Leslie Gives Advice to Beth Regarding Armour Dosing

Beth wondered about her lack of response to thyroid hormone treatment. Leslie offers these comments:

Beth – perhaps you are under-medicated. The numbers don’t really mean much – you must convince your doctor to pay attention to how you feel, rather than your labs! Remind him/her: prior to 1973 there was not measure for TSH. Doctors would give their Hypo patients Armour, and increase the dose until the patient felt “right” again – and considered that to be successful treatment! I consider that to be successful treatment too! We’ll see what my doc says next week – I’m feeling great after an increase in meds (in spite of a TSH of 1.9), and I’m sure my TSH has gone WAY low – but it i hard to argue with success! I have absolutely NO Hyper symptoms. I think it is time to throw out TSH testing altogether, and treat patients instead!

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  • jayne

    Hi Beth I totally agree with you about tsh testing.good luck now you are feeling better.
    I myself had partcial thyroidectomy 3 years ago due to nodules.after doing FNA they decided to remove.Prior to surgery no effects.Since I have suffered every day on the opposite side.They had checked nd saw that I had 6 nodules on the remaining gland.Not sure if they had problems but the intention was to remove both side(which incidently I was in surgery for 4 hours)after only removing the one they started me on levothyroxin 0.25.I had problems with my voice(could no longer sing or project my voice)to lift my head and neck always painful in left gland.They decied to stop treatment because my tests were normal.Like to point out that my BT were always normal before and after surgery as this was not the reason I got operated.Because of rapid weight gain they decied to restart treatment at 50mgnow they say im hypothyroid had scintigraphy on exsisting lobe which says 2 hot nodules ad ?multinodular goitre.To cut a long story short I am 64 have osteoartris in neck back and knee.Feel terrible every day.Wish they had taken both sides out then at least I would be done with all these syptoms.results are o.k.please help.