Support My Letter to the New York Times

In an effort to expand public awareness of the crisis created by the shortage of Armour Thyroid, I drafted a letter to the New York Times detailing the situation. My thought was to make as many people as possible aware of the situation hoping to create pressure on the FDA and Forest Pharmaceuticals to resolve their impasse.

So far it looks like the Times has rejected my letter. If we can get enough emails sent to , with the wording “Please publish the letter: FDA Plays a Dangerous Game with Patients Well Being, by Dr. Gary Pepper”, maybe we can get the letter or some form of coverage published. Please take a minute to help out. The more supportive emails sent, the better.

Thanks and let’s work together toward a positive outcome to this crisis. I’ll be posting here regarding any progress.

Gary Pepper, M.D.

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  • I sent them a message in support of this issue. I really hope they publish your letter.

  • Dr. G. Pepper


    I appreciate your taking time to back me up in the effort to get the word out to the mainstream media about Armour’s disappearance. The more people who learn about the situation the more likely a solution will be found.

    Dr. P.

  • Dr. G. Pepper

    A new member, pinksweatergal, sent us this email when asked to confirm her registration to…..Pinksweatergal writes:

    No robot but I sure feel like one now that I am forced to be off the Armour thyroid. I have Hashimoto’s and Armour helped me feel better. I have resorted to emailing Channel 7 News in Boston, Hank Phillippee Ryan, a consumer reporter asking her to PLEASE make this more public, the scam on this.

  • Aleta Streett-Leavy

    Dr Pepper,
    My suggestion is to have everyone concerned write the FDA, but read and attach their letter first. We don’t want to hear the propoganda about safety, etc. (Bio Identical Hormone Replacement comes to mind. I now pay out of pocket because the FDA decided it was experimantal???) So… Write the NY TImes,your local papers and the labs as well. Write and complain to your insurance company and let your doctors know how scared and concerned you are. I tried Synthroid first 12 years ago and the only result was great blood work, but no releif. Found a new doctor that would listen and found Armour Thyroid and Cytomel combined. Now I am concerned I only have 30 days worth of meds left.
    We have to stand together and do something or nothing changes. Write, call do whatever you have to but be heard!!! We want our meds that work and we want a choice.
    I am sorry but I don’t always trust the FDA…lots of drugs pulled from the market that were approved to soon, people got sick and died and then the lawsuits started.
    I think this is about money, greed and control.
    I will repeat it; I want a choice and I want it now!!!

  • Dr. Pepper,

    I wanted to extend support for your efforts concerning Armour thyroid. I wanted to also make you aware that our compounding pharmacy is compounding porcine-derived desicated thyroid to meet the demand. It is the same formulation as Armour and we offer free shipping with each prescription. I have included our prices at the end of this response so that everyone may see that there is no price increase or gouging. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance to you or your patients.

    Best Regards,

    Zac Riggs
    Randol Mill Pharmacy – Arlington, Tx

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  • Merrilyn Grove

    I wrote a letter of support to the New York Times. I certainly hope enough people do the same. I have been concerned when I learned about Armour no longer being in production. I switched from Synthroid about ten years ago after seventeen up and down years on it while doctors tried to find the right dosage. Armour me feel normal for the first time in years. Thank you for your service.

  • Sally

    I am very concerned about the lack of availability of desiccated thyroid. What I have become aware of thanks to Mary Shomon is that there is a considerable inconsistency in the explanation for the shortage or information how exactly how they “reformulated” the Armour. I went around and spoke with pharmacists in my area asking them what they have been told and most said “absolutely nothing”. I asked my PCP what she knew and she said “nothing”. There are a lot of people suffering with debilitating symptoms from having to change to synthetic. What makes this worse is that there is more than meets the eye here. Meanwhile, innocent people are suffering and feel powerless. Hank Phillippee never responded to my letter to bring this into the public eye. The only people who would really be interested are the people with hypothyroidsm. I dont think the general public would be interested in this. I ordered glandulars from nutrimeds but then read that they can be dangerous. We do need a doctor in “our corner” and thank you Dr. Pepper for being a voice for us. Sally

  • marilyn hirsch

    I tried to let you know that I will write the NY Times, inasmuch as I am a longtime subscriber and if they show they do NOT want to let their readers know of problems that are existing I will cancel my subscription. I will keep you posted on the results and will ask my many friends to write as well. thanks for your efforts on our behalf. Marilyn Hirsch

  • Sally (pinksweatergal)

    I would like to let you know about Mary Shomon’s website Stop The Thyroid Madness. She has the most accurate information on this and there is even someone investigating into exactly what they did when they “reformulated” the armour as it appears to be not as effective since that. I have found her site to be the absolute most informative. There are those who criticize her but I feel that many dont want us to know about how the companies producing the synthetics are lining the pockets of doctors. I am not a political person or an “activitist” but I just want to be healthier and have the option to treat my Hashimotos in the way that is the most effective for me. I will never believe that every thyroid patient converts T4 into the more active T3 in the way their body’s should. There is just too much to indicate otherwise. Sally

  • I hope that collectively our voices will be heard
    It’s definitely important that people are made aware of the situation and should make informed decisions on the best way to manage their health

  • Shalyn

    HI, I just received an email today, Easter Sunday – April 4, 2010, with a link to here. Did the NY Times publish your letter? Or do you need us to continue requesting? Puzzled!