Armour Crisis Creates New Alliances

Good things can develop during a crisis situation. For me it was the eye opening experience I had this week by participating in The Thyroid Patient Community Call. The Thyroid Patient Community Call is a group internet telephone call hosted by Janie Bowthorpe, author of Stop The Thyroid Madness. During the 90 minute session I was able to interact with dozens of callers as well as Janie herself. Needless to say, Janie’s audience is mostly individuals who are deeply committed to maintaining Armour Thyroid as a treatment option and who are equally angry with the field of Endocrinology which backs the ban on dessicated thyroid hormone. I knew this audience wanted answers to some very tough and troubling questions. For a few days before the call I needed to review for myself just how this crisis developed, and how I became a lightning rod for the growing controversies. I believe this process was necessary and therapeutic.

Being a strong advocate of t4 plus t3 therapy and of Armour Thyroid, I was in sync with most of the topics being discussed on the call. What was hard for me was hearing the out pouring of stories describing how endocrinologists had alienated (infuriated) so many thyroid patients. How to explain but not excuse the inflexibility, wrong headedness and arrogance of a whole field of medicine on a topic central to its mission, my own field for the past 25 years? My head still hurts thinking about it. For those wanting to hear how this played out can visit which hosts these shows and follow the instructions for listening to past episodes of Janie’s show. Perhaps Janie can give more specific instructions by posting them here.

I came away from Janie’s session with a firm recognition that the field of Endocrinology is in serious need of a make-over. Imagine a Democrat walking into a room full of staunch Republicans and asking everyone to join him in a sensitivity training program. It is a lonely job.

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  • Hi Dr. Pepper. You, sir, gave excellent information to all who listened to the Thyroid Patient Community Call for over an hour, and those who missed it can listen to the recorded call for EPISODE 6 here:

    Yes, the frustration and disdain by thyroid patients worldwide towards the vast majority of Endocrinologists is livid and widespread. Adjectives which consistently come from the mouths of thyroid patients about Endos they have visited range from arrogant, rude, condescending, rigid, narrow-minded, Synthroid-Nazi, TSH-obsessed, ignorant, uninformed to just plain awful. Exceptions to the latter litany of experiences are out there, but they are far and few between. As a result, patients refuse to darken the door of any endocrinologist again if it concerns thyroid treatment.

    So for all of us to find an Endo like yourself who has some wisdom about the far better treatment with natural desiccated thyroid, or at the very least combined T4 and T3, is a complete breath of fresh air.

    We, as thyroid patients who have made the switch from T4-only to desiccated thyroid, know the truth. Desiccated thyroid has changed all our lives ten-fold, and is the very reason that Stop the Thyroid Madness exists–to compile that important truth for other patients who still struggle with T4, and for them to become educated and take that information right into their doctors offices, and demand change.

    Thank you for being a light in a dungeon of Endocrinology darkness.

    Janie Bowthorpe

  • By the way, here is a compilation of alternatives for natural desiccated thyroid during out current shortage crisis:

    And here is a page on how to find a good doctor, and perhaps, how to find a very rare Endocrinologist who has wisdom about desiccated thyroid:

    Janie Bowthorpe

  • Lil

    Dear Dr. Pepper,

    I recently went to talkshoe to hear your broadcast and wanted you to know how grateful we are to know that you exist, and are willing to stand up for what you have found to be quality care for your patients.

    Truly, the lack of concern and rigid indifference that many specialists have for the suffering of those who trust them is shameful. However we are all human, and we all resist change.

    Please remain vocal. You are in a unique position to have a voice. I can imagine that it takes courage and, strong self esteem to be a “lone wolf.” Just know that we truly appreciate your efforts.