Brenda Compares Her Experience with Compounding Pharmacy vs. Canadian Pharmacy

At present, two popular sources of dessicated thyroid products are compounding pharmacies and Canadian pharmacies. Brenda has experience with both and compares them for

Brenda responds with the following in response to another members comments:

I suspect your doctor is mis-informed. Before I ordered and received my 30 mg Erfa natural dessicated thyroid medicine from, I had the thyroid medicine compounded by my local compounding pharmacy. I still have some. The problem with that approach is it is ridiculously expensive ($39 for 30 doses of 1/4 grain/15 mg equivalent per month) and not covered by insurance. Of course it is an opportunity for the compounding pharmacies, and according to what I’ve read online, some greedy compounding pharmacies are charging much more–over $100 per month for the same thing. So far the FDA has made no noise about getting rid of compounding pharmacies. They serve a special need — and they are a little pocket of individually made medicines that are not dictated to by the FDA. On a parallel issue, they make bioidentical hormones, which Big Pharma is not happy about either, but the FDA doesn’t say you can’t make them, just that you have to be careful about claims made about them.

The great thing about the Canadian solution is that is it even cheaper than Armour used to be here, and they are regulated by the Canadian equivalent of the FDA. The maker of the Canadian “Thyroid” is Erfa, a Belgium company, is their niche is finding drugs that are being discontinued by other companies that they believe can be profitable and they have been making drugs since the 30’s, so I don’t think they are going to discontinue making it. I’m sure their plan is to make more! This is the jackpot for them! (If you want to know more about Erfa, and the Canadian version of Armour, go here: . They bought the brand from Pfizer Canada Inc in 2005 and have been making it since then. They are a Belgium company with a Canadian and international presence who buys and markets niche products from other drug companies that would be discontinued.)

Natural dessicated thyroid medicine is used around the world, so I don’t think it is going away. It is the madness of the FDA in cahoots with the Big Pharma at work in the US that is causing the problem with availability. I believe RLC, the maker of NatureThyroid (another brand of the same thing) here in the US has vowed that they will continue making the drug, even if they have to go through the entire expensive approval process to get it approved by the FDA. Of course that will make it much more costly for us, to be sure, because they will have expended the money to go through that process and they will be the only game in town when the dust settles.

Fortunately, while all this is being sorted out, we have the Canadian option. And it works just fine, and oh yeah, it’s cheaper.

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  • Brenda, Brenda Brenda I should say our Blessed Brenda!! What would we hypothyroid victims do without your compassion, expertise and delightful willingness to share your knowledge? Yes, the Canadian option is working great for my hubby and me and guess what I no longer itch ha ha! I truly hope that somehow, someone will do something legally that will end the insatiable hunger for money at the expense of the sufferers of hyopothyroidism—- the pharmaceutical crooks..! Meanwhile stay well..we all need you!

  • carolyn hunter

    I first had my thyroid compounded by a local compounding pharmacy here in Oroville, CA….but…it did NOT seem to be effective for me.

    I understand they used micro-crystalline as a filler , and perhaps that may have been part ,or all of the problem?….. My Erfa thyroid was VERY delayed in arriving….. so I had no choice but to at least TRY the compounded one..

    After finally receiving the Erfa thyroid…. it took a considerably long time of taking it, …….for me to feel that the hypo symptoms were in fact gradually improving.

    I also have Addisons Disease, and now understood for the first time….exactly HOW they were related, thanks to the Stopthethyroidmadness web pages.

    It could have been thaT MY TISSUES WERE so low …THAT IT WAS THE REASON I did not feel an improvement for so long? Looking back on it….this is my hypothesis.

    After reading up on the ” stop the thyroid madness” web pages ,…and the e mail of the 2 thyroid groups at Yahoo, I began to research whether my chronic symptoms….. like very low body temperature, severely cold hands and feet, crumbling fingernails, falling hair, etc, were also evidence of chronic historical under-treatment.

    After starting to feel improved for several weeks ….I began to slowly experiment with slightly additional (natural dessicated) Erfa thyroid throuout the days ………to see if it would bring improvement to those problems.

    At present, as a direct result…. I have been running a close-to-normal temperature for the first time in my life, after battling to keep warm maNY TIMES WHEN my body temp WAS ONLY SLIGHTLY ABOVE 95 F,
    OR 96 F.degrees .

    I’m 70 years old, and starting to feel like a human again.