• Wonderful segment, kudos!

  • Looking forward to the show. It sounds exciting!

  • Hank Frier

    Nice job. Diabetes, especially type 2, is increasing in this country and the number of those with prediabetes is problematical. Shows like this to get the message out is so important since with education about lifestyle, which was demonstrated in the DPP trials, one can avoid the ravages of this disease.

    I agree, Oprah should do a show on diabetes. I would bet a candy bar she is either type 2 or a strong candidate for prediabetes.


  • Sally Anne

    I think this is a wonderful thing Dr. Pepper does. He cares so much about people and often gives knowledge you just cant obtain elsewhere. Kudos to Dr. Pepper and thank you for all you do.

  • Pat Dziczkowski

    Very\well done Dr. P!
    Wish I had all this knowledge you share 50 years ago.
    Keep it coming. You are enlightening many.

  • Linda Germanetti

    Dr. Pepper, you are my favorite doctor! You care about the “whole” person and I always learn something new with every visit. I hope your show idea makes it….but I want to be sure to still be able to get an appointment with you!!! 🙂

  • Sally Anne

    How can I vote for him again? What is the link?