Will Kay’s Metabolism Get a Boost from Cytomel?

I too am having the same problem after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 4 weeks ago. I am on .25 mcg of Levothyroxine and am experiencing severe fatigue and weight gain as well as feeling all around “sluggish”. I, too, am at a job where I need my mental facilities intact. I find myself falling asleep at 9:00 in the morning after being at work for an hour. I have a call into my physician about adding Cytomel to my Levothyroxine.

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  • Annette

    Yes, I have been diagnosed with hypothroidsm and I’ve gain over 35 pounds within 4-5 months. Doctor has priscribed Levothyroxine and I think there should be something out there that can help with the wieht gain. I try to walk a least 3 days a week if I’m not sluggish. I stay cold even in the summer time. Does anyone know of supplement that I can use to go with my Levothroxine?

  • Hi,
    I’ve read in numerous places that hypothyroidism should not be treated without determining if there is underlying adrenal insuffinciency. I found this to be the case with myself, though my MD at the time refused to address it “It’s not a medical diagnosis unles there is complete adrenal failure; Addison’s Disease”.

    I got a high quality dessicated adrenal supplement online. I didn’t have to take very much for very long before I felt a difference. See, if the underlying adrenal issue is not addressed then the person is still basically running on adrenaline.

    I also take Iodoral twice a day because the thyroid is not the only part of the body that requires iodine.

    AND lets not forget that there are many substances which are iodine/thyroid antagonists, fluoride and bromide being the biggest culprits. It doesn’t matter what you take for your thyroid if there are unchecked chemicals in your food/environment that are counteracting it.





  • Kim

    In response to Kay’s question: Yes, I think it will help a lot. It did for me. I was existing on “fumes”. Always felt like my tank was empty and I was just chugging along until my ND added Cytomel. Started with 5 mcg in am along with my 150 mcg Levothyroxine, 1 tab Iodoral, 2 caps Bio-Adaptogen Ultra & a some good vitamins making sure I get 200 mcg selenium in there. Got better results almost right away. Felt like my tank actually had a little fuel in it. But still felt sluggish. So dear ND upped my Cytomel to another 5 mcg & another Iodoral,but in afternoon (after more testing, two seperate doc visits and 21/2 months). I am now feeling way more energy and back to dropping weight, (along with a good/healthy diet & walking) . So…Cytomel added to my Levo helped me a great deal. May be just the ticket for you too.
    MY deal is that I am losing my hair like you wouldn’t believe! I want to change to Natural Desiccated Thyroid hopefully in the New Year when the shortage mess gets fixed. Hoping that might help in stopping the hair loss!

  • Karen

    I have a question; If the problem with the dessicated thyroid meds-Armour Thyroid etc-is that there are some steps that are needed before it can “get approval status”, why don’t we see if natrual thyroid meds can get on the same kind of approval fast-track as the H1N1 vaccine…What, we have to establish a case of extreme need? I think there are many-doctors and patients-that could assist in establishing that…do we need petitions, attorneys…what?????????