Should Anwyl Give Up?

Anwyl is a young guy with an incredible metabolism. If we knew how to recreate what nature has given him, so many people would love to share in his misfortune. But Anwyl isn’t so happy with his situation and looks like he has given up trying for his weight goal. Any words of advice for him?

Anwyl writes:

23 yr old, male, somewhere in the 5′8-5′10 range. highest I’ve ever hit is 115, think I’m usually around 105-110. People say 2000 calories should maintain my weight, 2500 to gain weight. Most I’ve tried was ~3000 calories a day, w/biking to work, and other light exercise. Had 5000 calories one day, but felt rather sick the next. Seems like just boosting caloric intake doesn’t do anything. Nowadays I’m usually walking instead of biking, and down to probably 2500/day (at least one 1300+ calorie meal a day), and just don’t deal with scales. Basically I just decided I didn’t wanna go through with anything extreme like trying 5000 calories for a week or something. Worst part is good luck finding pants for skinny guys :-/

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  • bluenix129

    Anwyl, I would like to know what you’re intaking on a daily basis? Are you eating empty calories or are you eating a diet that’s high in bulk and balance (i.e. rice?). I know how you ‘re feeing. I am a 26 year old female 5’7 in height. It took me such a long time to get to a weight where I finally feel happy and look healthy. Lets talk and maybe we can come to a resolution together for you. Good luck!!