have gained 25 pounds so far, my husband quit a year ago in July and his metabolism is starting to level off. He gained over 40 lbs. It will take time, but keep it up and you and I will continue to be smoke free. I am very discouraged also but I have to realize that I am more healthy since I quit. I am having problems having energy. Before I would jump out the bed in the morning to smoke and now I only want to sleep all day. No reason to get out of the bed. I have alot of adjusting to do.

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  • Creeping Puppy

    Do they allow any carbs now? I did it for about 6 months and almost blacked out one time.

    I also hear that the old(i dont know what the new difference is now) version can produce kidney stones.

  • I would just like to congratulate you on even quitting smoking, since it’s very hard to do, so please give yourselves a pat on the back for kicking that addiction.

    I too quit smoking about 7 years ago, and had a heck of a time with it, but I’m OK now. I fortunately joined “Curves” at the same time I quit smoking, and only gained about 8-10 lbs…which has now disappeared by just watching my food intake and walking when I can. Your metabolism will slow down some (that’s a trade off for having healthy lungs), but you CAN and WILL loose the weight again. Maybe not all of it, but then you have to change your mind-set a bit and go back as to why you quit in the first place? To be healthier, and breathe better I’m sure…

    It takes a different amount of time for each individual for their metabolism to go back to their new “normal”, but it DOES! Nicotine speeds up the metabolism, but then again, you are no longer a slave to nicotine. You will find a way to lose the extra pounds, and your metabolism will set itself to where you should be at your age, and for the amount of activity that you do, and food you consume. Try not to skip breakfast, it starts your metabolism rolling. Drink water, it also kicks up the metabolism. Eat spicy foods if you like them, and run up and down some stairs in your house as much as you can stand. That’s what I do.

    Don’t give up, and DON’T start smoking again…you’ll Thank yourself in a few years!

    Good Luck and e-mail me if you have any questions,

    Sylvia 🙂

  • Teresa

    well as an update my 2yrs without smokes was on july 25th.. unfortunately due to a super traumatic event on august 1st [the worst day of my life to date] i started up again. i don’t want to do this forever but after everything i’ve been through i needed the crutch… anywayz, gl to everyone still in the struggle…