To Be Present

What does it mean to be present? Many self-development books, TV shows, and people are talking about it, however how is it applicable to the healthy metabolism conversation? As we are constantly making choices about how to live our lives, our body is making choices how to sustain this life by providing constant chemical reactions in order to create biologically essential components and to break down organic matter. So it is all about choices we make, because our mind and body are inseparable and always in synch. If they get out of synch we might develop physical or emotional illness.
Therefore our choices about everyday life directly affect how our body functions process everything we feed it with – whether it is a physical substance or the mental thought. Staying consciously present means paying attention to every choice we are facing and deciding on the action to take about this choice. Often in life we are acting out of habit choosing the path of less resistance – eating this doughnut, drinking this extra cup of coffee, gossiping about the neighbor, obsessing about that conversation… It is important to realize that all of it is a material for our body to process and make a decision what to do with it. Our body is smart, it will do the best it can with what it got, however way too often we supply it with the material difficult to digest. And we do it because way too often we run on the autopilot not paying attention on the signals our body is constantly sending us.
Sometimes right before doing something I ask myself “Is it going to give me pleasure or happiness?” And if the answer is “pleasure” I think twice about doing it. Staying present, listening to my body, evaluating my surrounding and my situation. How this choice will benefit me as a person, how it will affect my life? I might choose” pleasure” after all, but it will be my conscious choice at that specific time and space.

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  • Maya,

    What a beautiful post! I have to agree with you that our lives are a unique combination of what we put into it via food choices, thoughts and lifestyles equally. And to be happy can seem more complicated than it is. Being present is such a simple and wonderful thing that we can all benefit from being reminded of. In many buddhist practices, it is taught that you can remind yourself of being present by choosing a common daily event that will happen throughout your day and in that event to take a moment to stop, be present and say thanks. It can be something as simple as hearing the phone ring, walking through a doorway, watching a light turn from green to red. Take a moment with your reminder of choice and be more present!

    Thanks again for your post, I truly enjoyed it.

    Kimberly Russell
    MS, CNC, RYT

  • mary mccauley

    I am present at least three times a day when I take a moment to be thankful for the food I am eating. I say a prayer from childhood, then express my gratitude for the food as well as for my health, my healthy, pain free body, my prosperity, loving family and friends and for all that I am. I am truly present in the moments of gratitude.

    Good article.

  • Randy Leavitt

    Clear, concise and powerful. This was a brilliant post. If anyone reads this who has not had this perspective before and takes it on as a possibility and therefore acts accordingly, this will be their jackpot of posts. Thank you for this reminder.