Armour Thyroid Shortage a Nation Wide Problem

Samantha, Nurse Practitioner in New York reports on the effect the national shortage of dessicated thyroid products is having on health care in her area. My own experience is that the situation is getting worse here in Florida, as well. Nature Thyroid and Westhroid which we had hoped would replace Armour in this practice has also become unavailable. At this very minute our office administrator is calling every pharmacy and pharmaceutical mail order companies we have used, trying to locate a source of these products for this practice (8 endocrinologists who serve a large portion of South Florida). Switching people back to T4 because the desired dessicated thyroid medication is unavailable, seems unacceptable in the “best health care system in the world”.

I thought Samantha’s comments were vital to see:

Samantha writes:

I’m a nurse practitioner in NY, and find that our patients generally do better or Armour Thyroid than on the usual T4 products. As for Cale, it sounds as if he’s in love with BigPharma, but many conservative practitioners and dispensors abound, so take what he says with a grain of salt. I, several MDs and NPs and a DO of my acquaintance all use Armour Thy. ourselves, but have noticed a slight decrease in effectiveness since the reformulation. The real frustration is having to convert our patients back to Levothyroxine and Cytomel which many do not find nearly as helpful. Other brands such as wes-throid and nature-throid are now out of stock, (in our area) and so there is no real alternative. Some of our patients have even tried getting stocks from Canada, to no avail. When I last checked with Forest they had stocks of 120 and 360 dosages available, but most of our patients require much less. While I will still use Armour and prescribe it, when we can get it again – as will my colleagues mentioned above – we are thoroughly annoyed at Forest for the reformulation. Most people tolerated the product very well. Patients should not have to have their effective medication routines switched out from under them. No one wants to change horses mid-stream.

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  • Claudia Schulte

    Standard Process Labs has wonderful natural bovine thyroid products, Thyrotropin and Symplex (for general hormonal balance). I’ve been on them for about 6 months, and feel that they work very well. Their cows are monitored very closely for health problems.

  • Barb

    I am allergic to Synthroid so switching away from the dessicated thyroid is not an option for me. Also, I have had my thyroid removed so I am completely dependent on medication. What on earth does someone in my situation do if this continues? Will insurance companies cover the expense of these bovine products? This is very disconcerting to say the least!

  • We all MUST, I repeat MUST go to the FDA website MedWatch and make a complaint against Forrest and specifically the FDA itself. Threaten them with our sheer numbers and class action law suit or other such legal means. Tell them how this has affected you and others. Pass it on, we can only make change if we start ourselves. Go to the website below and click on the BEGIN button in the upper right corner of the page.

    • Nikki

      From what I understand on this subject that it wasn’t Forest but the FDA that forced this change

  • Compounding pharmacies can make Armour thyroid in its absence! Check with your local compounding pharmacy. Dessicated porcine thyroid powder IS available. That may not actually be the reason for the discontinuation/backorder status, etc…. not sure!

  • Jenna

    As a result of the Armour Thyroid shortage, our compounding pharmacy has been compounding a comparable T4/T3 combo for the last few months and has had outstanding results. Please contact us at for more information.


  • anita

    how is this possible i do not believe for one second Fors lab. are telling the truth why on earth would a large co. run out of a very well known medicine fall off the face the earth and they weren’t prepared, GIVE ME A BREAK !!!! SOME ONE SHOULD FIND OUT REAL RESON AND TELL THE PUBLIC AND BURN THIS CO. FOR TREATING PEOPLE LIKE WE ARE STUPID

  • Janis Carter

    Does this have anything to do with the swine flu vaccine?

  • Lorna Lueck

    Claudia, I just started taking Thytrophin PMG and the Thyroid Complex (Mediherb) from SP Labs. Did you have any difficulty switching? I have just started them after a week of taking nothing due to the shortage. I would love to have this work since I’m opting more for a natural approach and do not want to take synthetics.

  • We are a full service pharmacy, specializing in compounded medications. We are now stocking Thyroid USP for compounding Natural Thyroid in any strength needed. Please contact us with any questions you have regarding your Natural Thyroid prescription.

  • greg

    laudia, I just started taking Thytrophin PMG and the Thyroid Complex (Mediherb) from SP Labs. Did you have any difficulty switching? I have just started them after a week of taking nothing due to the shortage. I would love to have this work since I’m opting more for a natural approach and do not want to take synthetics.

  • Grace

    I finally got a pharmacy that compounded so I can start back on my thyroid replacement. I have been nodding off like a druggie because I was so weak and tired. I’m on a pretty high does of replacement hormone

  • JoAnne

    Contact your FDA coordinater about your complaint of the Armour Thyroid shortage
    just go under FDA Contact under complaint or problem click on and it will give you a list for individual state. The number in Pennsylvania is 877-689-8073 get on the phone and complain now

  • In the recent weeks, we’ve received numerous requests from Americans to fill their prescriptions for Thyroid from Canada. As a result of the unfortunate shortage in the U.S. many people are seeking a way to still obtain a source of dessicated porcine thyroid to help with their decreased or absent thyroid function. I felt compelled to comment on a forum such as this to inform those with a need that our fully licensed and PharmacyChecker approved pharmacy can assist you in filling your Thyroid prescriptions during this shortage. As a pharmacist, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to patients first hand and have been given a better understanding of this grave situation. I hope that our pharmacy can serve as another option for Americans who would still like to reap the benefits of such an effective medication.

    Adelaine Saria, B.Sc. (Pharm)

  • Kathy

    This shortage is outrageous! I just found out about it last week when I went to fill my Rx and pharmacy only had 10 tablets left of my dose left in stock and said they didn’t know when they’d get more. The staff and pharmacists offered no explanation as to why. My dr’s office “claimed” they didn’t know about it either. I was furious when I went online and found out that this has been going on for quite some time and no notices had been sent out to patients, including myself. This is outrageous that people have not been notified and don’t find out until they can no longer get their meds.
    At least drs, pharmacies need to let their patients know about this so they have time to figure out a plan for future refills.
    It is obvious to me that the FDA, conventional endocrinologists, drug companies, etc are behind this so people are forced to start using Synthroid and it’s generic forms. It is a power and control tactic for those listed above to make some big bucks. Similar things have happened in other areas of natural medicine.
    Interesting that the medical community, etc advocate a healthy life style and preventive medicine while at the same time want and need sick people to keep people employed. A traditional Chinese medicine doctor considers themself successful if their patient rarely comes to see them.

  • lynn

    Have located a pharmacy in Greenwich, CT that is stocked with Armour Thyroid 60 mg. Below is the information:

    Greenview Pharmacy
    13 North Water Street
    Greenwich, CT 06830

    Tel – 203-531-3323
    Fax – 203-531-3325

    They are willing to ship orders. Pharmacist is Scott, and the entire staff is very helpful. Give them call!

  • We also have thyroid (porcine) any strength compounded available.
    Shertech Pharmacy of Asheville
    1642 Hendersonville Rd
    Asheville, NC 28803
    (828) 236-1097
    fax: (828) 236-1098
    we also mail for free!!

  • We compound Thyroid UPS (porcine) in the same strengths as Armour or Nature-Throid plus custom strengths as need e.g. 45 mg. We have a certificate of analysis (C of A) that the porcine Thyroid meets USP standards that is available on request.
    Chuck Fulmer, R.Ph., FIACP
    Partners In Care, Inc.
    672 Lanier Park Dr
    Gainesville, GA 30501
    770-536-Care (2273)

  • C. C. Livingston RN

    I obtained the Armour Equavilent from COmpounting Pharmacy in Sherman Oaks, California. Local Docs, and Pharms including REALLY BIG PHARM walgreens, as well as Wal-mart just look stupid and “can’t do a thing.” Medicare Part D (Rx Plan) also failed to provide Armour Thyroid.
    Carrie Livingston RN Jensen Beach FL

  • Dana Gosnell

    Hi, it took me 18 months to get my thyroid regulated and Armour was finally the wonder drug for me. I don’t know what I will do without it. i did not do well on synthroid. What’s up, are there not enough dead pigs to get the thyroid medication? Thanks to those who did the research and have given me some options on where I can get my Armour!!

  • Diana H

    I am so frustrated. I had been taking Armour Thyroid for 3 years. I had the same experience with the pharmacy in regards to only getting 10 pills. Then I went to a higher dose & they cut them in half for me. Now the doctor put me on levotyroxine. The first 3 weeks were ok. The last few days however have been HORRIBLE !! I’ve got the weird head thingy going on along with palpatations and a lot of other things. I’m afraid that I’m going to end up in the hospital if I keep taking this medicine. I don’t think that I can bring myself to take “that pill” in the morning. Does anyone know if I don’t take anything for a few days if it’s harmful? Thanks to all of you for all of the info.!!

  • Alison W

    I have been taking Armour Thyroid for several years, and now suddenly I am forced to take Levothroid. I can’t sleep at night any more, my hair is falling out. I feel like I am overdosing on this medication. I don’t know which is worse, being untreated or taking a drug that feels dangerous.

  • Diana

    Alison.. I know exactly how you feel ! I have been off of the levo for 8 days now. It took about 4 days before I even wanted to go out of the house. I still had ‘some’ icky feelings. Today I feel pretty good. In my small town there is a compounding pharmacy. They compound a thyroid med that is exact (active ingredients) to the Armour med. What cost me $6.00 at Walmart now cost me $27.00 from a compounding pharmacy. But.. I now have my Armour thyroid med. And I feel so much better.
    Good luck !

  • Diana

    Has anyone heard yet if Armour Thyroid will be available again?

  • Carol S.

    Alison, I too have been taking Armour Thyroid for several years and am not willing to go back to the synthetic. After receiving my last 5 Amour pills last week, I started researching this problem. Bottom line, who knows when we will get it back but after reading alot of reviews I ordered my Armour from and it actually cost less, even though I had to double my dose and buy 3 months worth. Check it out. Good Luck

  • Kathy

    To Carrie Livingston in Florida,
    Would you please comment on the name and contact info of the compounding pharmacy you found in Sherman Oaks, CA? I would like to contact them.

  • Diana

    Carol S. Thank you for the info on I checked them out. Wow Nice to see the Armour name and it’s even cheaper! Did your Dr. have to fax a RX ? Thanks again. 🙂

  • Carol S.

    I had my doctor fax it to me, or you could pick it up, then all you have to do it fax it or mail it to I was in a rush so I faxed it myself. Our compounding pharmacy locally only carried the synthetic additives to Amour and I felt that would be just the same as taking Synthoid etc. It does take approximately 10 days to get the perscription and all my old symptoms are coming back slowly but I know once it arrives, within a few days, I will fee my old self again. Good Luck.

  • Theresa

    Hi, Does anyone know of a Dr. that can switch me from Synthroid to Amour in New York City…


  • Martha

    After taking Armour thyroid for two years and feeling the best I ever had I started feeling extremely tired, headaches, random nerve pain. The reformulation does not work for me. My compounding pharmacy made me a new product and it’s not working. I’ve ordered a supply from Canada and hopefully it will work. From reading everything I’m still confused as to what happened – a reformulation and a lack of pig thyroid?

  • Diana

    Hey Martha.. When you say “reformulation” do you mean what the compounding pharmacy made? Or is Armour thyroid back on the market ? (has it been reformulated?) What a mess huh?

  • Dana Gosnell

    Hi, I am going to place a new order with for armour. If anyone is a customer if you give me your name and phone number we both get $25 credit. My email is You can contact me first to know that I am legit

    Thanks, Dana!!

  • Nancy Badal

    Unbelievable, It has taken me this long to discover this shortage. I can only chalk it up to the fact that I am on 180mg, 3gains a day. It seems that the larger dosages have been more readily available, that is until now.
    Interestingly, I have noticed a change in my energy levels in the last year, but also did not know about the reformulation. I just chalked my fatigue up to other health issues that I have been dealing with.
    I can’t believe that my pharmacy and my doctor found it unimportant to advise me on this shortage. I had to find out by trying to reorder my RX and was told that they just didn’t receive the order yet. I have been 5 days without, away from home on business and feel like crap.
    Well thanks for listening…I will try getting something from a compounding pharmacy.

  • Diana

    My pharmacy called me yesterday. They managed to obtain some Armour (not from the usual supplier but another). They don’t seem to know anything about a reformulation or how long this supplier will have it. Asked if I wanted a 3 month supply. I have to cut the pills in half because of the dose but that’s ok. What the heck is going on?? I thought that the entire country was on back order. You would think that our doctor’s or pharmacies would clue us in as to what is going on. Wow !

    Nancy, I had the same experience as you. So sorry.. Hope that you get your med soon!

  • Carol S.

    Nancy, I take 120mg of Amour and ran out about 2 weeks ago, I had some old 90mg and spread those out until I could get my Amour from, I was starting to really lose it though with the lower dose and running short. I was exhausted, my brain just would not function correctly and I always seemed to be angry, 3 days ago the Amour arrived from Canada and after 3 correct doses, I feel so much better. It took exactly 9 days to get it from them and I had to buy 90 days worth of 60 mg so I could take two but it is all worth it, just to feel almost like myself again. Check them out, they actually were cheaper also. Very nice, very efficient. Good luck.

  • Dawn

    I’m with Janis…..does this have anything to do with the swine flu vaccine? anyone???

  • Char

    Dawn, I just found out about the shortage and asked myself the same thing…about the swine flu vaccine. Makes sense that they would make up a story. Why should they stop lying to us now??
    I have been hypothyroid for nearly 20 years and in 2007 I nearly had a breakdown as my symptoms got worse and worse due to changes in my meds that were not working in the first place. I started out on Synthroid and then they switched me from one generic to another until I felt I would die. It was through sheeer luck that I found the website: and found out about Armour Thyroid. I am appauld as a Health and Wellness Professional that this shortage and possible end to Armour Thyroid is taking place. I am also fearful of reverting back to where I came from…a half life. How my doctor could hear my symptoms over and over again for years and years yet tell me my TSH levels were in normal range infurriates me and now once again I am left to my own devices and problem solving. A big thank you to all of you who have taken the time to get answers for all of us in the same boat. I’m from Western NY. Does anyone have any insight for my area. I also will be checking.

  • Marla Holmes

    Do most of you believe this medication will be restored? And what exactly IS this reformulation? I am suffering like the rest of you and cannot stay awake now that I have been forced off my Armour Thyroid of 24 years. I”m angry and frustrated and asleep!

  • Steph

    In 2000, my thyroid was completely removed. Synthroid was the first medication I was put on. When I complained to my doctor that I didn’t feel well, he added Cytomel.
    This was like have hypo symtoms and the flu all at the same time.
    When I asked this doctor to switch me to a natural thyroid replacement medicine, he refused.
    I found another endocrologist, Dr. Rahbany. She actually listened to what I had to say and filled the request for Armour. When my overall health improved dramtically, Dr. Rahbany agreed was the result of the Armour.
    I have been on 120mg since 2000. Sometime this year, I began to notice the pharmacies would have to fill the prescription with 60mg twice a day because the 120mg tablets were not available.
    Since about August I started to feel sick all the time. Headache, bodyache, fatigue, and insomia or inappropriate somia.

    On October 28, I mentioned how bad I felt to the doctor when I went to get my blood checked. I also have Thalassemia Intermedia, He said he would check my thyroid.
    On November 2, my hemologist doctor call me personally and said my TSH was 19.67, that I must get to my primary doctor immediately. I was shocked and bewildered how I could not have much or no thyroid hormone in my body when I religously took my Armour everyday.

    After he faxed a copy of the test over to my primary’s office, they called me. I was fitted into the schedule on Nov. 5. I asked my primary doctor to write me a presciption for 2 grains of dessicated thyroid. When I found out there was no Natur-throid or Westhroid, I almost had an anxiety attach.

    After praying about what was happening, I calmed down and found a compounding pharmacy. The first one I call didn’t compound thyroid. I ask the lady if she knew a pharmacy in Orlando that did compound thyroid, she gave me the name of Taylor Pharmacy in Winter Park. To my relief, when I called Taylor, they did compound thyroid and they could fill my prescription.

    Taylor Pharmacy is great. I don’t live that close to Winter Park, so I offered to pay to have my refills mail. They told me for being a compounding customer, they would Fed Ex next day at no charge. A prayer answered.

    Bless you all.

  • Marion

    Hi, I first noticed that I was seriously out of wack when Michael Jackson died and I could not stop crying for a week. Because of lots of jointpain , terrible legcramps, boils on my butt and overall itchy crappy ness I went to see a Dr. who thought it would be good to take a thyroid test. I had been on the same dose of Armour since 16 years without a problem. I did not even think that all of this could be thyroid related.
    It all made sence when i got my test back being way off and searched about Armour and found out about the Reformulation. They put cellulose in as filler which is not digestable and therefore does not cary the hormone into the bloodstream.Since than I have been on 5 different meds. including Westroid, a compounded one from my NP, a generic one called Thyroid one grain and none make me feel back to my normal quality of life. My hair is falling into my food , often my legs are numb and I feel like giving up and just calling it a day. I am in a pathetic state of being.

  • Diana

    Marion you gotta hang in there ! I’m really hoping that we get our original armour back & soon !

    To the people that are taking the armour from Canada… How are you feeling? Is it the same as our old armour thyroid?

  • Josie

    I have been on Armour for 14 years with almost no hypo symptoms. In May I had a baby and right after I came home with him I got my Armour refill. It was within two weeks that I noticed a difference. Itchy all over, dry skin, moody as all hell. I chalked it up to my whacky hormones from pregnancy just trying to get straightened out. Here I am 6 months later, half bald, mad most of the time, asleep the rest of the time and in between Im eating like theres no tomorrow. Made no sense to me becasue my thyroid med has not changed in so long that I never thought it was about my thyroid. Once I read somewhere that Armour was reformulated and causing intolerance in many people, I KNEW that was my proplem. I had just forgotten the symptoms because I had been doing well for so long. I tried to up the dose of the new armour, no luck, didnt work. I also tried Thiroyd ( Yes, thats how they spell it.) from GreaterPharma. I stayed on that for 2 months and was doubling my normal dose by the second month, with no improvement whatsoever. I finally got my first bottle of compounded thyroid USP today. I am hoping and praying it will work. I will keep you posted. I wish there were some way to take it other than just swallowing it though. I was doing the ‘Thiroyd’ sublingually twice a day. Id love to be able to do that still but now I have capsules. I will update in a few weeks if I feel anybetter or not from the compounded pills. I hope everyone gets through this and it’s important to share info with other ppl in the same boat! God Bless!

  • Vicki White RN (retired)

    I have the same problems as you all. My life began again after switching from Synthroid to Armour. My CVS pharmacist told me the FDA caused Forest Labs to reformulate and update their manufacturing methods to Good Manufacturing Standards.
    This happened to a drug several years ago. The FDA was amazed there were so many patients who flooded their phone lines and wrote in to complain. As a result, our MDs had to dispense the drug they received from the manufacturer to specific patients (ones who registered complains with FDA and manufacturer) and report monthly on patient progress. This drug was provided free of charge to the patient while the manufacturer was in the middle of the FDA nonsense and retesting. It’s time our govt FDA officials heard our voices. Flood their phone lines and clutter their desks with our complaints, facts, symptoms without the old Armour. Lets remind these desk jockeys who really writes their paychecks and remind them to check out new and good drugs (and quit being stupid about some of the “standards”) and leave the tried and true alone!

  • Christina

    My sister-in-law had Radioactive IodineTreatment to resolve Graves disease in 07.
    She was on synthroid/levoxyl and suffered ALL the side effects (severely), such as:

    Headaches, trouble swallowing, pressure on neck and lower jaw, stomach trouble, no appetite, gas, shaking, constipation, heart racing (constantly), excessive sweating, hair loss, constant girdling pain (crushing feeling around the torso both front and back from diaphram up), rash, weight loss, pressure on lungs (difficult breathing and laughing), difficulty in speaking, hoarse at times, loss of smell has trouble walking.

    She started taking Armour Thyroid which appeared to ease some of the side effects which was a plus, however we have been informed that the Armour has been reformulated by the FDA, and is in short supply. What is she (along with all the other people) going to do now? Is there any way that “we” can petition the company to change their product back to what it was…Also, were can the product be found in the US. How much longer can these individuals continue to live in this condition. Is there ANY type of further research being done to help people with these types of Thyroid conditions/issues?

    In addition to these side affects and problems with locating a supply of Armour in Connecticut, we’re having a difficult time locating a doctor in CT that will listen and help her with this situation. Is there another “drug” or product out there, that can counteract the side affects, that will allow some type of comfort?

  • Janet (Spring TX)

    For Armour replacement, porcine thyroid, I have located a compounding pharmacy in The Woodlands TX area. My dr was able to finally approve this replacement. It is called The Woodlands Compounding Pharmacy. If any one is interested. I have also filed a complaint with FDA, Forest & Armour and have not heard anything back. I am so happy to be trying this new prescrip as been on synthetic for past 30 days, not good side affects.

  • Sue (Falls Church, VA)

    Thanks to I contacted today. I will have a supply of their Armour equivalent sent to me. Will let everyone know if there are side effects after a while.

  • Josie

    This is an update to my previous post. I posted before that I had beenon Armour for yearts and felt great. As everyone else, with the reformulation all symptoms came back. I tried ‘Thiroyd” ( thats how they spell it, from GreatXr PhXma), I took that for two months working up to a dose double what my Armour was and never felt any relief at all. I have now been on compounded dessicated thyroid for just over one week and already, my hair is not falling out nearly as much now and I am a little less tired throughout the day. I have enough energy now to resume going to the gym 4-5 nights a week. So far so good with the compounded stuff. I will get some bloodwork done in another week to tweak the dose, maybe go up a tiny bit. Overall I will STAY on the compounded stuff even if Armour comes back full force in the old formula. Makers of Armour adn the FDA have no regard for the health of everyday people and I dont want to support a company who just changes their formula when they please to save themselves a buck at the expense of our health. I’m boycotting them for good.

  • Christina

    Sue….Please let us know if this Armour is agreeable with you (hope so) and keep us informed. I feel bad that you are going through these tough times…. Hugs!

  • Diana

    I found this addy & phone # for the FDA Do you think that it would help if we called them & told them our complaints & symptoms?
    Contact Us by Mail or Telephone

    If you have comments or questions you can also contact us by mail:

    Food and Drug Administration
    10903 New Hampshire Ave
    Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002

    or by telephone:

    * 1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332) — main FDA Phone Number (for general inquiries)
    * Electronic Employee Directory
    * FDA Public Affairs Specialists

    Freedom of Information: FDA cannot accept on-line Freedom of Information Act requests (because such requests must be signed in writing); however, information about filing such requests is available in FDA’s Electronic FOI Reading Room.

  • Char

    I am nervous about switching to Comounded Armour Thyroid but will have no other choice. I am still on the last of my Armour Thyroid and am taking a little more than the Dr prescribed which seems to help since the reformulation has left me with some of the same old symptoms. I plan to write whomever I can to get this information out. I say we should all write to Oprah on the subject! It looks like women are getting a raw deal this month with new regulations for Mammograms, PAP tests, and now We hear that Oprah is cancelling her show next year! I’m afraid that women women are going to start going off the deep end and their will be hell to pay for sure. What is happening in this world?

  • Diana

    I sent an email to the FDA ( ) asking them about the Armour Thyroid shortage and it being reformulated. Following is there reply.

  • Diana

    sorry… their reply:
    This was from CDER DRUG INFO

    Dear Diana:

    Thank you for writing the Division of Drug Information, in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

    You have inquired about dessicated Thyroid products. These products are on the market and available to consumers, even though they are not FDA-approved. FDA has NOT ordered all unapproved thyroid products off the market. Rather, FDA has urged all companies who market unapproved drug products, including thyroid products, to submit applications for approval. FDA is concerned that drugs marketed without required FDA approval have never been submitted to rigorous scientific evaluation, and therefore may not meet required standards for safety, effectiveness, quality, and labeling. In addition, marketed unapproved drugs have been associated with numerous serious adverse events, including 23 infant deaths related to the use of unapproved carbinoxamine, 93 deaths related to the use of unapproved quinine sulfate, and 23 deaths related to the use of unapproved colchicine injectable products. Marketers of drug products in the U.S. have an obligation to the public to ensure through the FDA approval process that their products meet modern standards for safety, efficacy, quality, and labeling.

    Regarding possible future action against unapproved thyroid products, as a policy matter we do not discuss potential, pending, or ongoing actions except with the firms and individuals who are the subject of those actions. Class actions against unapproved drugs are made in accordance with the priorities discussed in FDA’s Compliance Policy Guide on Marketed Unapproved Drugs, Information about enforcement actions against classes of unapproved drugs is posted on the FDA website. For additional information regarding unapproved drugs, please access our unapproved drugs website at the following link:

    Some inquiries to FDA have cited reports of shortages of unapproved thyroid products. RLC (also known as Western Research, manufacturer of West-Throid and Nature-Throid) reports that they are currently in backorder for all Westhroid and Nature-Throid products. Major reports one strength of desiccated thyroid is currently available and Forest reports they are in backorder on all strengths and working restore availability. The reasons provided by the companies for the current unavailability of these products have related to raw material shortages as well as manufacturing delays. You may find updates about the drug shortage situation on the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Drug Shortages Bulletin:

    We advise you to talk to your doctor about possible alternatives if you are unable to obtain your usual thyroid medication at this time.

    Best regards,
    Drug Information SH
    Division of Drug Information
    Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
    Food and Drug Administration

    For up-to-date drug information, follow the FDA’s Division of Drug Information on Twitter:

    This communication is consistent with 21CFR10.85(k) and constitutes an informal communication that represents our best judgment at this time but does not constitute an advisory opinion, does not necessarily represent the formal position of the FDA, and does not bind or otherwise obligate or commit the agency to the views expressed.

  • Diana

    It seems strange to me that a compounding pharmacy can get the raw material but the drug companies can’t ?? And why now manufacturing delays??
    Still frustrated !!

  • Sonya

    My question is, WHY don’t they approve it??? Are we supposed to take their “big pharma” meds instead? “FDA is concerned that drugs marketed without required FDA approval have never been submitted to rigorous scientific evaluation, and therefore may not meet required standards for safety, effectiveness, quality, and labeling” Well gosh maybe look at all of the patients that have been on this stuff for ages and have done just fine???? Why cite random death stats that have nothing to do with this medication? Is that just more of the same scare tactics that they use on us when we finally find a med that will KEEP US HEALTHY??? Maybe they should cite all of the deaths from taking meds that they have appoved…like Celebrex! That stuff nearly killed me after one dose. They want us all sick so they can continue to pump money into their pockets. Don’t let the masses take things that help them, our gravy train will stop!
    As far as Forest Labs goes…if they changed the formula to save money and caused the med to become less effective then I hope the enjoy their bankruptcy.

  • Marc W

    Thank you for posting the letter from the FDA. Thay may not be ordering it off the market but it certainly seems that their actions are what is causing the shortage.

    They go on to state instances of deaths due to unapproved drugs. What about deaths from FDA approved drug? My mother died while taking the FDA APPROVED drug Vioxx. This was before the problems with Vioxx were made PUBLIC. No autopsy was done but everything points to a stroke. Thank you FDA.

  • One

    I used to take Armour Thyroid which was covered by my insurance (they only covered Armour and Synthroid(YUCK).Then with the mysterious shortage was switched to Westhroid which was not covered by insurance (9.00 for 23 tabs) which I was not happy about but could handle…then with the mysterious shortage of Westhroid was switched to a compounded version of Armour Thyroid upon thankful suggestion from the excellent compounding pharmacy I go to…this script is 35.00 which I cannot handle because I find this an outrageous amount to pay for a pig product. This is more than a whole ham give me a break. So I went to the American Red Cross for prescription assistance (which they thankfully assisted with thank you), so I now have 60 compounded thyroid caps of 65mg each to last 1 month because I take 130mg. a day …The dr. called today and said the insurance refused to pay for the compounded version and I could either pay cash at the pharmacy( nice of them to tell me what to do) or I could switch to Synthroid (which I won’t do because it causes major heart palpitations plus other symptoms not previously known to man which I personally experienced first hand about 6 unfortunate years ago before switching to Armour). It’s amazing that one pig product company can cause so much drama for so many patients in this country. I was out of Westhroid for a month and was extremely tired and COLD and just blah. After one day on the compounded stuff…feel great again and I can tell my temp is in the normal range because I am not a walking zombie. Now I need to find an adrenal support product and another online thyroid product to replace the costly compound for next month. Any ideas are welcome and thank you for the info from this site!!!

  • Dennis H

    Everyone who takes Armour Thyroid and is being forced to take Synthroid should get together for a class action suit against Forrest for refusing to manufacture a drug that is mandatory. There are a lot more “T’s” than just T3 and T4. Armour thyroid has most of them. Synthroid plus cytomel are a minimum replacement for armour and not an equal replacement.

  • Diana

    Marc, Sonya, Dennis… I agree with all of you. Hasn’t Armour been on the market for around 50 years? You notice in the letter from them (FDA) that they didn’t mention ANY problems concerning Armour. Why mess with it then? I always thought that it had been “Grandfathered” in. Dennis… You let me know how & where about the class action suit & I’ll be right there ! If Armour disappears I’m in trouble. I can’t take levothyroxine. The compounding isn’t to bad (although I had more headaches) but it’s way more expensive.

  • Dennis H

    Just a theory, but I believe that the Armour Thyroid itself is causing dependencies in people that take it. Normally, the body converts T4 into T3 and others. T3 is probably the most important. Since Armour supplies T3 directly, the body has no need to convert T4 into T3. As such, the conversion mechanism atrophies and the body gradually loses the ability to properly convert T4. When someone is switched to T4, suddenly the source of T3 and others is gone. The body then has a deficit of T3 and others.

    As evidence for possible atrophy, I cite what happens when someone becomes a paraplegic and their once muscular legs shrivel. Also, when male bodybuilders take testosterone their testicles shrivel as well. If they take enough and for a long enough time, they also permanently lose the ability to produce sperm. I seriously think that the same kind of thing is happening when people take Armour Thyroid.

    So in a nut shell, if that is true, then Armour caused the dependency that people are experiencing right now when they try to switch to synthroid. If so, then they are liable for causing a dependency and then neglecting the peoplewho are now dependent on that drug.

  • Dr. G. Pepper


    I wouldn’t worry about a dependency problem from using Armour or other thyroid replacement drugs for two reasons: 1) Dependency implies that it is the medication which creates a need for itself. This occurs because over time the drug causes changes in the body to create an on-going need for more of the med. A narcotic, for example, will cause painful withdrawal symptoms if stopped suddenly after continuous use for weeks/months. More narcotic will relieve the withdrawal process almost immediately. This is very different than when a person takes thyroid hormone such as Armour to treat hypothyroidism. People use thyroid hormone replacement because the body is not making sufficient thyroid hormone in the first place. The medicine doesn’t cause the thyroid to stop making hormone, but it is a disease like Hashimoto’s that causes the thyroid to stop working.
    2) It is true that the endocrine glands can become atrophied by administering the hormone that the gland makes for an extended period of time. This is most often seen by taking adrenal hormones like Prednisone, Cortef, Hydrocortisone, Dexamethasone etc. These drugs are very powerful adrenal suppressants used to treat asthma, and autoimmune diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. If someone takes these drugs long enough and then stops suddenly a life threatening condition known as adrenal crisis can develop because the adrenal gland has atrophied. It can take up to a year of carefully withdrawing adrenal hormones before the gland is strong enough to function normally again on its own. The thyroid is much more resilient than the adrenal gland however. If someone with a normal thyroid gland takes thyroid medication for a year or two then stops the drug, the thyroid will be functioning normally again usually within weeks if not sooner. There is no severe withdrawal like that seen with the adrenal.

    I hope this info eases your concerns about developing dependency on Armour thyroid or other thyroid hormones used to treat hypothyroidism.

    My comments are for educational purposes only and do not replace the advice of your own physician.

    Gary Pepper, M.D.

  • Dennis H

    Hi Dr. Pepper,

    Thyroid medication is very fickle. It is not addictive as are narcotics, but for some reasons, and I still allege dependencies are at least part of the reason, people do become dependent on their thyroid medication. While the “withdrawal” symptoms (hair loss, scaly skin, general malaise, etc.) are most common among those switching from natural thyroids to synthetic, I have also heard of the same symptoms when people switch brands of synthetic thyroid (ex: Synthroid to generic). But as you know, these aren’t really withdrawal symptoms, but rather symptoms of thyroid deficit.

    In the case of problems switching to different brands of synthetics, this may simply be a quality control issue. I know for a fact that my father, who has always taken genuine synthroid, was talked into a cheaper generic by the pharmacist. He broke out in a rash almost immediately. It was determined that the Chinese factory that made the drug used the same pill forming machine that they also used to make penicillin pills. My father is allergic to penicillin. The problem immediately disappeared when he went back to real synthroid.

    Pathophysiology: As I understand it, in a perfectly healthy normal human body, the thyroid produces mostly T4 but also T3. The ratio is about 5 to 1. Now, other metabolic organs can also take T4 and convert that into T3. This fact is why you see inexperienced doctors claiming that people don’t really need to have T3 supplements. But the other metabolic organs are far less efficient than the thyroid gland. Of the T4 processed by the liver and others, about a third of that gets converted to T3 (assuming everything is working as it should). The catch is that almost half of all the circulating T4 is converted to fake T3 (called reverse T3). I call it fake because it doesn’t do anything and is essentially a waste byproduct. The catch is that not everyone who has a failing thyroid has perfectly functioning metabolic organs that can do this conversion properly. It is possible that they are producing more of the fake T3 and not enough real T3.

    Another thing is that all of this presupposes that a person has a thyroid at all. Many take the supplements because they lost their thyroid due to cancer or other diseases. If they lose the ability to convert T4 into real T3 due to atrophy from taking supplements or perhaps liver disease brought on from hepatitis or alcoholism, they will not do well without T3 supplements.

    Lastly, in case this wasn’t mentioned before, many doctors rely on testing a person’s TSH levels to adjust their thyroid supplement dosage. This is BS. The TSH levels are produced by the pituitary in response to T4 levels. For a doctor to use TSH he is literally making medical calls based on rumors. In a courtroom, the TSH level would be called “Hearsay” and would not be allowed. In a perfectly healthy person, it reversely follows the thyroid levels, but in a person with a compromised endocrine system, it can never be trusted.

  • Sue (Falls Church, VA)

    I just put in my order at for “Thyroid”. Shipping is free. I also called the Canadian manufacturer, ERFA, and spoke to Genevieve the Rep for the U.S. I asked her Q’s abouit “Thyroid” . She said the pill is based on the original American Armour. She said that the Canadian “FDA” is more strict than the U.S. so the drug would never pass if there were problems. The pig material comes from U.S. pigs not Canadian and the pills are manufactured in Belgium and sent back to Canada. She said the reason why the U.S. stopped productn of Armour is because people were having a reaction to the “fillers” like cellulose and not the active ingredient. ERFA uses different fillers.

  • diane brink

    I’M GAINING WEIGHT ever since they took me off ARMYHYROID and put me on Levothyroxine Sodium. HELP ME!!!!!!

  • Eileen (Hollywood Hills), CA.

    Thank you all for the great info.I was also disappointed when my doctor’s office had not informed me about the shortage. I actually heard about it on talk radio about 2 months ago. I had bad symptoms for 4+ years and the doctors kept telling me ” the lab results are normal”.Finally I found a doctor who put me on armour thyroid 30mg.I am taking it for 1 year and I got my life back after just taking it for 8 days. I have 2 pills left so I hope I will be able to get the real stuff!!!!

  • Kathy

    I found Bacon East Pharmacy in Concord, CA that compounds natural pig thyroid for those interested. Although I recently found out that the filler they use is lactose. So for those lactose intolerant this may not help, even though it is a small amount per capsule.

  • Virginia

    just had bloodwork done to check my thyroid levels and they are so off it’s not funny. it is not just a problem of fillers because if they were using the same amount of dessicated pig thyroid, the numbers wouldn’t be so off kilter. I am back to feeling the same way I did one year ago before getting on the old Armour formula [was on Synthroid before..hated it]. It made such a difference in how I felt. I am angry at what is happening in this country, all due to money and greed and we are the innocent victims. Will be going the route of a compounding pharmacy and crossing my fingers.

  • Melissa Meszko

    Idiots all. I have had hypothyroidism for 20 years, after having Graves disease. I have been on Synthroid, Levoxyl and Armour thyroid. Armour is the only thing that has kept my metabolism and my brain awake, and now they want to make me into a zombie again. I am getting compounded thyroid to try, if it doesn’t I will be sending my business to Canada. Both my pcp and my specialist prefer Armour as it works the best for me. I might add that I take 240 mg. a day. Sounds like a lot, but that’s what works for me and my bloodwork is all in normal range. I am also a BSN, so I have some knowledge of what I speak about.

  • Lori

    I have been very “patient” with my pharmacy and my my doctor’s office about the Armour Thryroid lack of availability. Something behind the scenes is at work here and so many of us are being affected. Why can’t we get better answers from the FDA, Armour and the other players in this game. Lack of taking my daily Armour has made me cranky and its getting worse. Why did they change the original formula? If a million of us contacted the FDA, maybe in a year from now things will get back to normal. In the mean time go to Canada or see a small pharmacy and get a compound, but don’t sit still make your voice known. See all the other above posts for great info.

  • Diana

    I went in to see my Dr. a few days ago. I asked him if he knew when Armour Thryroid would be available. He doesn’t know. He advised that the closest thing to it is the compounding one. In our town our compounding pharmacy uses the natural product. I asked him about the drugs from Canada. He was very honest. He’s not against them. Prices are good. He did advise me that drugs from Canada are not regulated in the same way as we are. Could have some buffers in them that could cause problems (but not necessarily). So he will give me a RX and I can fill it where ever I want.

  • Diana

    My Dr.’s nurse has been on Armour for years. She is at a high dose. The Dr. sent her to a specialist when Armour became unavailable. She says that the specialist Dr.’s won’t even prescribe Armour even if it was available. What is up with that? So her only choice was to go on Synthroid. A compounded Armour would be way to expensive at her dose. Did somebody buy all of these people off or what? Armour was a VERY effective drug and VERY affordable for everyone. My Dr. is pretty upset over Armour being unavailable & with the FDA.

  • Diana

    To anyone who is taking the Canadian Armour & has been for awhile can you tell us all how you are doing? Thanks

  • Carol S.

    I have been on the Canadian Amour for almost 6 weeks now and feel wonderful, like nothing has changed. Back to normal, have energy, pains are gone, hair stopped falling out and my brain is not foggy anymore. Going to order my next one in a couple of weeks, it takes 10 days to get here, so i want to have plenty of time.

  • Audrey Krauss

    I need the name of a company that supplies Canadian Armour. Thank you.

  • Thanks to Brenda my husband and I have been on the Canadian Armour for about two months now with excellent results..and they are so nice to deal with as well they also send 100 tablets NOT 30 like the local drugstores used to do..I suggest you contact them either by email or call them directly at 1-800-226-3784. They are so polite, helpful an anxious to be of help..Of course you WILL need an RX from your Dr. as it will be a Dr. from Canada who will fill the RX. Good luck I hope you will be as pleased and successful as we have been. Marilyn Hirsch

  • M.A.

    Has anyone ordered from
    I emailed them. They say they have Armour Thyroid. Last time I took Synthroid, it was NOT pretty. I am waiting for a script from my doctor.
    Does anyone have an opinion vs

  • M.A.

    The site I contacted was
    sorry about the type-o

  • Bev Jurkowski

    My doctor wrote a script for porcine thyroid (3 grain) and it was filled at a compounding lab in Lakewood, Colorado. The pharmacy name is Belmar Pharmacy. e-mail address is Phone is 800-525-9473. They are very efficient and courteous. The turnaround was very fast. I still have a few tablets remaining of Armour Thyroid so haven’t tried the new compounded ones. Will report back if I notice any difference.

  • Bev Jurkowski

    Sorry, I had a typo in the e-mail for Belmar.. E-mail is In addition to the 800 number, the regular number is 303-763-5533.

  • gmomslittlerose

    I have gone from disbelief to feeling almost totally “medically unsafe” when I couldn’t get my Armoiur, then was changed to Nature-throid and changed again – to Westhroid. It is politically motivated, all of it ($$$). FYI – google “Dr. Sidney Wolfe wants to take away your armour thyroid” and read about his power. You don’t come to the conclusion Armour Thyroid should be banned based on misinformation. What misinformation? Lacks a basic understanding about thyroid medication? He’s now on an FDA committee to counsel the FDA regarding the safety of certain drugs. He’s not misinformed, just another FDA official who is buddies with BigPharma, and they want you off what works and on what will give you other unpleasant sypmtoms, and BigPharma has a pill for that! Go to “”. I read a critical review of a book by the author of this site, but you have to sort the info out for yourself. One thing about treating any disease, we must be confident and feel supported in order to get well. The mind helps the healing. Dis-ease is really just different parts of the body not being well, and when whatever makes us ill finds a weak spot, medical science gives it a name for identification purposes, calling it a disease of that organ. I understand Armour Thyroid was not approved by the FDA and neither was Synthroid for a time. Now google “is synthroid approved by FDA:.
    Now google “is Armour Thyroid approved by FDA”. Interesting reading. I am not doing well on the Westhroid, and will seek out a compounding pharmacy in Newton, MA recommended by my
    doctor. The pharmacy will make up a compound formula just for me per my doctor’s specs, including Armour Thyroid qualities free of gluten, lactose, soy and chemicals. I have enough confidence in him to feel I am going to return to wellness, and therefore, my dynamic self. My doctor and I are located in Central MA. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

  • gmomslittlerose

    Oh, I forgot – please read about foods and food additives that are harmful for the thyroid. I used to be so overwhelmed by it all, but now it’s 2nd nature. Soy and fluoride are big harmfuls because both (yes, fluoride, too) are added to our foods and beverages. The FDA does not monitor the food industry; the FDA counts on the food and beverage industries to monitor themselves. Well, the wolf is in the hen house. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is the replacement the food and beverage industries are using to cut costs – their costs, not yours. HFCS is wickedly bad stuff, and so is soy. Soy in Asia is used as a garnish and never processed, only fermented and used daily in small amounts at a time (1 to 2 TBSP) a couple of times a day. In the U.S., soy is processed beyond reason and common sense and is not, I repeat, not healthy once processed.
    Don’t get me going on fluoride, a product that is not from our Mother Earth, but a waste product left over from military equipment, etc. You’re brushing with it? Please understand what goes into your mouth. So many of us feel we are too busy with our lives to pay attention to this, and the government is watching over us, right? You’re not too busy to save your health and the health of your family. Remember this: if the government is watching over us,. how does a perfectly working drug like Armour Thyroid get axed without any adverse affects being reported?

  • Jenn

    I just got off the phone with
    There is NO shortage of Armour. The US Government is trying to ban the use of natural thyroid replacment in the country because so many people are switching to it. Synthroid is behind this, you can bet your life. I am appalled and trying to figure out what to do next. I was able to order Armour from easily. They have signed a contract with the manufacturer of Armour and will continue to have a full supply of the medicine. I couldn’t believe when the representative on the phone told me there is no shortage. They are up and running fine. We are being misled and manipulated.

    I am outraged and hope to find my way into the class action law suit when it is started!!!!!!!

  • Karen Slater

    Jenn, thank you so much for your info. Assuming does not accept US based insurances, would you mind telling us how much they charged for a month’s worth of what dose or dose range? Mine is/was 25 (mg or mcg?), so I’d be comparing to that. I switched to Levothroid and am doing OK on it, but I felt noticeably better on Armour—especially in the restorative sleep and can-do attitude departments. A class action lawsuit would be great! Did you know there’s also a generic drug “problem”? I could not fill an Acyclovir Rx (with insurance) last week. The pharmacist said they cannot currently supply several other generic drugs as well. At least I can go to the Acyclovir brand name expense if I have to, and buy Armour out of the country–thank goodness for that, and for the information on this site.

  • Barbara Quatman

    I have been on Armour Thyroid for 25 years. I have a deathly reaction to Synthroid and the other synthetic meds, So the idea of switching is out for me.
    I agree with Jenn about there not being a shortage. It is the FDA.
    Maybe we should all file a class action suit and get their attention. I have also been facing the so called shortage. I found a Canadian site with great pricing. I have checked lots of the other Canadian Pharmacies and think this has the best pricing. I take 90mgs and their pricing seems great to me. I had to pay $38.00 in Florida to have it compounded and it is still not right. I feel horrible, So Now with a new prescription in hand, I’m ordering from Canada.

  • Susan Henderson

    I may not have done this correctly so I will send again. I have taken armour thyroid for 9 years for a non-thyroid disease problem. I am an attorney (no joke – I don’t advertise) so if you are interested in a class action suit please contact me.

  • Kathy

    please provide your info. Thx!

  • Diane Bauman

    Tnanks for the Northwest Pharmacy site for Canada where I will order my armour thyriod..can even fax my own prescription…yes I ‘am’ interested in class action suit, most definitely. Synthroid almost killed me.

  • Pam

    Can anyone update me on the latest availability thru the Canadian pharmacy? It did let me put it in a cart, however I don’t have an RX…but have urgently written to find one.

    I’m behind on this because I did get 3 months last time…and when I went to PICK UP my refill, THEN they tell me it’s unavailable. I agree with previous posters, why can’t they let us know these things sooner? I was out of the loop because I had a few months worth.

  • Pam

    Let me rephrase, I have an existing RX, just not one I can fax them or mail them – and now a holiday weekend. My fitful sleep last night brought me a new answer…gonna take this to my pharmacy…along with some of the comments and info from this site!

  • M.A. was well stocked with Armour 30 mg when I ordered. They answered email and phone questions and were very helpful.

  • Pam

    I just looked there at your suggestion, MA, much more expensive.

  • Barbara Quatman

    Here is a list of Canadian sites that have Thyroid available.
    Just remember, You need a prescription written a certain way.
    THYROID #mgs number of pills (100 tabs) plus have refills on the prescription.
    100 30mg tablets are $18.00 @ 90mgs/day they would cost $54 for a 100 day supply
    100/90mg tabs are $45.98 still filled with 300-30 mg tabs
    100 30mg tabs are $35

    They are all reputable companies, But you have to allow about 3 weeks to get your meds. They all have phone numbers you can call to speak to someone.
    I spoke with the Doctor at ERFA drugs. He was very helpful. He e-mailed me all the information I needed to place an order.
    I hope this helps.

    Compounding was $38. for a months supply and I don’t do well on them. So I’m getting a new script and ordering from Canada.

  • Sweet-P

    Susan: I am interested, how do I contact you?

  • t

    Sue from Falls Church,

    Please report how the Armour that you ordered from Canadian pharmacy is working for you…….There is no more Armour in my entire town.

  • Sue

    Update : I have been on Canadian Armour called “Thyroid” for 7 weeks and feel great. My brain and energy are back. My employer is happy. My neck doesn’t hurt. I am not gagging. I lost a couple of pounds and joined a gym for the first time. I was also diagnosed with low Vitamin D levels and have been on D supps too. I recommend to everyone to get checked for that because that also gives you low energy and thought problems. All I can say is this is the real thing.. I contacted CanadaDrugs 800 CAN-Drug. $35 for 100 tabs 30mgs that came within 5 days even tho they tell you 2 weeks. Fax them your American prescription or, they will contact and deal with your doctor’s office directly. Their Fax No.# 800-988-5440. Thank you God and thank you Canada!

  • Barbara Quatman

    Sue, I know the Canadian Thyroid would work great, But You have to buy in multiples of 30mg if you take a larger dose. Northwest would send me 300 30mg tabs for $45.95 to equal the 100 tabs @ 90mg. Call and ask each pharmacy about what it would cost to get a 100 day supply that would equal the daily dose you need.

  • Pam

    Hi all – when taking Armour I’ve been on 45mg, which you all know does not exist. I use a 60mg and quarter it (using my fingers, this was shown to me by the girls at my local pharmacy) then I take 3/4 and put one aside for 3 days, then I take those 3.

    Okay, well, I’m going with – and it’s going to take about 2 weeks, wish I had looked into this 2 weeks ago when my minimal psychic abilities told me to… would have been just fine. drat…….

    Anyone know…am I better off on nothing than synthetic? That is my thinking, but I don’t know.

  • Karen Slater

    Hi, Pam. I feel better on Synthetic than nothing. Sue, in #93 comment says the two weeks turned out to be 5 days. I’m using 3/4 of a 50 mcg Levothyroxin to replace 25 mg of Armour. This is after trying a whole and then a half, then a whole again. I didn’t know there could be such a difference between too little and too much in that narrow dose range! Am still dilly-dallying about calling my doctor for an Rx for Canada since I feel pretty OK for now. Hope you get back to your normal self soon.

  • Barbara Quatman

    I can’t use synthetics, But had a prescription with my pharmacy. They transferred it to a compounding pharmacy and they filled it for me. Most compounding pharmacies know about the shortage and are more than willing to help. It was more expensive but I had no choice.

  • Barbara Quatman

    Susan Henderson, Please do provide your info. There are a lot of us at Save Natural thyroid, who would be interested. Here is the link from the discussion page.

  • Diana

    Hey Pam, I can’t take the synthetic. It about killed me. I quit taking it while the compounding pharmacy was making the armour. I can’t go back to it. But I do agree with some of the others. The compounding one doesn’t make me feel as well as the original armour. Good luck!

  • Diana

    To those that are taking the Canadian Armour… Do any of you know what the fillers are? I had cancer 3 years ago & some of the doctors here are concerned about what Canada uses as fillers. That it could possibly cause me some problems down the road. Thanks for all of the info !

  • Barbara Quatman

    ERFA Thyroid ingredients from their site
    60 mg: Each tan-colored tablet, embossed “ECI 60” on one side contains: desiccated thyroid derived from porcine thyroid glands 60 mg. Nonmedicinal ingredients: cornstarch, magnesium stearate, sugar and talc. Energy: 1.1 kJ (0.26 kcal). Gluten-, lactose-, paraben-, sodium-, sulfite- and tartrazine-free. Bottles of 500. Store at controlled room temperature 15 to 30°C.

    Northwest Pharmacy call 1-866-539-5330 and ask

    Canada Drugs is manufactured by ERFA, So they would have the same ingredients

  • Sue

    It doesn’t matter what pharmacy in Canada you get Armour from ..maybe one will offer a better deal in the kind of quantity and dosage that you need or that your doctor is willing to write a prescription for. Just make sure that ERFA made it. They are the manufacturer of Armour up in Canada. I was diagnosed with Hashi’s in November…my doctor would only give me a scrip for 30mgs no more than 100 days worth at a time and canadadrugs was the place I called. Take note, however, that I called ERFA directly and they were willing to supply me with the drug but were way too costly. Canadadrug was cheaper and shipping was free.

  • Pam

    Hi Diana,
    Thank you for the information – I do have a compounding company in the area, I have emailed for a quote, we’ll see what happens. I guess it’s a good idea to have a back up plan.

    Meantime, thank you all, I have put in for a transfer for Armour to – and they tell me this will be shipping from the U.S. (therefore I must believe that this is actual Armour). I don’t see the charge to my card yet, and their email said I might want to call the pharmacy tomorrow make sure they are on this… I nearly called today but am actually exhausting myself just thinking about it too much. gah

    I’m still at a loss as to what exactly is going on – and I don’t mind paying a little more for that I need and what works – generics/synthetics, I don’t want! I took generic bcps for a while and they made me feel super icky.

  • Barbara Quatman

    Everybody should check out the face book site “Save Natural Thyroid”
    There are a lot of nice and helpful people there. Full of support, information and ideas.

  • Pam

    Hi all, update… I have talked with – they will be calling my pharmacy tomorrow to get the transfer done. Also, strangely, it was confirmed it’s coming from the U.S., and I was able to get expedited shipping…so 2-3 days from the day it ships (and please let that be tomorrow despite the holiday… )

    Thank you for that info, Barbara, I had seen the I heart Armour site on facebook, but not that one…will check it out.

  • Christina

    Does anyone know what the Armour Thyroid ratio is on the ingredients of the medication that was manufacture back in 2008, early 2009, prior to the reformulated Armour debacle in the spring of 2009?

    I’d like to find out what the components were to see if the compounding Pharmacy can replicate it

    Thank you!

  • Pam

    OMG, I guess I need this more than I thought ONE DAY without and I’m on the verge of total lack of patience, tolerance, focus, enthusiasm and creativity… I also slept very hard, which, I’m glad for the sleep, but I feel like I was hit by a truck. FINGERS CROSSED for this new expedited order… or I might have to hide in a closet somewhere until it arrives. Wow, I had no idea JUST how important this was. Just WOW.

  • Marla Swope

    I’ve been using a compounded porcine thyroid that my local pharmacist compounded for me since last October. I’ve done fine on it until now. Some of my old hypo symptoms are coming back, and I’m starting to panic a little. You all know the feeling, ‘I can’t go back!’ After reading all your posts I’m going to ask the pharmacist what he uses as filler, or maybe I just need a higher dose . I’m on 2 grains now, and fought the whole way with my doctor to get here. The one thing I do miss is taking the Armour sublinguilly,it seemed to be more effective. My next thing will be to contact Thanks all for the info.
    Diana, I admire you writing the FDA. Their reply to you was a bunch of rhetoric and propaganda, not to mention they didn’t say much about Armour! I can’t believe how stupid the FDA must think we all are. I wrote Senator Crapo here in Idaho last Fall when the so called ‘Armour shortage’ first showed up. I checked the box for a reply, and as of today have never heard one thing back from him. The BIG PHARMA’S have a lot of power and unfortunately have many politicians in their back pockets. $$$$ seems to rule the times. The millions of Americans that are being affected by the FDA pulling Armour out from under them, are obviously insignificant on their agenda. Hang in there! Let me know about any class action law suit, I’ll sign up, and know many other Armour users that will also.

  • camille

    Sorry to hear so many of you have the same problem as I getting ,Armour thyroid!!! Yes, Canada seems to be the answer(just ordered first shipment) I WILL let you know the out come.
    what is behind the disappearance of Armour thyroid!! what will be next?????

  • Barbara Quatman

    Wow, Diana, They must have a form letter. Here was my reply from them.
    Dear Barbara:

    Thank you for your message to the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), one of the six centers within the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    Desiccated thyroid products are on the market and available to consumers, even though they are not FDA-approved. FDA has not ordered all unapproved thyroid products off the market. Rather, FDA has urged all companies who market unapproved drug products, including thyroid products, to submit applications for approval. FDA is concerned that drugs marketed without required FDA approval have never been submitted to rigorous scientific evaluation, and therefore may not meet required standards for safety, effectiveness, quality, and labeling. Marketers of drug products in the U.S. have an obligation to the public to ensure through the FDA approval process that their products meet modern standards for safety, efficacy, quality, and labeling.

    Some inquiries to FDA have cited reports of shortages of unapproved thyroid products. RLC (also known as Western Research, manufacturer of West-Throid and Nature-Throid) reports that they are currently in backorder for all Westhroid and Nature-Throid products. Major and Forest report they have some of their strengths available. The reason provided by the companies for the current unavailability of some presentations has been manufacturing delays. For the latest information on Armour Thyroid availability, see Forest’s web site at


    Division of Drug Information

    This communication is consistent with 21 CFR 10.85 (k) and constitutes an informal communication that represents our best judgment at this time but does not constitute an advisory opinion, does not necessarily represent the formal position of FDA, and does not bind or otherwise obligate or commit the agency to the views expressed.

    For up-to-date drug information, follow the FDA’s Division of Drug Information on Twitter at FDA_Drug_Info

  • Barbara Quatman

    I just spoke with Dale, A representative of Major Pharmaceuticals. (Distributor of generic Armour Thyroid)
    Apparently what happened is this.
    Armour Thyroid reformulated their formula and patients had problems with the new formulation and filed complaints with the FDA. The FDA responded that they did not regulate Armour Thyroid products. All complaints must be acted on by the FDA, So the FDA went after Armour about changing their formulation without notice and told them they had to apply for an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA). This is both costly and time consuming, So Armour cut back on or stopped it’s production. This led to an increase of demand from other companies, Such as RLC Labs (Westhroid and Nature-throid) which resulted in a true shortage. They couldn’t keep up with demand. Then the FDA began going after all manufacturers of NDT products and requiring FDA approval. This has caused most of the companies who manufactured the generic versions to simply stop production of all NDT products. Too expensive. Now we, As patients are left to deal with the fallout.
    Maybe we need a letter campaign to Armour expressing how ineffective the new formulation was and the need to revert back to the old formulation. I would be willing to pay more to get Armour Thyroid back (Old formula) on the market and to help absorb the cost of obtaining the ANDA from the FDA. As many other readers have stated here. Maybe by writing to Armour and RLC Labs we can show our support, even if it means an increased price to help in obtaining the FDA approval of our life saving NDT medications.
    Just a thought, But, Maybe the manufacturers really do need to see our support.

    Just spoke with a Rep at Forest Pharmaceuticals. They were adamant about the shortage having to do with availability of USP products and not the FDA. They are applying for the Abreviated New Drug Application with the FDA.
    He cautioned about getting Canadian Drugs and to check on the ingredients.
    He stated that Northwest Pharmacy (Canada) was selling Thyroid that only had T4. I placed a call and am waiting to hear from their Pharmacist. (24-48 business hours)
    At, Their Pharmacist said A 60mg tablet contains 35mcg of T4 and 8mcg T3 gets their pills from ERFA.
    Armour Thyroid 60mg is T4-38mcg T3-9mcg
    I hope this info helps.

  • Mary H

    I just now placed an order with . I am so happy I could weep. They say it is the original formula (no cellulose), purchased by ERFA (I think) from Armour and formulated in Canada. They were SO nice and I should have my medication within 2 weeks – no shipping charge and US $35 for 100 pills. I have been feeling so awful – tired, weepy – heart palpitations – on the Levothroxine (Synthroid) . Thank you to everyone here for the help and suggestions. I will let you know how I am doing on it.

  • Diana

    Barbara.. It sounds like the pharmacy is very close (Armour) to ours. Thank you so much for all of the work you have done. Can’t wait to hear from you after you talk to the Pharmacist. And lol about the form letter. Yeah what a bunch of “hooie”. Marla… I know how you feel. When I was on the compounded med I started to feel yuckie.. Headaches etc. Thanks goodness my other pharmacy came through with another month of Armour. I feel like a begger. This month you can have 30. Sorry… This month we don’t have any. Back to compounding. It really messes a person up ! Then the uncertainty of the Canadian drugs. But I’m really leaning that way. I think that I’ll call them tomorrow & see if I can’t talk to the Pharmacist. Pam.. Good luck to you !

  • Diana

    Is it really illegal to order drugs from Canada ?

  • Diana

    Pam… Just caught the part about your meds coming from the US.. I don’t understand. You mean Canada got the medicine from us?

  • Diana

    Does anyone know who we can write to or email to voice our opinions about all of this?

  • Pam

    Thank you, Diana! My best to you, too!!! I feel tons better today after taking my meds.
    I just got back from my local compounding pharm… we’ll see how I feel on those after 2 months. I’m still SUPPOSED to get some from – I have an order number, my local pharmacy was just waiting to hear from them. doc wants me to do one or the other for 8 weeks to see how it goes. If compounding works then I have the canadadrugs as a back up just in case. One way or another, I KNOW I can’t be without these. Keep us all posted on class action suits, for sure someone needs to be out there for us…it’s just literally sickening.

  • Pam

    Diana = Canadadrugs was telling me first that they could not offer expedited shipping as they were coming from Canada, but later discussions with them they said they were being shipped from the U.S. a knitting friend of mine explained that it may be cheaper for them to warehouse here and pay one large tariff on stock, rather than several, so mine is coming expedited from the U.S. with a 2-3 day shipping. Of course, they have to actually get the order in. Meantime, I don’t think it is illegal to order from Canada. I suppose some worry about meds being the same strength, etc, or maybe being “dangerous” and of course our medical companies probably don’t want to lose our business, but if they won’t take care of us… we’ll, you fill in the blank there.

  • Diana

    Pam.. I understand. Thanks for the info. Oh I totally agree with you. I am so frustrated and fed up with all of this mess I have no problem ordering from Canada whether it is legal or not ! Do you know why Armour changed the original formula?

  • Pam
  • Barbara Quatman

    Search Wikipedia for online pharmacies. Then click the first one. It will tell you about the legal aspects of ordering from Canada. Won’t let me post the link.

  • Pam

    As wiki is user created/updated, I’m not sure about trusting it much.

  • Pam

    Done some other research and the problems come when you don’t have a legitimate prescription. This article: may be useful.

  • Barbara Quatman

    I spoke with a doctor at He stated that as long as he has a valid prescription, written the right way and with refills, There is no problem with getting the medication.

  • Pam

    Barbara – yes, they seem like good and reputable folks. Incidentally, I also found a compounding pharmacy – after I see how it goes and how I feel after a few days on that, I’ll let you all know how to contact them. I began to worry that it would take too long to get my RX from canadadrugs (though the order is still in in my opinion and I didn’t stop it) so I went with compounding. I can’t go without, just yesterday without and it was not good.

  • Carol S.

    I am receiving my second shipment of Armour, I have to take 120mg a day and received my first perscription in November. I checked the ingredients used by compounding pharmacies first and found that the ingredients were pretty much the same as the synthetic. I, like alot of you, cannot take sythetic. The ingredients in the Armour I receive is the same as the old formula we used to get back in August 09. I feel great, no more unbearable pains, no more fuzzy head, no more speech impairment, no more exhaustion, nothing. After telling some people about my delimma getting Armour and having to go to Canada Drugs, I found out there are more people out there ordering drugs from Canada due to the FDA stopping certain meds for patience, ie: seizure meds, heart meds etc. Canada has helped out alot of people and are very easy to deal with. Take your health in your own hands, take care of your needs first in whatever fashion you must, it is your life and well being. Feel better, get better, than go about the battle to find out why, who and what of the matter. It is our well being that matters.

  • Jim Bolia

    There is another option from Canada. You do have to have a valid prescription but they are very good prices. Their name is I buy a few of my medications from them. It is nice to have options.


  • Wilson Rawls

    Like Barbara I bought my Armour Thyroid at Canada Drugs. The page is here

    I’ve had no problems with getting it from them for years. They encouraged me to talk to my local doctor about it and he had no issue writing the prescription that I sent up to them to get filled.

  • In reviewing the recent posts, I thought I would offer some guidance as a pharmacist from Canada. If you’re considering ordering the Erfa Thyroid from Canada, be assured that it is a natural product, not synthetic. The source of the product also comes from desiccated (dried up) porine (pig) thyroid gland which is the same source as the Armour Thyroid formulation in the U.S. For Americans seeking a replacement for their Armour Thyroid that is not of synthetic source, the options are generally filling your prescription from a compounding pharmacy or filling your prescription from a pharmacy in Canada. If you decide to fill your prescription from a pharmacy in Canada, make sure that you do some due diligence on the pharmacy. You’ll want to ensure that the pharmacy provides their credentials (legitimate ones are obligated to post their license number on their websites). Many good ones have Pharmacy Checker seals which means they have been verified. Call the pharmacy and speak to one of the healthcare specialists. Ask as many questions as you like and proceed with your order once you feel satisfied with the responses you’ve received. You will need to provide your U.S. prescription which could be any of the following 1) submitting the paper copy of your prescription 2) the pharmacy contacting your Dr. for a prescription 3) the pharmacy contacting your local pharmacy to transfer your prescription. Our pharmacy has been providing pharmacy services to Americans for 8 years. We are regulated by the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association and our facility has also been inspected by Health Canada. If anyone has any specific questions relating to pharmacies in Canada, I would be more than happy to answer them. I hope this message finds everyone well.

  • Lynda Meisel

    Adealine Saria, can you tell me what pharmacy your affiliated with.You sound like you know your stuff.

  • Mary E. Sanchez

    Susan Henderson,
    My name is Mary. I am interested in taking action. Please contact me at maesan57

  • HI Lynda, is our website that will provide you with more information relating to our services. You would be receiving the Thyroid from our pharmacy in Canada, CanAmerica Drugs. If you ever wanted to ask me anything directly, feel free to email me ( or call me toll-free 1-888-788-1112 (x2025). Together we can deliver a better life.

  • Paulette

    Susan Henderson:
    Please contact me for enlistment in a class action suit against Forest.

  • Pam

    **UPDATE** called me this morning – not only has my transfer not yet been done (I think both sides are confused over whom is to contact whom, so I may have to put in a new RX for this) the product is no longer going to ship from the U.S. and there is no expedited from Canada.

    Which brings me to this – there is a compounder I found. I recommend you contact them for a quote – they will ask what things you’re allergic to, so they should be able to make this so you like it. Oh – and they do use actual porcine thyroid. – click on get a quote (they do pet meds as well, but don’t let that trick you)

    BEST WISHES TO ALL. I start taking this compounded stuff tomorrow… I will keep you all posted on how I feel as well as how my numbers look in 2 months.

  • Josie

    Has Susan Henderson contacted anyone about the law suit? I am interested in how to reach her so that I can be involved. I do not want to post my email address on here due to those pesky cyber spiders ( fake posts/people) that email spammers set out on sites like this to collect email addresses. I have been on the compounded for almost three months now. It is nowhere near the same as the old Armour. The new Armour made ALL my symptoms come back, so now at least the compounded hel;ps me feel a little better. I just got a script today for canada and sent that over, can’t wait to get it. For those of you considering ordering from Thailand or elsewhere, I tried the one spelled ‘Thiroyd’ , for over a month. Didn’t work at all, not one bit.

  • Kathie

    I have been taking the canadian thyroid for three months now, I currently am getting it from It seems to be the same as the armour I was on, I am currently on 180 mg daily. The pharmacy only seems to have 30 mg tablets, so for 300 of the 90 mg ordered (I take one in the am and one in the afternoon), they send me 900 30 mg. tablets, as I guess they only have the 30mg. strength. I received them one week after ordering. Hopefully their supply will stay plentifull, cause I sure do not want to have to go back on the synthroid/cytomel combo (nasty)

  • Mary H

    I spoke with today to ensure they had my prescription which was transferred from my pharmacy today. Because of Pam’s comments I enquired about the timeliness of their shipments and he explained as follows. Although they do have a warehouse in the USA the Erfa Thyroid (same as the original Armour Thyroid) is shipped from Canada. They can not expedite shipments from Canada due to the fact that they are crossing a border. Although the initial order takes about 2 weeks from the time they receive a prescription, subsequent shipments should be received before you use up your supply. They are shipped in packages of 100 tablets and if you elect to have them remind you of refills they contact you well in advance. If you go to their website you will see they have different strengths, 30 – 60 and 125 mg.

    As long as you have a prescription from your doctor you can order from them.

  • Pam

    I do have a legit prescription – I was going to use the transfer process…which is not working (for reasons I can’t comprehend…each thinks the other is going to call them)

  • camille

    sorry to hear so many of you have the same problem as I. wating on first shipment from Canada. the disappearance of thyroid medicine now, what will be next???

  • Barbara Quatman

    To anyone having their thyroid meds compounded. Please ask about the fillers. It seems a lot of places use micro crystalline cellulose, which seems to cause problems in many patients. Especially Hashimoto’s patients. Ask for potato starch instead.
    The micro crystalline cellulose is what Armour uses in their reformulated thyroid pills.
    And we all know what happened there.

  • Paulette

    Micro crystalline cellulose is one of the inactive ingredients in Nature-Throid, which works very well for most people. I think it is the proportion of the cellulose to the actual thyroid in the medication that makes the difference, and the reason why the reformulated Armour didn’t work.

  • Barbara Quatman

    Paulette, I agree totally. My compounding pharmacy only used Porcine USP and
    Micro crystalline cellulose. The pharmacist said they needed something to help fill the capsules, As the USP was too small an amount by itself. So it was way too much. Most compounding labs only use (porcine) USP and one filler. That is why I suggested asking for potato starch or some other filler.

  • Sally Hoffman

    I managed to get some 60mg tabs from Canada, i live in the uk. I was dubious, as they said they were Armour, but weren’t actual armour, but they do seem to work.

    Anyway, i reduced awhile okay, because i was told by a very knowledge person, medical training, but also a genius, know everything about herbs and how the body works, that taking glandulars will stop my own thyroid ever recovering, it will over time astrophy. I got terrible cramps and felt like crap, so increased back to 3G and weight is coming off and no cramps for few months. I also take herbs, supplements to try and kick start my own thyroid into functioning better. He still insists i’m doing the wrong thing by taking these. I will reduce again if things improve, but he says if i get any hyper symptoms,i’m already doing some damage, and still insists i’m astrophying my thyroid. I wish someone would put my mind at rest, i don’t want to go back to distressing thigh cramps, and the inability to lose weight and the rest.
    But if we end up not getting hold of any in the future, i might have to.

  • Barbara Quatman

    I am a Hashimoto’s patient and so is my son. I don’t know if you are or not, But Hashi is an autoimmune disease and the thyroid will continue to atrophy, Whether you take thyroid replacement or not. My thyroid is completely gone and my Son’s had continually (dissolved) over the last 6 years and had to increase his dosage. My thyroid dissolved completely, very quickly and I almost died. (long story) But I have been on 90mg for over 25 years. However, this may only be true for Hashi patients.

  • Pam

    I don’t even know if I have Hashimoto’s – all I know is my thyroid levels were low and we worked to fix them/and or improve my symptoms. I didn’t got to an endocrinologist, though, my primary provider and I did this together. Incidentally, hypothyroid runs in my family, so maybe Hashi’s?

    I only take 45mg a day and they make a HUGE difference. One day without (Sunday) and several days of stressing over this mess and I was a WRECK. I do believe I’ll need to always take them. You could say there are natural ways to change your thyroid levels, I’ll continue to feel/think that taking this medication from a natural source is my natural way. I tried Evening Primrose capsules, never touched the levels, and I have a friend it didn’t help either.

    Took my first capsule from the compounding company today. No major bad effects so far.

  • Barbara Quatman

    Pam, You don’t need an Endo. Your Primary Care Provider can order a simple blood test to check for Hashi antibodies.
    Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPO)in 90% of people with autoimmune thyroiditis.
    Thyroglobulin Antibodies in 60-70% of people with autoimmune thyroiditis.
    TPO is more commonly used in medical lab tests due to TPO having a higher sensitivity rate resulting in higher accuracy.

    Just from what I’ve read, Check what filler is used in your compounded meds. Cellulose seems to cause the most problems for people. You can ask for potato starch or some other filler, As most compounding labs use only the does of (Porcine) USP and one filler.

  • Pam

    Thank you, Barbara, when we check again in 8 weeks I will ask for this.

  • Barbara Quatman

    Pam, Glad I could be of some help. Also please check out the Save Natural Thyroid site on Face Book. There is also a lot of Terrific support and information there, as well.

  • Pam

    Barbara – I will look, also wrote to my compounding pharm and asked what is in their capsules. I will say, I took the first one this morning and I feel great – one day doesn’t do it, but still, I feel great! Then again, I did a lot of great sleep, too 🙂

  • Pam

    HELLO EVERYONE, weird thing heard last night. I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and talked about this issue and mentioned it to the leaders (only) and mentioned why I gained this week (in part). One of the leaders… tells me that the shortage of dessicated thyroid has to do with H1N1?!?!? Has anyone heard such a thing? Honestly, I’d rather die from H1N1 than go without my medication.

  • Diana

    Hello all.. I emailed today at 11:00 am asking them about their thyroid medicine. Within 6 hours they replied. I was kind of surprised. Anyway here is what they said.

    — On Fri, 1/22/10, North West Pharmacy wrote:

    From: North West Pharmacy
    Subject: RE: About Armour Thyroid
    To: “‘Diana'”
    Date: Friday, January 22, 2010, 4:33 PM

    Dear Diana,

    Thyroid from Canada is made by ERFA, Montreal , Canada. It contains T4 and T3 just like Armour Thyroid. It is a natural thyroid supplement derived from dried thyroid glands of pigs.

    Non-medicinal ingredients: cornstarch, magnesium stearate, sugar and talc. Gluten-, lactose-, paraben-, sodium-, sulfite- and tartrazine-free.


    Barkat Dhanani, RPH
    Ph: 1-866-539-5330
    Fax: 1-866-539-5331

  • Diana

    Does anyone know if there is anything else that I should ask? Thank you all so much

  • Diana

    Oh.. And to be fair I haven’t emailed yet. Will do that tomorrow. Northwest is less expensive though.

  • Pam

    Heard back from Monument Pharmacy regarding fillers:

    “The only filler in the Thyroid capsule is microcrystalline cellulose, which is also used in the Armour Thyroid brand tablets” I have taken it 2 days, no issues at all.

  • Carol

    While I’ve been having problems getting my Armour thyroid since June, today was the first time I’ve found out what is going on, at least as much as anyone knows because there seems to be conflicting stories. I’ve also been feeling funkier all this time, but thought that was related to a cross-country move, a new job and a death in the family. Now I’m wondering if it’s the reformulation. I do not live under a rock, and I’m pretty good at keeping an eye on the “news”, so why wasn’t I aware what a problem this is? Shame on the lab for suddenly changing their formula. Shame on my doctor who should have notified all his patients on Armour of the problem. Shame on the various pharmacists for not telling me anything more than it’s “unavailable.” Shame, shame, shame on the FDA. I’m furious! At the least the pharmacy today gave me a heads-up and I’ve been online ever since trying to sort through this mess. They (the pharmacy) directed me to a compounding pharmacy, but Canada looks like a good option, too.

  • Barbara Quatman

    Pam, The micro crystalline cellulose, Was what was added to Armour Thyroid during the reformulation. Also, Remember that only a small amount is used in Armour, While a compounding lab uses a small amount of NDT as compared to filler and the rest is all cellulose to fill the capsules.

  • Pam

    Hi Barbara, good to know, thank you 🙂 I just started the Armour 2 years ago and have had no problems. I have taken the new stuff for 4 days, also no problems so far. I don’t think I’m one of the ones with issues with the cellulose. If I do have an issue, when I get my refill I will ask for something else, but again, I don’t have food allergies and sensitivities, etc.

  • gmomslittlerose

    FYI – what is MCC?
    Microcrystalline Cellulose – some facts: Product type: Organic, off-white in appearance, Heavy Metals 10 PPM Max, Organic Volatile Impurities: Within limits, pH: 5.0 – 7.0, Total Aerobic Microbial: <100 cfu/g, Total Molds & Yeasts: <10 cfu/g, and tests for Staphylococcusd aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli and Salmonella species all results negative. Why are there tests for the last 4 in the first place? Spot testing? If they’re testing, it’s possible these last 4 could be there; otherwise, why be testing for them? Re. heavy metals, they accumulate in the human body, not flushed out, though they can be removed via chelation therapy, oral or IV, IV being the most expensive, and both should always be under a knowledgeable doctor’s care. I wonder, are the heavy metals added with the MCC or already included in the MCC? MCC is wood pulp. How is wood pulp conducive to the function of the human body? I’m not a scientist, but I remember when fine wood chips were being added to bread we used to buy when we lived in PA, and people were irate because of it. I suspect that many times odd things are added to our food, beverages, medications, supplements, etc., because they are cheaper than what is conducive to the function of the human body; example – HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) has become the norm for lots of products as a sweetener, not because it’s better or cheaper for us, but because it’s cheaper (period!) for the manufacturer. You don’t see a reduction in cost to you, only the manufacturer has a reduction in their costs, more profits when you’re manufacturing high volume. Pure speculation, but maybe that’s the reason for MCC in Armour? They lost customers because of it, so where is the profit?

  • Barbara Quatman

    I spoke with a Representative at Forest Labs. about a week ago regarding the shortage and I asked about the reformulation. He stated that the only thing added was cellulose to aid with digestion. I guess they consider wood pulp to be fiber. lol

  • Christina

    gmomslittlerose and Barbara…
    Do they realize that his additive may be killing people with allergies to this ingredient. I wonder if they can produce a low cellulose and no cellulose brand of this medication….? Thank both of you for this information….I will use this information to inform my state officials.

  • gmomslittlerose

    Barbara, That’s interesting, to aid in digestion, good thing to know, and now I do. I didn’t have any problems digesting it to begin with, but some people must have. Thank you, Barbara.

  • Christina

    I have also heard that because these meds help with colesterol that there are issues with the fda and government regarding Lipitor meds….conflict of interest….
    There is a site on FaceBook, where individuals are sharing this type of information as well.

  • gmomslittlerose

    Christina, Here is a web site re. an alternative to MCC:

    An excerpt – “He agreed to compound Tylenol using microcrystalline cellulose. Which I looked up, since its on the corn allergy list. Originally, microcrystalline cellulose was derived from tree bark, however now it is commonly derived from any fibrous plant . . .”

    There is so much info out there, it’s hard to keep track of it all.

  • Christina

    Thank you gmomslittlerose…I will look into it…. =]

  • Pam

    The book I read that lead me to Armour claims it cures EVERYTHING – from high blood pressure to diabetes to depression. I’m lucky, I have no food allergies, so I’m cool with mcc.

  • Chris

    Forget the lawsuits and what was in the past. The reality is that Forest Labs – even if they were to try to fix the reformulation- would screw it up even more. The reality, too, is also that you will likely never see US-made Armour again in an effective form. It’s over. The best course of action is to move forward, and look for a good source of natural dessicated thyroid meds that works. It sounds like Canadian Pharmacies have a quality product that works. But what I haven’t seen in one of these posts is a simple straightforward discussion – without some long drawn out history – of these two issues

    1. Is the Canadian Armour the same as the reformulated crap from America? I mean that’s the same garbage we all started feeling bad on after it was reformulated. A simple answer yes-or no. If it’s not the same, good.

    2. I’ve read 100 posts of people saying they got compounded thyroid in the US and about the history of the fillers and the costs and how happy they are. But has it worked or not? Please answer yes or no. If yes where did you get it from?

  • Barbara Quatman

    First question
    I have spoken with Pharmacists from three different places. All of the (Armour) Thyroid is made with the exact same ingredients as the old Armour Thyroid, Before the reformulation. And they all get their Thyroid from ERFA, Who purchased Pfizer Drugs (Canada) Check the site and you will see the list of ingredients. There is no cellulose, Which was what was added to Armour for reformulation and which seems to have been the problem. E-mail reply as well.
    Thyroid from Canada is made by ERFA, Montreal , Canada. It contains T4 and T3 just like Armour Thyroid. It is a natural thyroid supplement derived from dried thyroid glands of pigs.
    Non-medicinal ingredients: cornstarch, magnesium stearate, sugar and talc.
    (Gluten-, lactose-, paraben-, sodium-, sulfite- and tartrazine-free.)

    Question 2. I guess it depends on the fillers used. My first try was not successful, As they used NDT and cellulose. The alternative they offered is potato starch, which they said was readily available at all compounding labs, If requested. I am picking that up tomorrow.
    I hope this helps.

  • Paulette

    1. ERFA thyroid from Canada is NOT the same as the reformulated product that Forest makes. The ingredients are different with regard to the fillers. I can actually taste the difference as I take it sublingually.

    2. YES, it works! It works just as well, and in my own experience better than the original Armour. From what I was told by CanadaDrugs, their source of porcine thyroid is not from the U.S. but from Belgium.

    I also take Nature-Throid, which is pretty good too, but since I’ve started using ERFA thyroid I like it a little better. I think the fillers in ERFA don’t inhibit the absorption of the thyroid as can happen with some fillers used by other companies. I know that Nature-Throid does use cellulose as a filler but ERFA does not (they use cornstarch).

    Hope this answers your question adequately.

  • Pam

    It’s unclear to me about the “reformulated” Armour as I just started this stuff a couple of years ago – and never had a problem with Armour – so I don’t know if I got stuff pre-reform or what. Meantime, it never was a problem for me. Also, I only take 45mg – which reading here shows me to be on the lesser side (though one day without meds and 3 days with high stress over availability was a KILLER). I never got a word back from Canada Drugs on my Armour order – like I said – there must be some confusion about who was to call whom. I let it go as I found a place to compound. Now, they tell me it’s the MCC everyone else hates and they put it in small capsules, but still far more MCC than the Armour used. I’ve taken it now for 11 days and am having no problems – I was grumpy for a few days and I’ve decided that is because I’m not breaking the capsules down fast enough. The last 3 days I have been pulling them apart and drinking lots of water with them early in the morning… my grumpies seem to have departed. YAY 🙂 Some here say to join the Facebook page “save natural thyroid” – there you will find a spreadsheet of places people have gotten their meds, in detail.

  • Katrina

    I have purchased Armorthyroid (known as Thyroid in Canada) from They have 30mgs and 60 mgs.

  • Chris

    Thanks for the responses. I have the compounded thyroid for now- but I don’t know how good it is- I got it from IRMAT pharmacy in NYC. Has anyone had good results from compounded thyroid or has anyone tried that pharmacy?

  • Diana

    Chris… I have tried the compounded thyroid in my town. I didn’t do as well on it as I do with Armour, maybe because of the fillers? Pam.. I have not even got to talk with a pharmacist at CanadaDrugs. I left a message with a person (not on a machine) 4-5 days ago. I had emailed them and asked some questions and they emailed me back & told me to call. So I have decided to go ahead and purchase the thyroid medicine from Northwestpharmacy. I wish us all well in this entire mess !

  • Diana

    May I ask those of you are purchasing thyroid medicine from Canada how you are paying for it? I forget where I read this (I’ve read so much.. lol.. Way more than I wanted to) but if you use your credit card you can be charged an international charge? Have any of you had that problem? Thanks for any info.

  • Carol S.

    I have been purchasing it since October from, I did this because our compounding pharmacy pretty much told me that the fillers are the same as the sythetics and to me that just would not work. I got the info on the amour from Canada and felt assured it would work. I got my first shipment in November and have been doing fine since then. I paid with my credit card to speed it up and yes there was a $2.50 international fee but they can debit it from you checking account without the fee, you must just supply them with the information. I have received my second round of pills in less than 10 days and again have not had issues. I go for my followup blood work next week to see how the levels are holding up but I believe that I feel must better than I did on the reformulated one and I am not having any issues at all. I pay $76 for 2/3month perscriptions of 60 mg since I have to take 120mg a day, it worked out to be about $25.00 more through them than through my insurance company in the states but it was worth the little extra.

  • Virginia

    was on Synthroid for many years, not happy with it; switched to Armour one year ago w/success before reformulation. Disastrous after change. went on compounded thyroid but pharmacist didn’t see the MD’s note about wanting porcine thyroid and gave me synthetic bioidentical which I was on for 6 weeks with near emergency results. Script was corrected and I am in the process of assessing the results. need another few weeks but it seems to be working. will advise. Miami, FL

  • Diana

    To those who are on Facebook.. Is there anyway that you can post some of the stuff from Facebook on here?

  • Diana

    Carol.. Thanks for the info.. 🙂

  • Diana, what kind of information were you looking for specifically? There is a ton of information there. Have you considered joining the group? If you are looking for any information relating to pharmacies in Canada and the Thyroid from Erfa from Canada, I can certainly post some of the recent information.

  • Diana

    Adelaine.. I was looking for info about the pharmacies in Canada & somebody had posted info on how to buy thyroid medicine. Can’t remember it all.. 🙂 Yes.. I’m thinking of joining the group. Need some time where I can sit down & do it. Thanks for any info.

  • Barbara Quatman

    Here are links to three Canadian Pharmacies. They all get their Thyroid from ERFA and all three have been used by various people on this site, As well as the Save Natural Thyroid Site on Face Book. I hope these help.
    Any prescription should be written simply as Thyroid with the dosage (90mg or whatever) To help with ordering, it should be for at lease 100 pills with refills, Since they all sell in quantities of 100.

  • HI Diana,
    I’ve posted a couple of pieces regarding ordering from pharmacies in Canada. Let me know if there is anything else you need and I’ll try my best to help. You can also email me directly at

    Here is one:
    If you’re considering ordering the Erfa Thyroid from Canada, be assured that it is a natural product, not synthetic. The source of the product also comes from desiccated (dried up) porcine (pig) thyroid gland which is the same source as the Armour Thyroid formulation in the U.S. For Americans seeking a replacement for their Armour Thyroid that is not of synthetic source, the options are generally filling your prescription from a compounding pharmacy or filling your prescription from a pharmacy in Canada. If you decide to fill your prescription from a pharmacy in Canada, make sure that you do some due diligence on the pharmacy. You’ll want to ensure that the pharmacy provides their credentials (legitimate ones are obligated to post their license number on their websites). Many good ones have Pharmacy Checker seals which means they have been verified. Call the pharmacy and speak to one of the healthcare specialists. Ask as many questions as you like and proceed with your order once you feel satisfied with the responses you’ve received. You will need to provide your U.S. prescription which could be any of the following 1) submitting the paper copy of your prescription 2) the pharmacy contacting your Dr. for a prescription 3) the pharmacy contacting your local pharmacy to transfer your prescription. Our pharmacy has been providing pharmacy services to Americans for 8 years. We are regulated by the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association and our facility has also been inspected by Health Canada. If anyone has any specific questions relating to pharmacies in Canada, I would be more than happy to answer them. I hope this message finds everyone well.

  • gmomslittlerose

    Re. compounded pharmacy thyroid med: I purchased one bottle of the compounded formula my doctor ordered as “equal to Armour.” There is definitely something wrong with what I received. My dosage was 60 mg in AM b4 breakfast by 1 hour and 60 mg before bed on empty stomach. I was tired all day and all night except for being awake about 3 hrs. 6 PM to 9 PM in evening. The doctor’s office said if you’re sleepy, you’re not getting enough, take both in the morning instead. I did that on Sunday this past, and I had flu-like symptoms all day, was such fun experiencing that! Happy to report doctor called in a prescription for NatureThroid from pharmacy in Maryland, and I’m in Mass. I am myself again and in heaven. The compounding pharmacy formulation could have been made to follow with current formulation (useless) because I never had that experience before on the old Armour. NatureThroid is another natural form, so it’s a green light for anyone thinking about it. They ran out because of the onslaught of users thrown off by FDA, but their production is now up.
    Best to all of you! Lyn

  • Pam

    MORE RE COMPOUNDED. Hi all, I mentioned before I’d gone to compounded and it wasn’t really doing much for me in all ways, but then when I started breaking open the capsules and taking with lots of water, all is perfectly fine.

    Again I don’t have a problem with the filler – and I don’t take more than 45 mg a day. I do take it at least 2 hours before eating and would never take it at bed time. No idea if this helps anyone else, but maybe. I’m not pushing compounded, btw, just saying I’m having a fine experience with it this way.

  • Diana

    Adelaine & Barbara… Thank you so much. Can’t seem to concentrate lately. Or what I”m read isn’t sinking in.

  • Here is a link that talks about compounded Thyroid. It is written by a compounding pharmacist. It may help some people have a better understanding of how the compounded version is made up. It also has a link to what to look for in a compounding pharmacy.

  • Barbara Quatman

    Here is a link for a petition to the FDA to stop the ban on natural dessicated thyroid.
    Anyone who uses it, Needs to sign the petition. Thanks.

  • Marla Swope

    Barbara, thanks for the website for the petition. I’ve signed it, and emailed it to all my friends. If some of you haven’t signed it yet, please be sure and do it ASAP!
    Still waiting for my Armour RX from Northwest pharmacy! Was told it would take 3-5 days once it was shipped. I called last week and was told it had shipped, but still not here 🙁 Can’t wait, as the compounded I’m taking isn’t as effective.

  • Pam

    HI all – yesterday I received my “thryoid” from Canadadrugs. Kind of interesting, but not different than others have noted, that it says Armour Thyroid on the web page, and that is what ordered, but got the other stuff. I can’t remember in great detail what the pills look like, numbers and letters on one side, but basically same color as Armour. I will save these as I will need to test after the compounded (and thank goodness I had that available to me!!! I’d be a case by now). So, this was over 3 weeks from order (I ordered on 1/16). I won’t complain as I was able to get the compounded. I know many of you don’t like the compounded – but I am having NO issues with it at all… guess I’m odd man out 😉 Again, I take to long to break down the capsules, so I open them when I take them, works fine. When we check my levels I will decide if I should stick with compounded or move on to Canadadrugs with this stuff. Whatever it takes, I just have to have it (as many of you do as well! Good luck to all of us!

  • Pam

    p.s. payment for this rx just showed up on my credit card today – there was no international fee, just the $38 quoted.

  • Colette

    MY HAIR IS STILL FALLING OUT AFTER A YEAR NOW….I was on Armour for a couple years before the reformulation took affect last year and I felt wonderful until then. I stopped taking the Armour andI starting getting a compounded thyroid in August, 09, but my hair is STILL falling out….does anyone have any idea why this may be happening? Please help! My hair used to look healthy…now it is so thin and continues to thin!

  • Barbara Quatman

    Find out what the filler is that the compounding pharmacy is using. A lot of them use micro crystallized cellulose. This has been causing a lot of problems with people who have that as a filler. Ask for another filler. I understand that potato starch is common at most compounding pharmacies and they won’t complain about using it. Mine even replaced all my prescription after I complained of problems. (headaches and hypothyroid symptoms returned)
    Please check this site for a lot of helpful information.!/pages/Save-Natural-Thyroid/121680434089?ref=ts

  • Pam

    Anyone awake? I’m listening to George Noory right now … they are talking thyroid, or they were…dang! wonder where we can get a copy of the whole show!

  • Karen

    I’ve been on Armour since 1963 when I had my thyroid gland removed. Tried to order from Canada and they were wonderful, but my Dr. refused to fill a presciption for me because “it’s not FDA approved”. Now I am reading that none of the Armour is FDA approved. ! How could she not know that.
    My compounding pharmacy will charge $100 a month for my dosage of 120 mg.
    That is outrageous when i’ve been getting it for about $10.
    We all need help from someone !

  • Pam

    Karen – are you on Facebook? If you are – join the Save Natural Thyroid group – there you will find a spreadsheet with sources – others have been listed here, too.

  • Sara

    I found compounded armour alternative at in NC. They say they can ship to several other states they are licensed in: FL, GA, SC, TN, & VA. Thank you Triangle Compounding!!!

  • Pam

    UPDATE on me – I’m a little over halfway thru my 60 day prescription on compounded and I find I’m feeling quite well. I did finally get the Canadian RX -seemed it took forever. The Canadian situation is cheaper than the compounded, but that pharm is local and I got them in a day. I will see how my testing goes to figure out how to proceed. I just hope the pharmacy continues to be able to serve my needs…as this is a forever thing for me.

  • I am happy to see that people (including myself) are doing well on the compounded thyroid. I have an ample supply here at Shertech Pharmacy (free shipping!) and do not see a problem getting the dessicated thyroid USP powder so Pam, hopefully we will all be able to continue on some version of Armour even if they do not get enough of a supply out there for us.

  • Mark Burstyn Pharm.D (compounding pharmacist)

    I have 1/2 grain and 1 grain Armour in stock right now. I can compound any strength into 1 capsule too. $40 for 100 (either the Armour or the compounded product)
    I can mail priority mail. I am approved by
    Just have your MD call or fax in a new prescription for you.
    I own Colonial Pharmacy in Arcadia, CA 626-447-3591. I have been compounding for 30 years.
    fax 626-447-4679
    Mark Burstyn, Pharm.D

  • Tess Bevan

    I seem to be in the same boat as everyone that is on this website. I was taking Armour Thyroid for a few years and doing well on it. Then the few months 2 yrs ago that i could not get it and now I’ve been on Thyroid Compound for about 4 months. I have had problems finding the right dose, although now I think things are starting to straighten out. I still prefer Armour, will it ever be available here? My prescription cost so much more a month and I have blood tests that my insurance won’t pay for to try and get my strength right. Does anyone have any advise about what I can do to make things better, I still can’t seem to loose the weight I have gained, and I really only have about 3 to 4 good energy days a week.

  • Barbara

    I am in Ocala, FL. The Sweet bay Supermarket has begun getting 1 grain Armour Thyroid in for the last couple months. There was a post on FB Save Natural Thyroid about Forest Labs and their estimated dates of shipping other doses. I remember hat 1 1/2 grains would be shipping in July. Check your local grocery store pharmacies. Apparently they are receiving stock first. Also, ask what filler is being used in your compounded thyroid. If it is micro crystalline cellulose, Ask them to use potato starch instead, as that filler has caused lots of problems for thyroid patients.
    Please check out this site for lots of useful information. They even have a list of physicians who will prescribe NDT and pharmacies that carry NDT.(Natural Dessicated Thyroid) Hope this helps.!/pages/Save-Natural-Thyroid/121680434089?ref=ts

  • Lorna Lueck

    I’ve waited to post so that I could have something substantial to say. Last fall, I too was affected by the shortage. I ended up going on a synthetic compounded T3/T4. It worked great for awhile and then I found that I was just OK and my energy was struggling. I read all the posts from this blog and decided to ask my doctor to call in my script to I received my prescription about 3 weeks ago and I have to tell you that I have MORE energy than I know what to do with. I’m feeling very level headed and energetic. This natural product is the way to go.

    FYI…..I also took the Standard Process products because I was doing some work for one of the reps and she actually told me that once you’re on a thyroid med, you can’t just go off or stop taking them. She said that Standard Products are good but thyroid isn’t something you can just cold turkey or go onto their products as a replacement. I took them while I was trying to get my hands on the Armour and was not doing well.

  • Tess Bevan

    First of all, Thank all of you for seeing my post and letting me know I’m not the only one out there. I did check the website for the Canadian pharmacies, I believe I will give my dr a call!!! Sometime I feel like I’m just complaining about my issues. But honestly it takes very little for me to realize I DON’T FEEL GREAT. Once I learned that, It is a uphill battle to get thing on an even keel again.
    THANKS AGAIN! Hope everyone is taking care of themselves!!! Keep me in mind if you have anymore suggestions 🙂

  • Gabriella

    go to they carry ERFA which is the same as our Armour. Have your doctor fax the prescription. Approx. $50 for 300 1 grain tabs and approx. $75 for 400 1 grain tabs, They will send you that many OR a 3 mos. supply if your doc writes it that way and they are Canadian FDA approved so no shortage issues. I started on this in February and was struggling on compounded t4/t3 before that and am now doing great.

  • Diana

    My pharmacy called me yesterday. They managed to obtain some Armour (not from the usual supplier but another). They don't seem to know anything about a reformulation or how long this supplier will have it. Asked if I wanted a 3 month supply. I have to cut the pills in half because of the dose but that's ok. What the heck is going on?? I thought that the entire country was on back order. You would think that our doctor's or pharmacies would clue us in as to what is going on. Wow !

    Nancy, I had the same experience as you. So sorry.. Hope that you get your med soon!

  • Kathy

    I was on Synthroid and Cytomel for years – alienated a lot of people with my over reactions to everything – lived on mega doses of advil and aleve for headache and heaven only knows what else. Got Congestive Heart Failure. Recovered and began researching natural thyroid. Finally went on ‘thyodine’ carefully replacing synthroid tablets one tablet a week – over several months. Plus L-tyrosine. Felt wonderful. NO side effects. No headaches (except when I watched the news at night before sleep) But I was taking too much. Was doing this without a doctor bec I couldn’t find a doctor sympathetic to natural thyroid routine. Second episode of congestive heart failure and finally found an holistic nutritionist but he’s a state away from me, can’t write prescriptions, and I don’t drive. He ran blood tests and added iodine and supplements – said I could continue taking (porcine) thyodine if I thought it helped. Result – when thyodine formula changed about the same time as my niece died and my sister was dying and I got the swine flu – I misinterpreted the lethargy I was feeling to stress and swine flu aftermath. Result – I now have serious health complications with diagnosed heart disease – Hashimoto’s ? has been mentioned have just spent over a $1000 with a hospitalization to determine that my high cholesterol will not kill me tomorrow – but it could and am being forced onto statins by a doctor who had first visit promised a prescription for Armour which I still don’t have – and at 67 am thinking it’s over – just give me Dr Kevorkian’s address. Temporarily back on synthroid and cytomel – still awaiting the switch back to natural and terrified of taking the statins which are promising myopothy as a side effect esp for women my age. (A friend’s mother lived until she was 99 attributing her longevity to being a very good patient – she saw her doctor annually for a check up and then kept all the prescriptions given to her safely in her purse). Am willing to PAY for synthroid to pay off the gangsters and keep them happy but WANT to get the natural porcine as well. Does ANYONE know of a pharmacy that will compound something without a prescription? I mean holding out the promise of a porcine script (Armour) and a $1000 later I’m back where I started and it all seems a mite unfair. Also I can’t seem to think very clearly any more much less have a sense of which direction to go in. Might add that I’m bucking everyone in my family on this one which doesn’t help much either. Once I had a vibrant life – poet – very active culturally – but that all seems a very long time ago now.

  • Diana

    @ Kathy… Try Save Natural Thyroid on Facbook.. This page has a lot of VERY good info. It could help you…
    Good luck.. 🙂

  • ShyeGuy

    My Doctors tells me that once going on Armour Thyroid meds from Canada (t3 & t4 combination), for my hypo-thyroid that I have suffered from atleast 8 years, that I will no longer have to crave alcohol as a constant stress reliever (as I am a caretaker for both parents who suffer from fatal illness), and that I will no longer require the use of my antidepressant, in time. Has anyone found this to be true? He tells me that I will feel so good, this will no longer be necessary.??

  • Hi all… just wanted to let you know that I switched over to Naturthroid and/or Westhroid.. the original “natural” thyroid replacement as a substitute for Armour and so far it has been great. I get it through Clark’s Pharmacy.. they ship it from Arizona phone 480-488-2007.
    Kathy… as far as statins… the can lead to a drug induced depletion of CoQ10. A deficiency of CoQ10 can lead to Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) so be careful about making a bad situation worse!!! Statins don’t only inhibit synthesis of Cholesterol (BTW cholesterol is absolutely essential to health, vitamin D production and production of hormones including DHEA, progesterone/estrogen/testosterone, cell membranes and brain tissue!), but they inhibit the same enzyme used to produce CoQ10 and squalene in the body. Squalene is so important to skin health. So do we really want to inhibit production of crucial substances in our bodies or should we focus on the REAL culprits in heart disease: OXIDATION (of cholesterol and fats); INFLAMMATION and nutrient deficiency!

  • Marion

    To Kathy, I think you can find Thyroid -S from Thailand online and order it without a perscription. Many people do very well on it just like they had on Armour Thyroid.
    Good Luck…

  • Grateful

    Many thanks for the information on this web site. I am on Armour. I learned alot about thyroid pills, why Armour was in short supply and where to go for help. Your hard work is appreciated.

  • Mary

    Claudia Shulte,
    Where can one purchase Thyrotropin and Symplex? If you don’t mind me asking how much does it cost? I am getting my Armour from Canada @ $30 for 100 pills -60mg. The bank does charge a convertion fee. Which I think is stupid. The phone # is 1-877-278-5387 or 1-604-275-1085. I hope that helps out someone in need. I don’t know if the product is reformulated.

  • Lorna Lueck

    I posted a comment earlier regarding taking SP thytrophin. The bovine products don’t work as well for me. You can obtain these from any chiropractor or naturopath that sells it. Go to to find a provider.

    I took the compounded synthetic T3/T4 and it worked ok for awhile but didn’t give me the energy I found with the Armour. Fortunately, my Doctor is willing to call in the Armour prescription to Canada Drugs. I can get 100 60mg for $41. I’ve been taking them for 5 months now and have great energy. The manufacture ERFA produces Armour with the original formuation.

    I’ve tried all. The Standard Process rep told me that if you ‘ve been on any thyroid meds for over a year, the SP products cannot reverse what the meds have done to your thyroid so their products won’t help in that case. It can work for a newly diagnosed patient, however. I take many of their other products.

  • steve taylor

    had my prescription of armourthyroid filled three days ago through walgreen,was easy to get and cost me only $15 is mine armour different from what you guys are commenting on?some body let me know whats going on please.thanks

  • Naima

    I Completely removed my thyroid due to Graves Desease and eye bulging problems. I was put on Synthroid Right away. My life is hell since then…I was clueless and trusted my endo’s blindly. I have never done my own research until i come accross a co-worker who asked me to google the med and find if there has been any problems ..TO MY SCHOCK every simptom I had and have is related to that meds/undertreated…
    I am losing my life. near baldness and have been extremely sick for the past year ort so..constipation, weigh gain, deep depression, lost so much hair ( a nightmare) name it i have every simptom possible. so about tw weeks ago I started seing a Homeopath she prescribed THYTROPHIN PMG 8025…I still feel the same ..may hair still falling..can’t sleep at nite. I am seing my medical Dr. Tomorrow i will demand a solution to my problems ..either coumpund dessicated throid or a natural one… No more synthetic ..
    However i need to find out if in my case with my thyroid completely taken off thytrophin an good option?? please email me back…ASAP. Thanks