Dr. DeSilva Wants to Aid in Weight Gain

Dr. DeSilva posts a great question about someone with high blood pressure and thyroid disease who needs to gain weight.

Dr. DeSilva asks:

I would like your advice about a lady who is hypothyroid and is taking the T3/T4 and is very underweight, 80-100 lbs. she also has some hypertension and is on drugs for this. can you suggest a way for her to gain weight?? please let me know.thanks

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  • Brian RD

    The answer would depend on why she is underweight.

    Assuming her dosage of T3/T4 is appropriate for her and is not exacerbating the problem, her diet should be checked out (preferably by an RD).

    There are an abundance of dietary supplements (Ensure, Boost etc.) to aid in weight gain. Most of these are low in Na and high in K.

    Hope this helps.


  • cathy12