Bobby’s Advice to Senorita on Carbs

Senorita is an Indian girl with a taste for carb loaded foods and Bobby offers some good advice on how to manage this common diet problem.

Bobby writes:

Hey Senorita…
It sounds like you just need some fine-tuning. Try eating your fruits in the morning/early afternoon. Most fruits are high in sugar and you should eat them early on in the day. Eat more protein at night, and leave 3-4 hours between your last meal and the time you go to bed. Switch from cereal to oatmeal(whole oats, not from package). Rice, make sure you are eating BROWN, and not white. Try and get all whites(bread, rice, pasta) out of your diet by switching to their better alternatives. Hope this helps! YOU CAN DO THIS!

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  • Aaron Westrop

    Interesting information, I love anything relating to becoming muscular and generally healthy, how I can benefit myself etc. Thanks.

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  • Hank Frier

    At least 50% of carb intake should be from complex carbohydrates. Those CHOs that take longer to digest and slows the rise in blood glucose. In essence avoid the refined sugars and products that are overly processed to eliminate the effort the body must put into digestion and absorption. Minute rice, white rice, white bread(should always look at the label and do not buy unless it says 100% whole wheat), instant oatmeals etc have been processed for convenience in preparation but are not best for the body. Fruits do provide vitamins and minerals but the mainstay should come from vegetables. Mix the colors to get a range of vits and minerals and compounds known as phytochemicals. This chemical compounds have been shown to have significant benefits in regards to cancer prevention.