Lose weight and still eat the foods you love

Did you know that nutrition is just as much about HOW and WHEN you eat as it is about what you eat?

Did you know that you can get more nutrients from eating your favorite neighborhood pizza in the right way, than you could from eating a steamed organic bowl of vegetables in the wrong way?

Ayurveda, the ancient system of health from India has given us tools to maximize the nutrients we get from our foods and to improve our digestion. So here’s 3 quick and crucial tips from ancient India!:

  1. When you eat, no matter what it is, chew it slowly, aiming for at least 30 chews per mouthful. Our saliva is the first step of digestion. Chewing well breaks down the food before your stomach processes it, exposing more of the nutrients to your body and also minimizing problems with reflux, acid and indigestion. Plus, savoring your food makes it last longer and may reduce the total amount of food you need to feel satisfied.
  2. When eating a heavy food like pizza, burgers, ice cream etc. try to eat these foods earlier on in the day, say for lunch or for an early dinner before 6:00pm. This will allow your body to digest and process the food before bed, going to sleep with a full stomach is at the root of a lot of weight management problems.
  3. When you eat a heavy meal, start with a raw salad filled with tons of crisp greens and your favorite light veggies like tomatos, cucumber, carrots etc topped with a light vinegar based dressing. The raw veggies act like a broom through the stomach, helping the body to digest the main meal and helping you maintain your weight.

Ancient India and China have a variety of techniques that can change your life depending on your lifestyle, body type, appetite, region that you live amongst many other considerations. This is something that an experienced practitioner can help you to decide. The above 3 suggestions will work for anyone anywhere and will provide simple and dramatic changes. Try them on for yourself and see how simple big change can be!

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  • AL

    Since it says to eat before 6pm does Ayurveda mention anything about what to eat if you get cravings after 6pm? I get those munchines til 10pm when i need to go to bed.

    • Great question. Ayurveda does suggest that we have our largest meal at lunchtime (11-2pm) and to have a light early dinner before 7:00pmand to not eat before bed. This I find to be very difficult in our western culture of rushed,stressed meals, especially lunchtime rushing. Therefore I suggest you allow breakfast and lunch to be somewhat equal in size and substantial enoughto keep you full. This way you can have a slightly heavierdinner. Try having more soothing foods at dinner like healthycarbohydrates and healthyprotein and fat sourceslike ghee (clarified butter) and olive oil. These foods will calm the day away and leave you feeling fuller. Also, if you get the munchies at night, allow yourselfto have a snack (which is definedgenerally as 200 caloriesor less) and even try boiling milk with cinnamon, nutmegand sweetener of choice to help you feel full, curb the cravings and get to sleep. Each body has a particular type of foods that are best, but these suggestions I gave here are good for most. Let me know if you have any other questions!

      Be well,



    loved to read about Ayurveda would like more info on foods for hypothyroidism

  • Carmen,

    I’m glad you liked to read more about Ayurveda. As far as hypothyroidism is concerned, there are many nutritional and lifestyle approaches that can help you to regulate your thyroid, which is responsible for regulating our body temperature, our weight and even our absorbtion of key nutrients. But I would need to know more about your particular experiences to best help.

    As a general concern, have you had your thyroid tested? If not you can test yourself for an underactive thyroid by:

    1)Put a thermometer by your bed when you go to sleep at night.
    2) when you wake, place the thermometer under your armpit and hold it there fore 15 minutes, keep still and quiet, moving will change your results.
    3)A temperature beneath 97.6 F may indicate a low thyroid function. Try this test for 5 consecutive days and chart the temperatures.

    Also, you can try kelp supplements (2,000 – 3,000mg daily) which contains iodine, the key substance to regulate the thyroid. But like I mentioned before, the more I know about your particular situation, the more I can be of help to you.

    Take care and be well!