Coming Soon: Interview with Dr. J. Vaughan Weight Loss Surgeon

In two weeks will be posting my interview with Dr. Jefferson Vaughan who heads the bariatric (weight loss) surgery program at Jupiter Hospital, Florida.  If you have questions about weight loss surgery now is the time to get your questions answered! Click on the “Health and Nutrition Forum” button on the home page of Put your question in a bulletin board post and title it “To Dr. Vaughan” and I will have Dr. Vaughan answer the best questions from our members.

I look forward to reading your questions.

Dr. Gary Pepper

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  • ron bernat

    I’m currently at 198 lbs and have my weight concentrated around my stomach. I currently have a 38″ waist on a 6′ frame. I’m bike riding 3-4 times a week approximately 1.5-2hrs. I’m also walking 2-3 times a week 1.5-2hrs. I’ve been in this routine for 1 year with no significant weight loss. My diet consist of 3 meals day with small breakfast,coffee, waffles or eggs,lunch and dinner with fish or chicken( very little meat),vegetables,salad . Usually have crackers or small snack before sleep. My cardiologist says my blood sugar is borderline but has monitored for 3 years. There’s a family history of diabetes on my father’s side. Any suggestions on reducing weight i.e. 20lbs with a life style change?

  • Gail Gross

    I am on Medicaid and have attended Bariatric Surgery Lectures. I am 62 yrs. and a good candidate for surgery as my metabolic syndrome, knee problems, sleep apnea and feet problems are good reasons for the surgery. I have a bmi of 45.9.
    What can you do for me –I want roux en y and certainly have been convinced of the efficacy of robotic DeVinca procedures