I have a very high metabolism and I cannot gain weight.

Q.I have a very high metabolism and I cannot gain weight. My energy level sometimes makes me feel worn out. Is there a way to gain weight/muscle that is healthy?

We received your question at Metabolism.com and have some answers to your problem.

Gaining weight can seem as daunting as trying to lose weight. Hard training at the gym, numerous meals per day, all yielding no results. There is a formula for successful weight gain.

Are you hitting those reps hard at the gym, but not making gains? Altering the anabolism/catabolism balance through targeted supplementation can be a successful addition to a weight gain plan. Put simply, anabolism is the process of building tissue, and catabolism is the process of tissue breakdown. Such balancers include beta hydroxy-beta methybutyrate (HMB) and phosphatidylserine. In human studies, HMB has shown promise as an anti-catabolic when used in conjunction with a resistance training program. A number of studies have indicated that admistration of phosphatidylserine reduced ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) response during exercise. ACTH triggers secretion of cortisol, which is most responsible for post exercise catabolism.

Supplementation with the proper nutrients can reduce soreness and chronic fatigue that is associated with high intensity strength training. Proper training is a key factor to successfully alter body composition by building muscle and often involves splitting or compounding opposing muscle groups during training. Duration, repetition, and specific techniques are also components of muscle building that require attention.

If you want to learn more about how to master your metabolism have a look at the Metabolism.com book. Included in the book is a 20 page program we call the Ultimate Weight Gain Program providing details for meal planning, snacks, exercise routines and helpful supplements.

Good Luck!

Robert L. Pastore, Ph.D., CNC, CN
Senior Nutritionist at Metabolism.com

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  • alexis

    how can i gain weight if i dont have time to excercise. and i only eat three times a day. and also i have a fast metabolism.

  • nickees

    if only we could be so lucky to not be able to gain weight.

  • allison

    in reply to nickees
    It’s not lucky. I have this problem and I get called “sick, anorexic, emaciated…” and all other names. After having a baby, I thought I would keep five pounds or so. But just the opposite happened. I am now 10 pounds less than before I was pregnant. And I eat.. all the time. I just want to be healthy.

    • darkocean

      I have the same problem, The highest I ever got was 150lbs when I was pregnant, and then it dropped off so fast!! Two years later I’m at 120lbs on my 5’7 frame. Pretty good for me but when i get to around 115 (my usual) people worry I’m anorexic or something X.X

      • Chris

        I’m 16 years old and I can’t get past 140Ibs. D:

  • Sammy

    I can relate to allison. Infact, i thought i was the only one with this problem. I have done everything i know how, and i still can’t gain a pound of weight. From eating as much fast food as i could, to eating ice cream every night just before going to bed..still nothing. Its very frustrating to say the least.

  • Devil Dog

    I eat like a pig. I excercise like a Marine, i hit the gym, but I never gain weight. I am a lost cause.

    • logan black

      i have been the same body tip ever since junior high and i am 22 now and I’m still growing and i need more protein to break out of this bullshit Metabolism that makes me feel like i wake up starving every morning

  • Julia

    Yeah I came to this website to get some answers on helping me gain weight.. I also just had a baby an I am smaller than I was before an I can’t figure out how to pack on a couple pounds I’ve done everything from getting my thyroid tested to getting the birthcontrol shot!! HELP

  • Gary Pepper M.D.

    Hi all! Please visit our forum where we tackle weight gain issues – http://www.metabolism.com/health-and-nutrition-forum/

  • richie

    i have a high metabolism also and i am 15, 5’9 and really skinny but i am wondering why am i never tired i get 3-5 hours of sleep a night is that normal

    • rachel97

      im almost the same way. i’m 14 have a high metabolism, and possibly interested in doing running. i think not being very active is probably part of the problem the most active thing i do is carry about 9, i think, gallons almost every day back and forth in my school garden. i only weigh about 80-something pounds and am 5″something.

  • Karl

    I can agree with the slim people on here who are trying to gain weight. I have also been called names, saying i look sick, anorexic, like a heroin addict – everything. i have also tried to do all sorts of silly things to put on weight which i am sure did more damage than anything alse. Eating fried chicken and chips for lunch for weeks, all sorts. i am a 24 year old male 6 foot and 60kgs. I have had black rings under my eyes since i was really young which I am sure contributes to the comments about what i look like. I honestly do eat well with home cooked meals all the time and lots of them but nothing seems to change…………….

  • Anonymous

    I agree with every single man and woman trying to gain weight. I’m a 5’7 male, weigh 112 pounds and I’m 26 years old. I eat like a normal guy and my health is great (knock on wood). Believe me guys, I’ve tried every single way to gain a few pounds and nope, NOTHING! I even was on a very strict diet and exercise routine for 5months. During those 5months, i gained like 5 pounds and then I decided to take a break for JUST ONE WEEK (i.e. going back to normal eating habits) and all the pounds I gained just evaporated. I actually don’t care about my image but you know it’s nice to have those extra pounds that make you “FILL” your clothes!

    • Chris

      I have the exact same problem. I do have a suggestion though… Ive tried just about everything to gain weight and I hadnt saw any results until I tried yo-plait yogurt. It sounds rediculious but trust me! I eat one giant tub a day and then I load up on healthy meats like Chicken and begals. Any bread product is loaded with calories and carbs, the only problem is these foods alone wont help, Try the yogurt and make sure your daily carb and calorie intake are why higher than average and I gurentee youll see results!!! Another great help is creitine and protein drinks!!! I drink one Shake a day and it counts for 50% of my daily value of carbs! Also I have had the same problem with loosing weight as soon as I stopped eating as much. DONT! If your body is like mine, and I think it is, as soon as you stop dieting your matabolism will just destroy your efforts. Best of luck!

  • Paul

    myserf and my wife are in the same postion as you all i would like to see something developed for thee underweight problem as there is for the overweight. they have the gastric band and tablets all we get is some rubbish tablets that actually made me lose wieght i am 6 foot 3 and weigh 9 stone my wife is 5’9 and weighs under 7 i would also like to see on tv how to put weight on rather than about 50 programmes telling you how to lose weight any way good luck to you all best wishes Paul

  • kellie

    I am a 30 year old woman that can not gain weight for nothing in the workd. All the doctors say the samething, that my meatbolism is too fast, and that it will slow down as I get older!! If there is anyway that I could find a doctor that would help me I would really and trully be honored. I am 5’2 and can not even reach the 115 weight mark. My weight has really become an enemy that I have to live and deal with daily.My biggest dream is to be able to one day look as I feel and that’s a woman.

  • Amber

    I am 20, 5’3 ish and on a good day i weigh 105 pounds. Im tired of people thinking i have an eating disorder. id like to fill out my clothes, id like to fit into a bra. and yes people say “youre lucky to be thin”, but i dont think i look healthy at all. not saying i wanna be fat, but at the normal weight for my age and size. and they really should have something out there for people like us. theres tons for people who wish to lose weight and feel good about themselves, why cant we have something to help us gain and feel good bout ourselves as well…

  • Theresa Davis

    Give the tips below a try:

    1) Choose healthy high calorie foods such as: Nuts, nut butters, avocados, regular oil based salad dressings, vegetable oils, and olives. These foods all contain heart healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats.
    – Try snacking on a handful of nuts or olives in between meals. Add nuts to salads, cereal, shakes, etc.
    – Have peanut butter sandwiches; add peanut butter to shakes, oatmeal, or on fruit.
    – Dip veggies into oil based salad dressings.
    – cook with vegetable oils.
    – Try avocado slices on sandwiches.
    2) Eat frequently. Aim for about 3 meals + 3 snacks per day. If it’s tough for you to eat this frequently try shakes (such as protein shakes, yogurt shakes, etc). For many people it’s easier to drink their calories than to eat them.
    3) Choose low fat dairy and lean meats most of the time. Dairy and meat products are a source of saturated fat, the type of fat associated with increasing the risk of heart disease. Although you’re looking to gain, lean meats and low fat dairy products are still a better option (low fat NOT non-fat).
    4) Choose meals and snacks that contain a mix of nutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat) For example: a sandwich on whole wheat bread with turkey, low fat cheese, avocado slices and some lettuce and tomato.
    5) When exercising, focus more on strength training which helps build muscle and mass than cardiovascular exercise which predominantly burns fat.
    6) Choose regular beverages. Soft drinks are not the most nutritious option for weight gain, but they can contribute a lot of calories to your total daily intake. 100% juice is a better option than sodas or other soft drinks such as fruit punch or ice tea.

    Theresa Davis MS, RD


  • Ellie

    Thank you Theresa that was very helpful. Unfortunately I have a severe, life threatening nut allergy and I don’t eat meat or fish so that kind of screws me over eh?

    I’m 16 years old, female, 6’0″, and weigh 120 lbs. I find the problem of not being able to gain weight and remaining extremely thin and lacking any fat is worse when you’re tall because of a sort of optical illusion that taller people always look thinner than shorter people no matter their muscle mass and body fat. I do realize there are much bigger problems revolving those with very low metabolisms but this is still a problem for those of us with high metabolisms, no matter how “unimportant” it may be to others. It is not only a matter of being accused of having eating disorders but simply of staying warm without needing to wear a million layers of clothing, to not become bruised all the time whenever we bump into things, and to simply look normal if anything. I’ve inherited my fast metabolism from my father and he has now, at the age of 57, begun to show signs of a slower metabolism. I have heard that the metabolism of females slow much earlier but I can only hope.

    And good luck to all those who are trying to gain weight.

  • Peter

    It might be an idea as a starting point to get some blood tests done.

    Alternatively, it may be an idea to look at the food you consume and in what ratios. Generally, if one wants to put on weight in the form of muscle one would eat foods high in protein. Its also important to remember that in order to gain weight you need to eat more calories than you consume based on youur metabolism and your life style i.e active, very active etc. Rest is equally essential in tryin to gain weight as your body regenerates whislt your asleep. Thus you need to keep regular sleep patterns and uninterrupted sleep is important. Consuming a lot of water can help-although I believe it is ill advised to consume lots of water with or just after a meal as this leads to bloating but it should defiantely be consumed betwen meals. Meals should also be eaten regularly and at least every 3 hours, with snacking in between.

    I myself have a problem in putting on weight becos of my metaboliim and it effects my energy levels ( I feel drained all the time). I also find that I wake up in the middle of the night regualrly. Its been suggested to me that even though I techincally eat the right foods in order to put on weight that becos of my metabolism I should consider altering the ratios in which I eat protein, carbohydrate and fats. Because Im not a specialist and I dont entirely understand this well enough to feel confident to give advice, I’d suggest speaking to a dietician etc. Making a food diary to record what u ate, when, how you feel after etc.

    It may also be an idea to eat organic etc and a dietician might advise you to cut certain things out of your diet i.e wheat to try and find what is the problem. Unless they do advice this I would not advice you to do so, as you clearly need all the food intake you cant get. However, the food should be healthy and frying chicken doesnt sound like it is. You owe it to yourself to find someone to help you resolve the problems even though it may not be your doctor-though this should be your first port of call.

  • Peter

    That should read, all the food intake you CAN get. ALso by someone other than a doctor, \I’m referring to a dietician or someone equally qualified not a witch doctor or anything. :p

  • cheer*chick!

    im 14 yrs old and im always getting made fun of because of my skinny and small size. im pretty tall….but just skinny. i eat more than anyone at our school but i still dont gain a pound! my metabolism is so high that i passed out twice at school! i exersize everyday and ive tried everything to gain weight. i have no idea what to do!

    • Ashley

      I have almost the same problem but i am 12 and i have not passed out in school thank god and knock on wood i don’t get made fun of too much but i just wanna stop my life and just get fat then go back to living again.

      • Kaelyn

        I can totally relate to you I am 12 and I only weigh like 65 pounds and it is just in possible for me to gain weight. I eat a lot, and I eat healthy, and I work out but I can’t gain weight. People tease me all the time saying ” your so skinny” and call me anorexic and all of those names but they just don’t understand that I have a really high metabolism.

  • Austin

    Mcdonalds people .

    • tiara

      if it were only that simple…

    • Chris

      Umm… NO! McDonalds will give you a heart attack before you can even blink! Healthy fats are what you need. Not artery clogging… Gunk… Aka Pink goo. (Look it up) That crap is just plain bad for anyone!

  • Rylie

    oh my gosh reading everyones replys makes me feel not all by myself anymore i have been trying for years to gain weight and i have weighed 85 pounds now for 2 years and i work at mc donalds and eat so much there ( probbably not good) but other than that i eat 6 or 7 meals a day and i cant even gain one pound and im so self consious becasue of it.. like i cant wear skirts or t shirts or tank tops im scared to. and everyone thinks im annorexic if they dont know me. but all i do is eat. i have to base my life around being so skinny and i look so gross, even i think i look gross. i just want to look like all my friends.. normal. i am so stumped it is upsetting and very frusturating trying to gain weight and eat everything and i cant. my whole family goes up and down in weight very easy and i cant even gain a pound. i cant fit clothes in barly any stores and i tend to wear baggy clothes becasue when i get made fun of constantly i really do just want to hide my body from everyone. summer scares me.. me in a 2 piece bathing suit im so self consious. i just cant take it anymore. and everyone is like your so lucky oh my goodness shutup i would kill to be that size. and seriously you may think that but im not normal looking im not a nice size. it scares me and other people i hate this soooo much =(

    • Ashley

      same i just wanna pause my life and get fat

  • sazza

    it’s bloody annoying innit!!! i use to be an elite swimmer and gymnast competing internationally when i was a teenager to 21yrs old, i was a decent 9.5 stone at 5″6′ everyone used to b amazed how big n muscular i was, i had an athlete figure but yeah i did have some annoying times dat i look like a bloke in a dress!! now dat im retired n jus playin football once a week, within one yr i gone down to 8 stone, lost all my ‘fat’ figure, im now jus lump of muscles on bones!!! all the people who knew me thou i was depressed n stopped eatin, sum even tho i was on drugs!!!! i was so annoyed cos i tried 2 eat whateva i want but i neva gained weight therefore more ppl didnt believe dat i was healthy even my fella thou i wasnt happy wiv him. i decided to go back swimming trainin for a bit and within 4 weeks i put on half a stone n my fella was happy wiv my figure as it look betta than b4, i thou finally!!!! but then winter came i stopped goin swimming cos im that lazy, then guess what? yep i lost all my weight again 🙁 so the verdict…go swimming for 1 hr as much as u can but NOT breast stroke…its the most useless stroke ever!! swim every stroke u can do n push urself to the limit cos in the end u tend to eat like horse also i take protein shakes as well. i will be back in the pool soon i miss my old me 🙁 good luck every1

  • Mike

    And here I thought I was the only one with a fast metabolic rate and hates it. Sure eating anything I want, at any time in any amount is great and all, but only if I was maybe 10-15 pounds heavier. Im 19, 5 foot 9 inches and weigh around 115 pounds.(I have always been thing throught out my life, same with my 2 brothers and my mom) I get the “you need to eat more, anorexic, etc etc” stuff everyday. Some people have admitted to be envious of me! I tell them its terrible and Id do anything to give up my metabolism. I have tried a bit to gain it, but in all honesty I think its useless. I will admit I havent been eating like I use to(mind you I eat like a monster) but Ive tried a few different things but I want to keep going, I am slowly working my way up to be a vegitarian and I fear this will get in the way of me trying to gain weight. I will still try my best and use those dumbells in the corner of my room that are collecting dust(haha). I just want to know what its like to take off my shirt and go swimming again(I havent swam without a shirt in years). It just isnt fair to us when theres constant marketing of LOSING weight, while people dont realize theres people like us wishing we could gain some. Anyways, happy trails to eveyone and we should all try our very best. Dont give up, because I wont. Good luck to everyone!

  • cheer*chick!

    i can relate to riley……i feel very self conscious about wearing a 2 piece bathing suit. i weigh about 70 pounds and im about to be in high school. Everyone always thinks im anorexic but all i do is eat and eat and eat! i have always been made fun of and i just cant take it anymore…..i just wish i could look normal

  • lanona


  • mimi

    omgosh!!!! I’m not alone!!!!! I always feel like such a freak being abnormally skinny although I eat more than some of my friends. All they think about is diet diet diet! Gosh I’m sick of tht word. I have eaten all the fats I can consume, unhealthy or healthy. I lift weights and I drink weight gain milk ( those seriously doesn’t help. Big waste of money) all I wanna be is normal. And yes, I get that anorexic accusation all the time. All of my friends ask me where I stuff all the calories I take. Well, I don’t noe. They dissolve and burn into nothingness as soon as they settle into my stomach I guess. I hate this too.

  • Serrena R.

    I am an 18 year old girl who never been over 120lbs. in my life. I really want to gain 20 pounds. I would love to be a model. I know you are probably thinking..Y would you want to be a model and gain weight. Well I’m not saying that i want to be fat, but I weigh 116lbs. and i would feel very triumphant about myself if i could no longer look like the skinny girl where I am from. I just want to enjoy life with a bit of meat on my bones. You know what I mean. I want to weigh 135 pounds and it’ll equal out because I am 5’7. So please help every girl out there and myself. Because I eat all the time- non stop and can’t gain even 5lbs.

  • Dr. G. Pepper


    Why don’t you post your question on our forum board in “Metabolism” section? That way our nutrition experts can have a look at the problem and respond to you there. It is easier for us that way.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • Kay M

    Im like all of you people, I constently get remarks about how skinny I am, and frankly Im tired of it. I was always bullied in school until Grade 11 when people stopped calling me anorexic and just plain skinng.

    I eat alot but it dont matter what I have to eat, I wont gain a pound. Im 5’7 1/2 and 117 pounds to this day. Im gonna try your tips that you put on here, and if that doesnt help, I dont know what ill do. I hope we can find a “cure” to the high metabolism and maybe, just maybe we all can live a “normal” life!

    Love Always;;;


  • renee`

    i am 18yrs old and 5ft9″ i previously weight 124 but jump to 118. my metablism is very high i really want to do something about it and gain some weight please help him.

  • Annalicia

    Haha. I do to. I’m just on this website looking for answers to a stupid project, but i have really high metabolism, i must say it does come in handy sometimes. Like when im moody i eat alot lol, i can absolutly anything, anytime, anywhere and not gain a pound!!! 8D

  • Shannon V

    I’m a male, 20 y/o and only 5’5″.. I am greatly envied for keeping slim and being able to eat like a glutton, but I myself have been told by medical professionals and friends alike that I am underwieght, and would like to have a bit more meat. Having studied Anatomy and Physiology, as well as natural medicine, I can advise against going for the same diet that everyone might see on the net, you all likely have different genetic makeups and backgrounds, and what’s really good for one person may be not so good for you, bad even, see a GP or a naturopath, and get them to tell you what’s best for you. I was told a certain diet, and by my doctor that I can’t handle the heat and should be living in north europe!!.. Anyways, go out and get your own personalised advice, someone online may not be able to help you properly without face to face consultation.

    Shannon V

  • Raine S.

    Oh my gosh I thought I was seriously sick. I just inherited my momma’s high metabolism. I’m like, 5 ft. 5inches ish, and have never been higher than 118 lbs. I can’t gain muscle or fat. I’m 15. I get called anorexic and sick all the time… It’s so awful. I mean, I should be happy that I don’t gain weight, but I need to eat all the friggin time. It’s so horrid and then I feel really bad that I have to eat so much in order to live comfortably…

  • i am 18
    i cant gain weight at all
    if i do i lose it like wat
    i am 125 a day and then when i weigh my self
    again i am 118
    please help

  • mateo burbano

    i felt alone all this time but now i realize there is ppl like me, that kinda makes me feel better. well im a 15 year old male im 5’6 and 95 pounds, people at my school call me anorexic and all kinds of names and at this age ppl want to have girlfriends and i dont think girls like skinny boys at all. im really shy and i think its due to the fact that im so skinny ,i hope i can gain some weight because this is really annoying.

  • Brian RD


    I’m so glad that you have found others who have shared your struggles. I know the media is very focused on weight loss (and for good reason), but there are certainly many people like yourself who want to gain weight.

    I encourage you to look around the site and find some tips for weight gain that you might find helpful.


  • Awareness

    Hi All,

    Genetics do play a part in weight gain. Your metabolism does slow down as you age so take that into consideration.

    I am 24years of age and 188cms tall. I weigh 81kgs and my target is to weigh 90kgs by early 2010. I did weigh 68kgs when I was 21 but once I changed my lifestyle and mind set, eventually I did put on weight.. Albeit slowly !

    I too have a fast metabolism and to combat this my intake is 50% carbs, 40% protein, 10% fat. Fatty foods you consume will have an influence on your energy levels. I eat once every 2-3 hours — But it’s important you don’t over eat !

    Eating quality carbs such as brown rice & pasta and quality protein such as steak, chicken and fish will provide your body with the energy level it needs. Throw in vegetables with no heavy dressings/oils and your body will have the antioxidants it requires.

    What’s also important is hydration. Drinking around 5-6 glasses of water a day to supplement your carb intake will allow for fast hydration when you work out. Compound your work outs and take it easy when you train with weights. Build your strength/form up by doing push ups, sit ups, chin ups.. before hitting medium/heavy weights !

    Make sure your food intake is quality over quantity. On the topic of quality.. your quality of life mirrors your health. No smoking, no drinking and strictly no recreational activities (drugs). Even keep soft drink intake low !

    Sleeping and resting is important for recovery.. so get into a routine where you wake up early every day and train/exercise every other day ! Don’t over do it with your work outs and try eliminate excessive snoozing on your alarm 🙂

    Good luck to you all ! And remain positive !

  • Awareness

    Wow.. when I was creating my previous post.. It was well structured in paragraphs not ONE whole paragraph.. Ah well.. Happy reading 🙂

  • Amanda022499

    I am 31 years old and have ONLY been able to put weight on when I was prego(3 times) I have been able to put on like 40 extra pounds and about 3 months after giving birth it ALL comes off. I am currently 5 foot 8 inches and weigh 113 and want to put on atleast another 15-20 pounds to feel healthy!! I am tired of not being able to wear shorts or skirts in fear of what people will call me or think. I too have been called names and been made fun of my whole life. I would like to get into law enforcement but my size is stopping me!! It sucks that someone cant make a pill to slow things down!!

  • Amanda022499

    Also I just love all the advice that people leave that have NO IDEA what we go through to put weight on! People say things like get sleep,eat Mcds,eat 8 meals a day etc….but the fact of the matter is if you have a HIGH metab. you can eat and eat and sleep and sleep etc…but the weight will not come!!! Its easy for people to give advice that dont know what its like to put weight on. It is much harder in my opinion than losing it(atleast in my case)!!!

  • Priscilla16

    Hey well,
    im 16 and i weigh 110lbs. I know that most of my friends are of regular size and i feel like im the only one who has this problem. All of my family are/were very skinny growing up. My brother is older than me and shorter and weighs less. So i know its genetic. I eat soo much and not gain anything, everyone knows me as the girl who eats everything and stays soo skinny. I like my body and everything its just sometimes i wish i would gain a little bit of weight. People look at me like im crazy. But i just want to look and feel normal and healthy. I dont want people to think im anorexic, and im the complete opposite i dont want to be so skinny. Anyways Im also a dancer and i keep in shape so maybe it has something to do with that. 🙂

  • Brian RD

    Hi Priscilla,

    Gaining weight for some can be just as frustrating as losing weight for others.

    I encourage you to post your problem on the metabolism forum:

    So others may be able to help you.


  • always skinny

    Im a young girl who has been skinny my whole life. Lets just say im a teenager. I need to gain weight becuase everyone i know is fatter than i am and they are always bugging me about being skinny. I looked at myself and i weigh 84 pounds. All the food i eat goes to my stomach and literally a half hour later i end up going to the washroom. I eat normal daily like everyone else just my metabolism is really high. I really need to gain weight and be normal. HELP ! 🙁

  • Brian RD


    It sounds like you have really struggled with this problem. I recommend posting this in our forum so that the entire metabolism.com community can offer their help.

    Brian RD

  • Skinny Dude

    …Treat others how you would LIKE to be treated, therefore, marry a fat person so that there is a higher possibility of your children not having to go through what you have had to – because you caught it from your skinny parent/s. Don’t you wish ‘somebody’ thought the same… A few generations ago LoL.

  • Thin filipino

    Im 18 goin on 19 iv neva weighd ovr 116 pounds..iv ben lil all ma life..im 5’6..i eat so much dat erybody calls me fat..bt i dnt gain n e weight..i weigh bout 106..i nw understand i cant eryting i want cause ppl wit high metablism r at risk 4 high colestral..so ima use da tips i got..an hopefully i gain sum weight..im tird of feelin an lukn unhealthy..

  • unknown

    I am a 12 year old girl and I am 4’11”.
    i always eat like a pig, sometimes good food and mostly bad.
    i am always trying to eat good because i know that if i keep this up i could turn overweight when im older. but i am a very picky eater and all the healthy things i like always take to much time to make and i am very busy with school, soccer, and volleyball. i need some quick healthy snacks to eat a lot. if you have any answers for me please respond to this comment.

  • Chris

    I am 6ft 2 male, 19 years old, weigh just 145 pounds and have been told by my doctor that have an extremely high metabolism….
    I have always struggled to gain weight from a very young age but due to my height… i appear even thinner! I have tried all the different types of diets including just pigging out every day but nothing ever works.
    I come from a family where no food goes to waste and we all go back for 2nd’s n 3rd’s and always end up finishing off mates food…. within an hour or so of finishing a big meal I have digested my food and wanting something else to eat!
    I really am at the stage where I will do anything just to gain a little more weight, I have decided to go back to my GP and see if there is anything they can give me to slow my metabolism down after reading what others have said.

  • Tired of being skinny

    This is funny….my dad is big and has no problem gaining wieght he is 6 4 and 235lbs and cant seem to lose wieght, i eat more than he does, yet he gains wieght and i gain like a pound and the lose it the next day. im 5 7 3/4 and wiegh between 116-120. i gave tried everything, eating alot is hard work and hard on your stomach. my mom is normal wieght too. I have an extremly high matabolism and i can eat till i cant physically eat no more and by the next morning i burn off every single last calorie i ate and still wiegh a skinny 116- 120 pounds. if i go a day without eating i start losing wieght below 116 :[. this is soo hard i just want to be normal :[ i burn lots of calories playing baseball, but so dose everybody else and I out eat all of my fat friends and normal friends, they don’t have to try to gain wieght at all :[ and me forcing food into your stomach to try to gain wieght and stay between 116 and 120, its just not fair :[. I am soo desparate. please give me tips and help….i know how it feels being skinny

  • Pumped Mostly

    “Hi I’m Bob and I’m an alcoholic” lol
    So I’m 18, 6’0″, 177lbs, 15% body fat. I’ve been weight training for a 19 months and have a message for all you other “high metabolism” and “ectomorphic” guys looking for muscle bulk who in times of doubt come to sites like this.
    1. Eat/Drink
    Muscle has to come from somewhere. We can’t expect all that matter to just magically “poof” from training. Muscle fibers are torn and need to be repaired with proper nutrition or else they’ll just merge into the same mass again. Stay away from funk food! Eat 3 healthy meals and 3 healthy snacks everyday. You should incorporate your healthy smart diet around Protein (fish, yogurt, nuts, chicken, soy, milk, eggs, protein shakes), Carbs (pasta, fruit juice, rice, oats, bread, potatoes) and Fats/Oils (fish oil, olive oil, whole milk, red meat).
    2. Train Hard
    You need to tear those muscles before they can repair themselves. BUT there are two different kinds of repairs after spending time in the gym. When you feel tired and achy yet you know you can pull off more sets, thats called muscle fatigue. That’s for endurance and toning, not muscle building. When you push that “heavy” weight till you literally can’t budge, this is called muscle failure. Work towards muscle failure not muscle torture. ;p
    3. Go Natural
    Please don’t turn to steroids. Drugs are bad, mkay?
    4. Patience is Key
    Bodybuilding is a lot like being a gardner. You can water and watch your sprouts all you want, but growth takes time. Don’t beat yourself up for not seeing results the next morning. Not even steroid users get those results. Be patient. Weightlifting is a lifestyle, not a fad.

  • Hunter

    God, I hate it when people say “I wish I could eat and never gain weight”. Ok I’m 5’8 (maybe 5’9) and I weight only 100 pounds. You know how much I get ridiculed over that? I eat like a lot every day and never gain a pound. I’ve tried exercising and still nothing. I get called like super skinny or anorexic or something else when I’m not wearing my hoodie. I ear one every day just so people dont make fun of me. I dont truly think people know how much it blows to not be able to gain weight especially when your tall. I know that people say when you get older you start to gain weight but I’m 14 and still nothing. I wish I had a slower metabolism.

  • Deandrea

    ughh people wish they could be skinny like me but you really wouldnt want to… I have a high metabolism im skinnier then everyone. I eat and eat and gain not 1 single pound, my friends ask me were it gos nd i really dont know. Ive tried everything to gain weight and i wish my slow metabolism would finnaly kickup. I think i havnt gained anything for like 3 years, Yeaa people say it will slow down when i get older but its not. Wow i hate when people call me twig or anorexic, because truly im not, well i guess ill just have to wait…

  • ryan

    hey my name is ryan i just turned 17 and i was woundering wat i can to gain weight
    i am 6ft tall and weight 9.6 stone but for my height i need to be 12 stone. how do i do this.
    i think i may have an high metabolism but i can eat but i just stay the same. i was woundering if i used creatine and weight gainer for a couple of months would that help at all.

    wat can do please help

  • kristen

    i am 21 year old female and have been really skinny all my life. Im 5’4 and weigh maybe 90 pounds i eat alot and have tried several things to gain weight and nothing has worked. im so tired of being skin and bones what can i do?

  • Ryan

    Hey guys, isn’t being soo thin terrible? I’m 18 years old, 6’6″ and weigh 120 pounds. I am actually disgusted looking in the mirror. I’m so freakin tired of seeing these weight LOSS commericals! ok we understand you can lose weight but we here need to gain it!

  • Molly

    im a girl im14 and im 5’10” and weigh 109. I TRY EVERYTHING to gain weight but i cant. i hate how girls in my grade make fun of me for being skinny. they say im anorexic and depressed. i also hate how my friends say they wish they had my body. but it is not cool and i dont think i look good. i know people judge me for my weight and i wish i was fat!!!!!! how can i become fat?

  • Bianca

    im 19 years old and about to turn 20 in a few months. i have been skinny all my life. i have people call me anorexic and sick because of my size. im 5’2″ and weigh 102lbs. i tell people that its my high metabolism and there is nothing that i can do to change my weight because i have pigged out numerous of times. i eat more than my mom and stepdad combined. my whole family are big people except for me and my younger cousin. this issue really stresses me out because im tired of being so small and having people make comments when they dont know my situation. its not like i choose to be this way. i would much happier if i could put on at least 30 more pounds.

  • Bianca

    another issue that makes me sad is that most women my age are weighing in at 120-150lbs. i feel like a lil kid at times.

  • jeremy

    umm you guys if you hate being skinny simply drink like a 1,000 calorie shake twice a day, i was 5’10 118 and went to 136 in 8 weeks, of course i worked out 3-4 times a week.(shake had 3 scoops of whey protein, 2 tsp. of vegetable oil, half cup of oatmeal, and 2 cups of milk.) it may sound like a lot but make some dedication and you cant even taste the oil.

  • Nicole

    Glad to know im not alone…basically i have the same problem as everyone else! im 16 and I eat waaay more than my friends and they even call me a pig cause i eat so much but i wish i would look like it. I want to look normal and look filled out. I am curently taking a powder called (DUOL CAL) that supposed to help you gain weight. I cant really tell if its shown results yet but hoping it will btw it was reccomended by my doctor so try talking to your doctor to! Im very active and i play softball and im in dance i can gain muscle fast but not weight and im sick of it. But for some reason when ever summer comes i dont weigh as much and i dont get as hungry but still eat alot. Being in school makes me really hungry lol so i always eat during school but im trying to figure out away to put on weight this summer. the guys advice aboce me sounds pretty good i wanna try but dont know if i can keep it up. IF ANYONE HAS ANYY SUGGESTIONS LET ME KNOW! please and thenk you! good luck to everyone else 🙂

  • Mikey

    I’m 20, 5’11 and weight 127Ibs.(usually). I have been skinny and 5’11 since I could remember and, like a lot of you all, have been called skinny and made fun of but I never give up thanks to my motto “I may be a little guy(skinny), but I’m pretty tough” lol. Every one of my family member are tall, the shortest one like 5’5 and the tallest being maybe 6’3 which sucks because sometimes I feel like I was adopted since everyone in my family is either normal or fat. My mom says one of my uncles(which has a really good body type, but doesn’t take care of it) was skinnier than me at my age, but I find it very hard to believe every time I see him. Like Rylie also said, summer scares me too because I hate wearing t-shirts (I always wear long sleeved clothes btw) and I really wish the day would come where I can take my shirt off and lay in the sun outside. Recently I noticed that I have passed my weight limit barrier I have been trying to break all my life when I weighted myself and saw 132Ibs. I have always weighted around 120-125 but have never really passed the 130 mark before these past few days.I eat usually 2 times, but I eat till I cant feel my legs (Not literally, lol). I drink nothing but water with my food and milk with some type of sweet and eat a lot of bread (wheat kind) and a lot of other dairy products. I also eat lots of hot pockets and meat with lots of veggies like broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, onions and lettuce. Don’t really eat a lot of fruit but I will start eating more frequently every few hours, which im hoping will help.Thank you all for giving great tips and motivation! =D

  • Kayla G.

    Hey All,
    I am having the exact same problems too. I am soo skinny. I am 14 and I weigh like 92 pounds. I eat all the time(mater a fact I am hungry right now.) I eat all the time hoping to gain weight but it never goes anywhere. People think I am anorexic, but I am not. I just want to gain like 20 pounds. No more would I like to be the “skinny girl.”

  • Nicole

    hey KAYLA G. i had the exact same story and problem as u when i was 14 and going into high school im 16 now but as a matter a fact i weighed the same to at ur age but for some reason i started gaining weight in high school. not a whole lot and im still trying to gain weight. but if any one says anything to u in high school about the way you look just tell them “i could really care less about what YOU think of me cause i get to eat whatever the heck i want with our worrying about getting fat” lol 🙂 it worked for me then they stopped giving me crap lol. but good luck in high school!

  • Kayla G.

    Thanks Nicole!
    & I will use that line..lol
    thanks again…

  • alex

    hi im 15 and i v got ahigh metabolism which stops me from gaining weight even though i eat ALOT and do weights regualry becus of me being so thin i feel the cold alot more than others and bruise and break bones easily
    i dont know wat to do !!!!!!

  • pete

    all i have seen so far about gaining wait helps none im in the army and eat when i can i go to the gym every day ,every one told me i would gain wait in bct haha i lost wait and thats with mre’s witch contane massive amounts of calaries i have ben called all the names in the book also ppl say i look like im 12 all the time im 19 maby 115lbs i tried every trick in the book befor i joined the army so i wouldent have to get a waiver but nothing ive herd so meny ppl tell me its a good thing haha at least going to the gym will help you loose wait for me nothing so far but im hopeing

  • Carol Wignall

    In reading through the various replies I have come up with a general response to several of the blogs. First, to let everyone know, I am 5’5″, 50 years old. I have given birth to 3 children and have 2 surgeries on my back, a tubal, and gall bladder surgery. My most ideal weight was at age 18 (before children) I varied between 118-122. Now I struggle in at about 105, my lowest is 102 and I never get over 110. I too have been taunted, accused of anorexia and other eating disorders (not just by the general public, but by my own doctor -not my doctor now) I have been asked if I have AIDES, Hep C or some sort of cancer. I do my best to stay active and perform exercises that not only include cardio, but muscle resistive tension as well. I eat 3 good meals a day and always eat a protein based snack at bedtime. You will not gain weight as you get older, this will not go away on it’s own. Currently, I do not have a job, much less insurance so getting into the right doctor is not an option (if there is one?) I struggle with extreme fatigue and body aches, heart palpations and recently my right eye “twitches” constantly. I do not eat junk food or processed food – real food only. If it doesn’t come from the outside perimeter of the store I do not eat it. If anyone has some home remedies or routines that have proven somewhat successful pass it on! By the way I am currently struggling to quit smoking as I know this to be a deterrent so if I succeed I will let you know if anything improves with me and what symptoms it helped to alleviate.

  • mohammad

    Hi everyone. Like most of the people here i also have a very high metabolism. I also used to eat a lot and gain nothing. Until i discovered something interesting. The problem with us who have a really fast metabolism is not because we eat little rather it’s bc we don’t drink enough water to turn those calories into fat/muscles. If we drink 12-15 glasses of water every day between meals we will gain weight. I have tried this and so far it seems that it’s helping me gain weight. Our body is 70% water and if our water intake is not enough, then the nutrients in the food we eat cannot be broken down and stored as fat, therefore they’ll be released as waste. I’m 5’11 and i used to weigh only 59 kg (130lbs), but after drinking a lot of water for a few weeks, i’m already 62kg. You might at first go to the bathroom more frequently than before but it’s okay your body will get used to it after a while. Remember, don’t just eat a lot , drink a lot of water too

  • David

    6 FT 2. Weight is 127 pounds. Work out hardcore, eat around 10,000 calories a day and still no weight gain. Just needed to vent. Tired of “blowing away if the wind blows” so they say.

  • BoB

    Hellooo everyone 🙂
    i am 170cm and 50kg guy , and i have been struggling for years and years ! everyone ask me “how come ur so slim” and i never know how to answer
    its good to know i am not alone 🙂
    im trying now to eat more and to go to the gym , hope it will work…

    has anyone been able to gain weight ??? i would like to have an answer from someone who actually was able to change and gain weight !

    thank you all.

  • Matt

    It IS possible to gain weight, no matter how fast your metabolism is – I know from experience. I have a very fast metabolism – it was always fast – but now I *know* it to be abnormally fast because I have thyroid cancer, and as part of the treatment, I have to take a slightly above-normal dose of thyroid hormone, which is done to prevent the growth of the cancer. (Thyroid hormone controls the speed of your metabolism, so it would definitely be worth a trip to the doctor to have your thyroid levels tested if you have a hard time gaining weight.) My levels are not as high as they used to be (fortunately) since the cancer is now in remission and the level could be safely reduced somewhat, but I remember from when the levels were at their highest how it seemed like I had to eat constantly to maintain my weight. I remember that I seemed to have just as much of an appetite, if not more, than I did when I was running cross-country 8-12 miles a day (prior to my diagnosis), even though I was no longer running much at all.

    What you have to remember is that it’s all a matter of how many calories you’re taking in. If you take in more calories than you burn, you WILL gain weight. It’s a lot easier to do with a well-designed nutrition program. After going through my initial cancer treatment, a couple years ago, I went to see a nutritionist who did numerous tests and designed a custom nutrition program for me. (The nutritionist was Dr. Frederick Sutter, if anyone’s interested, though I’m sure there are other nutritionists who can do similar tests.) One of the tests even determined the number of calories that I should be eating per day, which I think was 3500. Some of the people posting comments here may need even more calories than that.

    Keep in mind that many professional athletes eat 8000 calories or more a day (Michael Phelps eats a staggering 12,000!) Talk about really having to spend a lot of time eating… unless anyone here is a professional athlete, you probably don’t need nearly that many calories. But it still can be a challenge.

    While lately I’ve been a little less vigilant, and consequently my weight is a little lower than I’d like it to be, I know how to gain weight, and I successfully did so in the past even when my thyroid levels were higher. You do have to be vigilant to eat frequently.

    What worked for me–and what my nutritionist recommended–was first of all to eat more protein. This is easiest to do on a non-vegetarian diet, but do make sure to include vegetable protein from sources like beans, nuts, and soy. This will help to increase caloric intake and build muscle. Also, eat frequently — preferably 4 meals a day, plus snacks. Healthy snacks include whole-grain crackers or rice cakes with peanut butter, cottage cheese with fruit and/or honey (or stevia), yogurt mixed with weigh protein, and protein shakes.

    I think one of the biggest helps for me was supplementing my diet with weigh protein (I prefer the unsweetened kind, or Jay Robb’s sweetend with stevia since I avoid sugar), which as I just mentioned you can mix with yogurt or use to make protein shakes…or just mix with water or milk (or soy or almond milk). For one very brief period, I even started to gain too much weight, and I think it was due eating a lot of weigh protein without exercising enough–it works best if you’re working out, in which case it will definitely help you to build muscle. I’m also a big fan of Hemp Protein, which does not taste as good mixed with foods like yogurt, but can be used to make a good shake, especially when mixed with cocoa (I use a banana to sweeten it). It contains all the essential amino acids, plus chlorophyll, fiber, and more, and it’s completely vegetarian. It’s a big hit with vegetarian athletes.

    Well, that should be enough to get you started…remember, it’s just a matter of figuring out ways to eat more calories! — but don’t eat junk! You may hear people say that you should just eat more cookies and cakes, etc., which is probably the worst advice that could be given. White flour (which on ingredient labels is referred to as “wheat flour”–watch out! look for “whole wheat flour”) and refined sugar are among the worst things ANYONE can eat, except in very, very modest quantities. And if this advice isn’t enough for you, research the glycemic index, and finally see a nutritionist if you need further assistance — it’s hard to find good advice in books and on the internet, since most of it is geared toward people wanting to lose weight. But a professional nutritionist can definitely help you to gain weight.

  • JBW

    WOW! It’s very different to see this many people wanting/needing to gain weight. Don’t you get tired of the commercials and ads advertising how to LOSE weight? What about us? I am 37 years old, 5’8 and my weight varies from 110-113. I gained 43 lbs with my pregnancy (my son is 4 months old now) and lost about 48! I was below the weight I was when I became pregnant. My weight fluctuates a lot…I don’t eat 3 full meals a day and sometimes I get to eat only twice a day if I’m really busy with the baby. I do like to cook and I eat healthy…very minimal fried foods and red meats. I would like to weigh about 130 but in the right places. I don’t work out but I intend to start soon. I eat anything I want but I’m not big on junk food or sweets. I have been drinking protein shakes lately (ensure, musle milk, special k, which are expensive) and I will have milkshakes on a fairly regular basis. I teach middle school children science and we do a lot of hands on experiments so I am pretty active/busy at work. I will try to eat right before going to bed more and continue the high protein shakes and do more nuts. Other than this, what can I do? I have always had a high metabolism but I thought by this age, it would have slowed down. I don’t think I’m asking for too much…just to finally get out of a junior size 0 into at least a junior size 5! I’m pretty sure once my son is able to run around, I will lose what I do gain or what I currently have running after him!

  • Boss

    I’m really sick in tired of this im 15 and im only 125-130 pounds I eat like a beast I have a friend who is 220 pounds and he’s my age and I feast more than he does…I work out sometimes like maybe 1-2 a month but not anymore dont have time I really need to gain weight…I want to be atleast 165-180 pounds I hate lookin really skinny and It sometimes makes me look bad in certain clothes please someone help

  • Matt

    It sounds like a lot of the people posting here could be hyperthyroid — not saying that’s necessarily the case, since there are a lot of things that could cause high metabolism. But if you’ve never had your doctor check your thyroid levels, I’d strongly recommend it. I know from personal experience that even being slightly hyperthyroid, if you already have a high metabolism, can really make it hard to gain or even maintain weight.

    Also, there’s a lot of talk here about exercising — that’s great, and I’m a big proponent of exercise, but be aware that you will need to eat MORE if you exercise. For people who are having trouble gaining weight, that almost definitely means you will need to supplement your diet with extra protein (including protein shakes) if you are going to the gym regularly.

  • Jamie trangamr

    hi im 18years of age and im 5″6, i weight 5.4stone and my skinnyness makes me feel sick and deppressed, i also have a type of muscular dystrophy. I have always been under weight from what i can rember at the age of 13 i was 3stone. i tend to snack alot threw out the day, on sandwiches, fast foods, healthy foods and just general food, i have 2 meals a day which are generally healthy, all my friends say i never stop eating, i have tryed those drinks what are supposed to make u gain weight for 3months with no affect atall, are there anything you god advise ? id be very greatfull

  • sara colburn

    i have the same problem i am well few weeks from 21 5’5 and weigh 86lbs thats bad i try reall hard to gain i found a drink a walmart called ensured and it works a lil but thats like a pound a month or so i really wanna gain wieght its keeping me from getting pregnent is what the docs told me plz someone anyone have u figured anything out yet plz tell me i hate being skinny when i got sick with a basic cold i droped down to 60lbs a few months ago thats bad never been hire the 89 lbs plz help

  • Matt

    I’ve given a lot of info on gaining weight in my above two posts, and in general it might be valuable for people to scan through all the comments — they’re not all just complaints, there are some good tips and information from people who have successfully gained weight too.

  • morgan!

    16, 5″2, 84 pounds
    gaining weight is sooo hard, my neighbor and i are super skinny.
    i hate when people think i have a eating disorder or they tell me to go eat a cheese burger,its annoying.

  • Dr. G. Pepper

    Head to the Weight Gain Institute Forum to get feedback and advice from others and experts about weight gain techniques and issues.

    Click on this link to get started: http://www.metabolism.com/health-and-nutrition-forum/forum/weight-gain-institute





  • Christina

    Been reading everyones comments and I have to say that I feel a little better now.. I am almost 27 years old.. I weigh between 90 and 100 lbs.. I am between 5’6 and 5’7.. I have an extream metabolism and it really sucks.. I have tried everything under the sun to gain weight.. They really need to come out with a good medication the helps people like us.. I have had 2 kids and instead of retaining pregnancy weight I ended up smaller than before I got pregnant.. I look really gross.. I have been called many names that range from chicken wing, bones, to having someone say I look like a concentration camp victim.. Nice huh.. All I want is to be normal to gain 30 pounds or so.. I want to have one more child but am afraid to because I’m afraid I will end up even smaller afterward.. I can eat anything I want.. I’m really sick of people telling me to eat more.. I can stuff my face 24/7 and I won’t gain a pound.. So why make myself sick trying..

  • Christina

    Oh I forgot to add to my earlier comment.. I have a thyroid disorder but not the one you would think. I have HYPOTHYROIDISM(underactive). I’ve known about this for years now.. That condition is suppose to make one gain weight..

  • Samantha Loiselle

    hi my name is samantha i am 18 years old and i only weigh 85-90 pounds and no matter what i eat or how much i exersise i CAN NOT GAIN WEIGHT, the reason why i weigh so little is becasue when i was little i had Epelepsy(spelling?) and i had to take pills for that, that did make me gain some weight but as of two years ago i resontly was able to get off of my pills and know i lost 20lbs! since then my weight has been steady at 85-90 range and ya i just need to know if there is maybe some kind of pill or something that will be able to help me gain wieght, kinda like some pills they got out there to help people to loose weight but instead just be the oppiste and HELP ME GAIN WEIGHT

  • Kumar

    Hi I have been taking protein shakes which gives me around 1300 calories a day
    I have a high metabolism and I eat around 4 – 5 meals a day but the meals are very short for breakfest i would eat a bit of cereal then for lunch a chicken burger come home have a snack then have my dinner and then a snack.
    Do you think I can gain weight by maintaining this process everyday ?

  • Angel

    I’ve read almost every post/reply on here and I’m almost in tears because now I see that there are people that exist that feel my pain. I’m 5’7″ and I weigh a measely 106 lbs. I’ve been thin all of my life…the most I’ve weighed is 115 lbs. When I graduated high school, I was 114 lbs and almost 2 years later, I’m 106 and I’m nowhere near as active as I was then! I thought that I was just gonna gain the “freshman 15” like everyone said I was but no such luck (I was actually looking forward to that). I wear jeans all year ’round because I don’t want anyone seeing my pencil thin bowlegs (yes I’m bowlegged to add to my misery). I know I’m supposed to be comfortable with the way I look but the media has made such a big deal of “Skinny b”s don’t eat”. Well here’s the news: we do eat but we just don’t gain the weight like you do. Yeah I confess: I want the curves and the toned legs and arms but achieving that is like trying to build a rocket to go to the moon all by myself. I hope I don’t offend anyone, but I’m african-american so being this thin is just that much worse for me. I’ve been talked about in public like I’m deaf and have no feelings. I’m so tired of this. I’ve lost so much sleep. I eat and eat and eat and eat but nothing works. Personally, just like there are weight loss supplements, I think there should be weight gain supplements for those of us who don’t want to be bodybuilders but just want to be normal…and accepted.

  • Bianca

    Angel, I feel your pain because I’m African-american also. People tend to think that because we are black women that we always gotta have the curves and a voluptuous body but that is not always the case. Some of us struggle to gain weight and be accepted by society, especially by our black community and men. I’m 5’2″ and i weigh 103 lb. and I have been that way since i was in 5th grade and now I am a sophomore in college. It’s hard to find someone to accept you as you are, even men because they want a ‘chick with double DDs and a fat a** with a skinny waist’ but that is how the black community view their women
    I have tried the protein shakes and stuffed my face until I couldn’t take it anymore and I still have not seen progress…

  • Darren

    my mom said i’m a anorexic little bitch and i’ll never gain weight….i just want so very badly to gain weight. fuck my life

  • Darren

    bianca, five foot two and roughly 100 pounds isn’t that bad of a thing, you jus want a huge ass like the majority of your sisters huh? well…you more than likely won’t get picked up by twista and turned into an overnight celebrity, but you can bet that there is a normal guy who will like you and accept you, remember the saying that someone always has one true love? ok well go find him baby girl! good luck

  • abi

    im so glad i found this page. for years i have been tryin to find people like me…i am 19 female and 5ft8 and weigh around 8 n half stone. i am completely straight down with no curve any where. i feel and look like a boy wearin girls cllothes. i never bother to do myself up because i dont fill them out. i never go out i get very nervous when i am out at work because i think people are looking at me thinking oh my god shes anorexic. i can see it on there faces. alot of people tell me to my face! it feels so horrible and such a confidence knock. i have put myself through everything to gain weight over the past 5 or 6 years. i have tried diets from high calorie diest to high carb diets to the contreceptive pill to the contreceptive injection ( and i am petrified of needles!) i almost made myself anemic because i bleed for months, my docotr ended up telling me its not safe for me to be on it…. i tried exercise, mcdonalds. to eating every take away possible. i even spent £30 on that stupid “dimeadozen” thing if anyone has heard of (dont do it) if you havent heard of it, its a flimsy little book saying that food with estrogen in will give your a bigger bum and thighs. it just tells you to eat nuts and eat and drink anything with soya in, which doesnt taste very nice) it didnt work!…..although i have been looking through the interenet and i know that having estrogen does give you a more womanly figure as alot of woman moan because they gain weight when taking estrogen after the menopause. i have emailed alot of people asking them if they can help me as i am trying to find out if taking estrogen tablets at my age will do any harm to me. i also get fed up with all the tv adds and mag adds going on about lose weight fast blah blah blah. no one stops to think about us who dont feel like a woman and dont feel atractive because we have nothing to feel atractive about.
    i am determined to put on weight and will try everything untll i get results. people have eevn gone pretty low to tell me “just have a baby that will help you get fatter”…
    i know what your all going through. i wish you all good luck. if i find anything out about the estrogen stuff i will write here and tell you all 🙂

    lv abi x x x

  • lyana

    I have the same problem…..it’s so frustrating! isn’t it completely weird that they haven’t come up with some sort of medicine that can actually slow down catabolism ?!!! GET ON WITH it !!!

  • Jimmy

    Hey all! Like everyone, I have really high metabolism. I’m 19 and is 5’9, weigh 120lbs. Back in high school, junior year, I manage to pull myself up to 130 lbs.Well, I went down to 115 a month after school ends. Yes, I lost 15lb in 1 month. At that time, I ate 3 times a day. Small breakfast, I think it helps slow down my metabolism b/c of the starving from night to morning and small breakfast. But for lunch and dinner, I eat like crazy. I consumed all types of food and drinks. So I recommend those with HIGH METABOLISM to eat 2-3 big meals a day. Avoid as much cardio exercise as posible. Eating McD does not help gaining weight if you have high metabolism. I did try like that dude in “Supersize Me” but only eat lunch and dinner at McD. And I did that everyday for 1.5 months. HA. Nothing change. Not a single pound was gained.

  • Hi… I am 18, 5’3 and my weight is just 80 lbs…
    Isn’t that enough to annoy !
    I am healthy and happy but I look sick ! bwaah !!!!
    I can do everything in my life but gaining weight.
    good luck to you all…

  • robin doyle

    I don’t think that everyone gains weight some people do and don’t with age.

  • guest

    im 15 i always feel dizzy, tired as if ive got no energy and always need to eat to keep my energy levels up how can i slow it down or what can i do to help me feeling like this please reply thanks

  • BeachEMS

    I am 28 y/o 5’9″ and I weigh 146 lbs. I have a high metabolism and it bothers me, too. I currently go to the gym at my rescue squad (which is free, thank god!) 3 days a week. I know that I have to eat more protein, carbs and high calorie foods in order to “pack on the lbs” especially since I workout regularly, but it is difficult to really discipline myself to eat them daily and in abundance because I get tired or sick of eating them. Anything worthwhile isn’t easy so its discipline, discipline, and more discipline.. and its pasta, pasta, and more pasta lol

    I used to be really stressed out through highschool and college, too.. because of being in school, being underweight, having mild acne, not sleeping much at night, etc. Finally, I am in a good place in my life. I am with EMS, got a good job as an EMT, I go to the gym frequently, manage my stress levels with quiet/down time to myself and have cleared my acne.. I am slo getting plenty of sleep at night, which is a huge factor for those of you who work out in the gym.. because you know your muscles need time to repair and rebuild (plenty of water helps, too.. ) STRESS can cause weight loss so it might be a good idea for those of you with high stress levels to MAKE time for yourself to reduce stress. Consider every day events and feelings that cause you stress and work on eliminating them.. not for peace of body, but for peace of mind, too. Pilates, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation and a good self image are all good sources of stress relief.

    How you see yourself is who you are. If you see yourself as being weak and nothing then you are telling yourself thats who you are.. and ultimately that is who you will be. A huge part of becoming someone you want to be (the best version of yourself) is to become that person from the inside out. Think like the beast and tell yourself “I am a raging beast!” When you’re at the gym, let out some groaning and moaning or shout something aggressive when you reach your peak rep of whatever set you’re doing. It will push you to go harder. What you put into the gym is what you get out of it and I have learned that recently. I’ve got to “step it up”.

    Plenty of water, good/lean protein, carbs, vitamins, sleep at night (at least 8 hrs) and aggressive workouts are doing it for me, little by little, but I’ve got to step it up. My goal is 160 lbs by summer 2010. I am going to acheive my goals.. ARE YOU??

  • Jasmine

    Hi, im a 13 year old, and Im in the 7th grade.. I eat loads more than an over weight person but yet I’ve been the same weight since 4th grade. The beggining of 7th grade, I weighed about 83lbs. My goal its to reach 115. I just want to gain weight on my arms, and legs and waist, because I still wear clothes that are in childrens sizes! And I can still wear my shirt from pre-k, and its big on me.

  • David

    Hey im 17, 18 soon im about 5’10-11 and i only weigh 50kg… Ive been trying to gain weight for atleast 3 years… I want to be atleast 80-95kg…
    I can eat and eat all day and dont gain a pound :/ .Anyone have any advice?

  • Kristy

    I also have a high metabolism. After reading some of your replies I feel a little better. Now I know I’m not alone. I have also wondered if something might be wrong with me, still have yet to get my thyroid tested. But I am 25, mother of two, and am 5’4” and barely 109 pounds. I eat at least 4 times a day, sometimes healthy sometimes not. I find myself having to snack to keep up with my metabolism. If I don’t snack I get so hungry I start to feel sick. Here’s the worst part, I just had my number 2 son December 2, 2009. By January 1, 2010 I was back to prebaby size. Today I am back to my size when I was in highschool. I know I shouldn’t complain, but I don’t feel healthy. I feel like I might be sick, and I think I look unhealthy because of my size VS. my age and the fact that I just had a baby!
    High metabolism can be a curse, especially when you do have people looking at you like you must be starving yourself to be that size. When in fact you are stuffing your face just trying to look “normal”.

  • Bianca

    i among many of you have these weight problems and wish there was a way to solve it because i am getting tired of people looking at me and saying that im too skinny. I already know this! there is not much i can do about it! i think doctors and people in general need to make this a more known epidemic among other things such as bulimia and obesity. i think we are being kept in the dark and people should know its not our choice to be this thin. some people say that we are lucky to have high metabo because we can pig out but those same people will look at us like we starve ourselves on purpose…

  • lexeee

    Umm , I eat more than 8 meals a day (seriously.) im skinny but i eat most of the day and i don’t gain weight. i don’t know why but i need to gain weight. (Skinny with a good apitite.)

  • adam

    16 years old
    7 stone (98 pounds)

    enough said? I eat loads, blah blah blah… Doesn’t make any difference, IMO us with high metabolism are doomed 🙁

    Losing weight sounds so easy… You just run! Eat fruit and excercse… When putting on weight, it’s a completely different matter because you can excercise until you are super fit and still be skinny, or eat loads to no effect…

    I also see how there are hardly any success stories on the internet about putting on weight… Suppose if you have a high metabolism there’s nothing you can do… It’s worse for guys than girls as well because skinny girls don’t even look that unattractive where as girls don’t look twice at skinny guys

  • Omar

    Okay so heres my problem…Im 19, in college now 5’11, weigh 132 pounds. people complain about the freshmen 15…I wish I knew what that was…..gaining weight is hard because a)fast metabolism, I eat loads at every meal tons of carbs plus snacks between meals, b) really active, have to walk to classes every day plus do about 3 hours of independent walking every day, c)my main calorie source is our schools cafeteria…which is only open at certain hours….and the food is sometimes either not that great or I simply dont feel hungry enough to stuff myself when I walk in there, and then I walk out not having gotten enough. I can gain a pound in a week if I stuff myself silly at every meal for 4 days straight and eat some more after that, but by the end of that I am usually so overwhelmed that I take one day where I dont eat as much and all of my hard work literally gets crapped out the drain….I am so frustrated

  • Omar

    oh….I forgot to mention one strategy that helped me pack on some quick weight is when I go home and go out to eat a heavily starch based ethnic cuisine…..mexican, chinese, indian etc….where you end up eating tons of bread, rice, noodles plus heavily sauced foods in addition to meat….problem is the weight I gain is mostly bloat and the day after I end up being still too full from the previous day and thus undereat and the pound melts off…so much for that

  • i have the same stressful problem…i am female, i’m 5’8″, 108lbs. i’ve been laughed at, called names, even rejected by family and friends…all accusing me of being anorexic, on drugs, or just putting me down…so down my metabolism is depressing me…my weight makes me feel inferior.

  • Carol

    Ok, I found something that helps me to maintain what I have, but as yet I haven’t been able to actually gain any weight: Dairy products, lots of them, and don’t go for the lite or skim version – go for the gold. I have been going through about a gallon to a gallon and a half of soymilk (the one with the extra vanilla in it. Has about 190 calories per serving. Also I make sure to have yogurt every day and I put honey in and granola on top. Cheese and cracker snacks are good too. I have also find that if I do anything physical (walk the dog, work in the yard etc) I need to have a large heavy (but healthy) snack right after and sit quietly for a good 20 or 30 minutes. The key seems to be stay away from the junk food….for most it packs the calories on but for us it burns right through and you just end up not feeling good as your body doesn’t get what it needs.

    Take heart – most of you that I am hearing from are much younger (I am 52, 5’5″ and 103 pounds) I have been battling this since I was a kid. I was always told after kids, age 40 etc it would get better – it didn’t for me, but maybe it will for you.

  • thalvos

    Hello there, I also have the same problems mentioned above. I’m 16 yo, 6′9″ and 119lbs. I eat both like a cow and a pig. I consume decent amounts of veggies, fruits, fibre, vitamin c(pills), 1litre of milk, sometimes whey, and at least 5 eggs everyday. When I get back from school, The first thing I would do is my 1.5hr exercise routine. Includes stretches, skipping ropes, pull ups, sit ups, push ups, lift two 2kg weighs. I live my life healthily. I am super skinny. In school, I’m Constantly getting tease for my physique. My friends thought that I am suffering from Malnutrition or indrugs, they started teasing me, “i have to eat more”. I am so depressed because peoples first impression of me will be “you’re sick/ill, you never take care of your health. When I meet my cousins or friends who I have long not seen, when I meet them, they’re first words will be, “Dude, you are f88kin skinny, go eat more!”….I will soon suffer from inferiority complex

  • CoN

    Stop working out so much for a start 1.5hr a day and u wonder why ur not gaining weight?

    Start with 3 times a week each body part once a week, lift big low reps like 6-10 for 2-4 sets. you sound fit but ur not gunna get big skipping mate.

    Eat often and regular and when u work out push urself to fail in your last set, remember rest and eating is very important dont over train or you just lost more weight.

    Maybe supplement with some whey protien twice a day when working out for extra calories.

    Good luck as this works for me but remember not everyon can be huge as people have diffrent genes but ANYONE can put on weight.

  • Juicy baby

    Hey all ive read all your stories and all your replies and all the info i can get to gain weight…i dont know if i will make it…i eat so much and i cant seem to pick up weigt im 47kg now and i want to atleast get to 55kg..but its so hard..im 20years old thinking i could gain weight when i was done with high school in 2007 wasnt actually working…i eat eat eat and now im trying out all the osumo products that gives me a healthy lifestyle to eat rather healthy..HOPe everything goes good with ya’ll and i hope we all gain a lil weight…

  • lostsoul-00

    i eat five meals a day, and im always underweight. if i sleep late, i eat more than that..
    wen i sleep, i can sleep long hours, but when i sleep more than 8hours, i will have trouble sleeping when it’s time for bed.. is that a problem?
    I’m 15, 156cm and weights 39kg.. been trying lots way to gain weight like increasing more snacks/food in meals.. still im not gaining any weight.

  • EJ


  • Andy

    im 5'9 i weigh 145 pounds i eat so much food it is unbelievable i hardly workout only about twice a week for 1 hour tops and i have a 10 pack i dont understand at all ????

  • Jaleesa

    someone needs to do a search on the most fattious food on earth!! if that dosent work then i dont know, i gain a little weight every now and then by eating and drinking a whole lot of dairy products. now people tell me that im the perfect skinny. i rarely drink water and my hair is thick and shinny and soft.

  • Rose

    hi…..i’m a 11 year old girl…… and i have a high metabolism. i’m the lightest girl out of all of my friends. im also 72 pounds. this isnt that healthy for a girl my age and my height. i have trouble sleeping at night sometimes and i’m depressed a lot ( i have reasons though ). but those reasons dont account for everything. a pyshic recently told me that i’m to die of this when i’m 14…..i’m scared and want to gain weight fast now……i dont know what to do !!!! : (

  • sarah

    i am 25 years old. i have 3 kids. i have always been skinny. but recently i have been losing weight instead of gaining it. today i weighed 101! that’s down 3 pounds from one week ago. i do not exercise at all but am tired quite often. i eat and eat but just nothing. frustrated is definetly the word.

  • some AsianDude

    i too am skinny and i get most of my confidents to workout from Brruce Lee, you see his body is skinny but he just has muscles to make it look like it dont.

  • Brandon

    I have been looking for a way to gain weight for a long time, I am 33 years old, 6’5″ tall, and only 145 lbs. Being this thin wreaks havok on the body and self esteem. According to doctors, with my height and skeletal structure, my ideal weight is between 200 and 215 lbs. All I see in the papers, online, and on T.V. is “Lose weight now!! It’s easy!” crap that does me and MANY others no good at all since many of us have the opposite problem of weight. My waist is narrow, and my lower spinal discs are being compressed because there simply isn’t the mass needed to support my upper body. I try exercise to build muscle mass, but all that happens is I end up losing more weight.

  • James

    I am 23 years old, 5”10 and only 55kg. I eat 3 meals a day and snack in between i always stay hydrated but no matter how much i eat i just dont put any weight on and its so so annoying. I hate going out in public and showing my skinny arms as people seem to think i am starving myself. I have recently quit smoking and hope this will help in gaining weight. My mum and dad were very skinny when they were my age but filled out in their mid 20’s, i think its just a matter of metabolism slowing down over time however long and painfully slow it maybe.

  • Kiran

    I am 28 years old, 5”10 and only 55kg. I eat 3 meals a day and snack in between i always stay hydrated but no matter how much i eat i just dont put any weight on and its so so annoying. I hate going out in public and showing my skinny arms as people seem to think i am starving myself. i think its just a matter of metabolism slowing down over time however long and painfully slow it maybe.

  • jamie

    i have read thru all these posts and a lot of them are from teenagers. my problem is i am 26 5’1″ tall and only weigh 79 pounds. i have had every possible test done by the doctor and they say nothing is wrong with me. i have been this weight since age 13! i went to a nutritionist and she said i am the skinniest of all her clients. that made me feel great!!! and to top it all off said she had never heard of anyone not gaining or losing a pound for 13 years!!!

    if anyone on this board can relate to me i would REALLY appreciate it. I fell alone even after reading all these messages.

  • Hey Jamie,
    Let me apologize for any nutritionist minimizing or dismissing your concerns. Your current weight may just be your body’s “setpoint” and it will fight to stay at that weight. You didn’t mention if you are a boy Jamie or a girl Jamie, but either way, there should be a way to build some healthy lean body tissue and get your weight to where you want it. It may take some time and of course engage the services of a professional nutritionist and personal trainer and be creative with programs that can work for you. You may be able to re-set your setpoint.

  • jamie

    thanks for the reply. Girl.
    the nutritionist has me eating every 3 hours and more milk. she also wants me to walk for 20 minutes everyday. for snacks she wants me to eat dried fruit and/or nuts. i don’t think it is going to work for me. it is impossible for me to gain weight.

  • bob

    im in 8th grade (when summer is over) im 5feet 4inches and weigh 95 lbs. i used to eat normal and weigh normal. now im underweight but i overeat. does anyone know why this is happening?

  • Nicole Heitman

    OMG!!!!!! I know I hate having a high metabolism! I keep geting picked on at school and it is really bringing me down:( I keep getting called chicken legs or sticky ghost and stuff like that. Honestly it isn’t a big deal so I’m a little skinnier than all the others big whoop! But seriously I need some answers on how to gain weight! I’m sick of having a high metabolism! And no guy wants to go out with a girl that has the body of a six year old…….. and I’m in eighth grade!!!!!! I wish I was born normal!!!!!!!!

  • nikolai

    Im not really sure how it happened, but I think I may have developed an even higher metabolism over the past few years. Is that possible? I am 36 years old and have, over the past four years lost a good amount of weight and I cannot gain it back. When I was in high school I was about back and forth from 165-175 at 5’11. I was a runner and wrestler and felt totally comfortable at that weight, however 18 years later and I’m struggling to gain back mass. Im roughly 150-155?. I keep up with the running and have an active job which helps me relieve stress and probably works against me, but I eat all the time and have tried everything from eating large amounts of junk food to totally healthy – fruits, vegetables, fish lean meats and protein shakes but to no avail. Any time I see someone that I have not seen in a while they immediately comment on how thin i look. Its very frustrating and psychologically damaging.

  • Nicole Heitman

    Ok Nikolai,I figured out that what you need to do is you need to figure out how many calories you burn a day. Then you need to gain more calories than what you burn. Like if I burn 580 calories a day, then I need to try to top that so I try to get to 1,000 calories. I really want to get to 2,000 (thats how many youre supposed to eat any way. What I do is keep track of how many calories i eat. And i try to find foods with a lot of calories like try drinking a milk shake each day but dont replace milk shakes with your regular meals

  • Ana

    I recently turned 20 and I have had a fast metabolism from ever since i can remember. I think since I was in 2nd grade. I don’t think I have ever weighed over 110 pounds. I am always eating… I will have a least 4 meals a day. and about 15 different kind of snacks throughout the day… From unhealthy snacks like chips to fruit and vegetables. How the heck can i gain weight. People always think I work out a lot. Or they ask me do they not feed you…. I tell them like if I don’t eat my daily meals. I cant function throughout the day. The minute I feel hungry I have to eat within no later than 15 minutes my sugar level drops instantly.. and I have fainted several times.. because of that…

  • Sergio Corona

    Hey everyone, like most of you I am trying to gain weight at the moment( well I have been my whole life). I am 17 yrs old and weigh about 145 pounds. I have not been told by my doctor that I have a high matabolism but I assume I do by the amount of food I can eat on certain days and the amount I don’t gain in weight. Although other days I may eat less then 1000 calories a day due to not feeling hungry at all. Anyways I read a few comments left by others and agree that it is hard to gain weight. Like many others, I have had dark rings around my eyes practically my entire life and I seek some sort of – weight gaining dietary plan- or something like that. If anyone can provide me with some sort of plan, eg: calories, foods, meal, etc. I would really appreciate it and I understand what alot of other people go through. Contact me please: Sergio.corona16@yahoo.com

  • Jamie

    could there actually be a disease that i have? i mean i have been tested for everything under the sun; anemia, protein absorption, bowels, stomach, celiac, etc……
    they can never find anything wrong with me. but maybe it is something that is not very common or something that i have never heard of before.
    all i know is that i am the skinniest girl ever without being anorexic. i am skinnier than everyone on this board. it isn’t normal.

  • guest

    Try medical marijuana. It’s already legal in 14(?) states. It’s been a blessing for me.

  • Ryan

    145lbs? I wish I was that weight, I’m 19, I stand at 6 foot 7 inches, very tall and weigh 120lbs, thats the most I’ve ever weighed, when I was 14 I was 5 foot 8 inches and about 90lbs. Apparently when we get older the metabolism slows down, but it won’t slow down dramatically, don’t let your weight control you! it’s your life not your bodies, you can stil do anything you put your mind to!

  • Samantha

    hello everyone im 19 years old and i currently weigh 85lbs, and im 5’4 and i also can not gain weight i have been tiny as long as i can remember and tried everything to gain weight but nothing has been working for me, ive also been tested for every possible thing as far as i know and i do not have any eating disorder. i eat and eat all day and still not gain a pound. im not very active as in exersize but i do go for walks every weekend and eat plenty of fruits, veggies, milk products and of course my evening nacks(chips being my favorite). if anyone know of anything that might help me gain weight perminatly and for me to keep in on that would be great to hear any suggestions!

  • Bryan

    Hi I’m 26 stand 6’0” weighing 130lbs I have tried so much to gain weight and now I have two kids and I’m a single father so the most I do for exercise is situps and pushups and running since thats all I have time for. I want so much to gain weight but I really don’t know how I constantly eat and yet nothing. Everyone says ohh it’ll catch up to you. Yeah right when? Anyways help would be appreciated.

  • Dana

    I cannot gain weight! I am young and weigh only 85 pounds, when people my age should weigh 95. I don’t gain weight because right after I eat anything, I’ll poo. I can’t gain weight but I REALLY need to! Help me!

  • Dana, you may need a complete medical evaluation and professional nutrition consultation. I can help with the nutrition part!

    Consider having an individualized consultation!

    Beth Ellen DiLuglio, MS, RD, CNSD, CCN, LD/N
    In regards to this reply please read the our terms of service at:http://www.metabolism.com/legal_disclaimer/


  • I see several more posts about the need to gain weight, remember, HEALTHY WEIGHT! There are several posts on the site recommending healthy weight gain approaches….

    Each individual is so different, that is why we recommend a professional, individualized nutrition consultation.


    Beth Ellen DiLuglio, MS, RD, CNSD, CCN, LD/N
    In regards to this reply please read the our terms of service at:http://www.metabolism.com/legal_disclaimer/


  • phety

    if only i can have that high metabolism, im fat and would like to loose weight. i struggle to wear clothes and get out with friends sometimes becuase of low self esteem. im not that big but the problem is im also short, so imagine short and fat and i end up looking more fater and shorte. i really wish i had that metabilism guys

  • i’m 13 and i weight only 90 and i’m 5 feet no one said anything to my face but i’ve heard somepeople say i’m anorexic

  • Joneliss

    hey, i’m 16 and i weight 92 pounds , my height is 5 2 ugh ! i really hate having this fast metabolism. Im scare to go outside because i am scare of what people would think of me. I’m feeling so down lately not only i have my classmate calling me names i also have my family members calling me anorexic, i cry almost every night pleading for some conclusion to gain weight. I eat a lot of fast food almost everyday thinking it would help me gain weight. It’s like everytime i eat i have to use the bathroom right away, i try not going to the bathroom right away but it doesnt work. I really need someones advice .

  • Joneliss. It sounds like you need at least some nutrition intervention, if not a full medical work up. If you are having digestion and absorption issues those need to be addressed. Your post didn’t say whether you are a male or female, but your growth curve should be looked at. Fast food is definitely not the answer!
    It sounds like a full assessment is in order…

    Consider having an individualized consultation!

    Beth Ellen DiLuglio, MS, RD, CNSD, CCN, LD/N
    In regards to this reply please read the our terms of service at:http://www.metabolism.com/legal_disclaimer/

  • i also am cursed with high metabolism i can eat 24 hours a day, anything i want and never gain an ounce….im 6′ 1″ and 123 Ilbs. my doctor says im 80 pounds under weight and so does the navy. Ive tried all those very expensive weight gainer shakes and drinks but nothing works. Is there a medicine i can buy at a drug store to slow down my metabolism and make me gain weight?

  • Christy

    21 yrs old, 5’5″, 90lbs. Just like the rest of you, I eat more than the average – mostly foods with high calorie and fat content (totally rotten for you) – but can’t seem to gain any weight. I have weighed 90lbs since I was in the 7th grade and I was starting to think that I might actually be sick. Thanks to all of you, I now know that I’m not alone… I’ve never met anybody with this problem and it was discouraging to me. If I had a dime for every time somebody asked me if I was healthy or made any sort of comment on my weight, I’d be the richest woman in the world. I really enjoyed reading all of your stories & I sympathize with each of you. I hope that one day we can all be healthy & happy. Until then, try to embrace it… love you all!

  • Kelli

    I’m 15-yr-old sophmore in highschool, 5’5″ height, 109 lbs., and I play varsity girls soccer. Am I at a helathy weight? Because I have people say that I’m healthy and people say that I’m waaay too skinny.

  • Maysaa

    I’m 18, 5’6 110 pounds and I’ve been skinny for as long as I can remember. As a baby though I was really chubby. I was born 9 pounds which is actually very high for my ethnicity (I’m East Indian and babies are usually born like 6 pounds or 7 pounds, I still hold the record of heaviest baby in my ENTIRE family)

    But now, I’m skinny! Not anorexic and I’m sorry for people like me who eat and eat and eat but get the anorexic accusation. It’s terrible! When I was around 15 I did gain weight and I was so happy! I went from being 110 to 120, but a few months later I went right back to 110. People tell me that I shouldn’t worry about my weight that I look fashionably skinny. It’s all nice to hear but I’d like to have some feminine curves on me and not look like a PLANK!

    People say it’s a pain to lose weight, well let me tell you it’s a bigger pain to gain weight. I wish my metabolism would slow down. Is there anything I can do to slow it down? I veer away from fast foods because they ruin my skin and it’s already so acne prone that I don’t want to add to that. I eat chips, homogenized milk, chocolate, soda, but nothing…NOTHING HAPPENS! I may have a problem because I do get tired too. I sleep a lot but I still find myself tired. What should I do?

  • cody

    I am 17, an i weigh about 145. I bench about 210 an i have start the 220 work out but i just cant get it, my metabolism is high an its hard for me to gain weight. ant suggestions?

  • Jamie

    hey i haven’t been on here in a while. thought i would pass on this website though
    it might be helpful to some of you

  • person

    hi im 13 and i am only 5ʻ0″ and weigh 76 lbs 🙁 people always say “hey chicken legs”, “do you ever eat” or “your anorexic”. But iʻm not, out of all my friends i eat the most yet iʻm the thinest. it sucks. i just want to gain some weight and look normal. i am always hiding my body even in swimsuits and i live in Hawaii for goodness sake!! its so emberassing.

  • Al

    One of my best friends, she is 13 and she has a very similar problem to you all. She always tells me about it, and I can’t stand it myself when other people just stare at her like she’s some sort of a freak. She’s a twin and her twin is pretty much the same as her. I am a 13 year old male, quite tall and muscular compared to most of my peers, and she is less than half my weight. She wants my help so I’ve been looking around.

  • LC

    I’ve been having so many problems with gaining weight ever since puberty.. I haven’t been able to gain a pound and I eat more than my own father whom eats A LOT. It’s horrible cause whenever people see me, they think I’m starving myself and either make remarks about my weight saying – YOUR SO SKINNY – DO YOU EVEN EAT? Go eat a hamburger! I hate it! What do they know!? I eat more than them probably.. and I’m perfectly fine. But I don’t gain weight because I have incredibily fast metabolism.. I mean I heard it slows down at age 25 for women.. but I’m not sure since I’m only 17….. On top of that, I’m quite tall like 5’8 for a girl, so it makes me look more skinny………… can anybody give me actual tips on how to gain weight? People who have been in my situation ? ~

  • Ch

    hi,i ‘m 18 and I have a very high metabolism too.i took it from my mother’s side.she’s very thin(she’s half asian ) my father is quite thin too and his parents and sisters are really thin even if his parents are half black .I weight only 99 lbs and my height is 1.79cm which makes a bmi of just 14 so that makes me really thin.i have this bmi since i was 14/15.i eat a lot but i don’t gain weight.my blood tests its just perfect in everything and i don’t look skinny at all , i am just very thin(small built and i don’t have a boyish type of body) like my 2 best friends.(1 of them has a bmi of 13 and her height is 183/184,the other has a bmi of 16) .so i don’t think it’s really a problem for me….

  • Dalton

    I am 16 years old 5′ 10″ and only way 126 pounds is the most ive ever weighed most of the time i way 120 i cant go a day without someone saying im to skinny or something of the sort i have bones poking out every where and its really annoying ive tried everything to gain weight from eating extremely healthy to not healthy i have also tried working out and nothing i repeat nothing puts on weight i freaking hate it so if any one has any ideas it would help greatly

  • Liz


    I have found a website that can help me and other people like me!!
    I have just had bloodtests and waiting for their results to see if that shows anything to why i am losing weight and cant gain it!

    I have always been thin and had a fairly fast metabolism, but when i became pregnant it went into overdrive, i was 50kilos at the beginning of the pregnancy and i only gained 4 kilos which was the weight of the baby…i literally gained nothing while pregnant, and here i was hoping i would gain some good kilos!!
    I also lost ALL my breasts after breast feeding..again id hoped theyd stay a little bigger, but alas, no, the complete opposite, all gone, nothing left.

    And since my daughters birth 2 years ago i have not gained anything, and actually lost 3 kilos. at my lowest i was 47kilos, i am now back up to about 48;5kilos, and ive been trying sooo hard to eat more and adding more good fats and carbs but its still not working. going to start on protein shakes etc as snacks trhoughout the day, and things like “sustagen” and smoothies….

    I am 170cm so my height makes it worse, and ive always had long arms and legs….so the weight loss looks even more pronounced on me….

    Thankgoodness i found this page, it has made me feel hopeful!

    I am now 27 this year and my metabolism has only gotten faster.
    Thank you Theresa for posting some food tips and ideas above.

    I hope u all get a bit of hope and relief from this page,

    and Nickees…….Your comments are what send people like us with super fast metabolisms into depression and stress us out, have a think about that…..we are not dieting or skipping meals or starving ourselves…..it is not nice feeling fragile and always tired. I am actually selfconcious of my size and weight and it is a very depressing time trying to go clothes shopping. i pray each morning that i have finally put on some weight.


  • Sim

    I am 28yrs. old ,female….i hv gained 30 lbs weight in the last 1year. I tried a lot to reduce the weight but no help…..i feel so much fatty and at times seems to be difficult to carry myself with this much weight….my height is 5’2 and weight is 165 pounds and its still increasing…..i am taking depression medicines for the past one and a half year…..but i searched on internet and found that depression medicines are not the cause for weight gain as i was thinking before…this time i am taking proper diet, doing little exercise in morning and evening…..dont know what to do 🙁 ………… feeling very bad as my clothes does’nt fit me any more…..

  • liean

    hi. my big problem is on how can i gain weight. im 23 y/o and i only stands 4’9″. im like a skeleton. most people think that i just graduated in elementary because of my looks. im very very thin. please help me with my problem

  • Michael Thorneycroft

    Hi I’m 21 years of age and from a small town called Bloxwich which is in England.. I’m 6 foot tall and I’ve always been very skinny I currently weigh 8 stone and I’ve been at this weight for about 12 years now.. A lot of people think I’m a freak due to my body size and shape.. I really want to put on a few stone so I can look normal and not be ashamed or embarrassed of who I am can anyone please help me with this problem.. Oh and P.S I’m relived that I’m not the only person out there suffering with this trouble I would be grateful is anyone could help me in anyway

  • Jackie

    I’m 17, 5 foot 6 and 91 lbs
    I have gotten to the point where I don’t like looking in the mirror anymore, all my friends say how much they would want to be me, but I say not as much as I wanna be you!
    I don’t look my age because of it, I look 14. I hate it! also I eat a lot and everyone always says feed this girl a double bacon cheeseburger. I wish it were that easy!

  • Jessie

    Hello guys for everyone young in highschool or college and your worried and scared of what people will think you should all try out wrestling it is a very healthy sport and something to help you focus. You learn a lot about yourself for example my school and my coach pushes us so hard that we can just keep going and you will find hidden things about yourself how far you can really push yourself and how much you can actually take this teaches you alot like self confidence and strengths and you realize that it doesnt matter what people say. Btw im 5’9″ and I weigh about 120 look really skinny but im toned no one makes fun of me cause I ignore it from focus. If someone has a big issue then
    they shouldnt be scared to stand up and say so. I hope all of you at least dont knock it down before you try it I hope this helps you and everything will work out its not always bad to be small you can do anything you set your mind to.

  • skinny minny

    hey peeps, i thought it was just me who had this problem but reading throuugh all of your comments has made me feel like im not alone! 🙂 im 18 and i weight 8 stone, im not sure what that is in lbs? ive tried everything to gain weight, protein shakes, exercising, eating healthy, eating fast food and nothing works!! sometimes i’ll put a bit of weight on and then i get ill and my appetite goes and i lose it all again and it takes me ages to even get back to my normal size. i get called all the names you could think of and it really puts me down as i hate the way i look, its getting to the stage where i feel like everyone is staring at me…..i would seriously give anything to be fat!!

  • Nanne

    I thought I was the only one with a fast metabolism,
    My whole life I’ve been very thin. People at school thought
    I was anorexic. The worst I find that I am not even look like someone my age! I’m 15 now, but I look like a 12. I eat so much, I’m sick of it! Jealous of everyone around me … I find this really horrible life! (And that’s not just my fast metabolism!)

  • Jade

    I feel so much better after reading all this. I have such an issue with gaining weight and im 17, and really short, most of the time people notice that im way to skiny and ask if im anorexic, I HATE it. I’ve been trying to do everything to gain weight, but I won’t even gain a pound and in the process of this I seem to be loosing weight.

  • daniel

    hey guys, i see many peopl have problems like i do. But sadly you guys aren’t that harsh, in terms of ‘high elieve in God as my saviour and u beelmetabolism’. I am 6’0 and I WEIGH 66 POUNDS, literally i weigh 30 kilos. Yes there is something horrible with me and i need desperate help. Just like most of u guys i get called anorexic, skinny and etc. I tried many things but it doesnt seem to work for me. I wear a jacket because i dont want to show my skinny arms, and funnily i live in a hot country. I believe in God and Jesus Christ as my saviour and i believe He will help me. Thankfully God gave me the brain th browse over the internet and finally found some stuff out, i didnt test it myself beacuse my family is kinda poor (thats another problem). I found out u can eat peanuts and raisins because they seem to contain enzyme inhibitors which seems to decrease the metabolism, also protein shakes, seem to work since it generally have all the calories u need, so maybe this helped u out, if it didn’t, God bless your heart.

    • Cheyenne

      Your in my prayers..please get better 🙂

  • RonnelBelizar

    I’m male ,15 years old, I’m 5’6′ and I’m 51 kg. I wanna gain weight even if i got FAST METABOLISM. My friends said that, I’ll be handsome If I gain or buff to normal. Ofcourse teenager’s wanna have appeal because of they’re maturing and they wanna have a look. I eat 3 times a day and doing all things I can to gain weight but still nothing happened, when I was 12 years old ,I look normal and a little fatty boy but now I’m skinny… It is really annoying dressing a shirt which does not fit to your body and it’s really crappy to look in the mirror and then talk to yourself, “Did I gain weight” and then continues asking questions to your friends, “Do I look so skinny?’ oh my god, I know everyone do it,am I right ?? 😀

  • jb

    I’m male 22 Years of age, 5’6 and only weighing 99 lbs. I’ve got a very Fast Metabolism. I eat 4-5x a day (usually with 2-3 cups of rice per meal), I use the toilet everyday and, I always drink colas and i just want to know if there is any connection if I’m acidic. by the way, I only drink 3 glasses of water a day. 1-2 liters of cola. I’ve already tried to attend gym activities though i only gained 3 lbs from my last session so i quit. i wonder what could i do to gain weight.

    ( I don’t use drugs, smoke nor drink and doesn’t eat fish too except tuna)

    i’d be very thankful if you could help me gain 10-20 lbs i’d appreciate it much.

  • technogal101

    well people say ‘oh u r so lucky u r thin.’ but really i dnt feel lucky at all. Being called ‘chicken legs or toothpick legs’ or being called ‘anorexic’. Once when i was little I saw a tv program on people with hiv/aids and they were so skinny and i started to think i had hiv. I want to be able to fill out clothes and actually look good and not unhealthy. I want to be able to wear bracelets and bangles and not have them fall off my wrist. They think we feel good about being skinny and they don’t give a lot of info on how to gain weight but more on how to lose weight. I wish we were treated like people with low metabolism and not ignored.

  • Tommy

    Reading all the reader comments it is somewhat comforting knowing your in the same boat as lots of other ppl however 2 yrs ago i got really fed up with how i looked so i decided to spend hours of research in weight gain.
    The main factors we all deal with are MONEY, WORK, SCHOOL / COLLEGE / HOUSE DUTIES and most importantly( and the one that took me a yr to realise ) the PSYCHOLOGICAL BARRIER.
    In order to gain weight you first need to work out how much money you can afford to consistantly spend on eating the correct foods. Im sure by now, for the ppl who are here, you know what you should be eating and how often. Its the nuts, wholemeal breads, olive and caloric dence homemade milkshakes you need to have in ur diet among other foods of course.
    Its eating surplus to what you burn off is the obvious answer to gaining weight and then the 3 other factors come flying into it….. WORK, SCHOOL/COLLEGE/HOUSE DUTIES. You say “Well how am i supposed to find the time to feckin cook and eat all this food when i have the above to deal with?”

    This is the single biggest question you have to ask yourself – “Is the hassle of excessive eating ( in our books as we simply dont eat enough ) worth the end result and goal of feeling and lookin well and healthy?
    I asked myself this over and over and over every day.

    I gave myself a goal of putting on 10lbs and then 20. As a guy at 6.1 and 139lb it was just a fukin nightmare when it came to the summer and havin to take off ur tshirt or wear shorts out n about. You feel so demoralised and ashamed of ur body n cant help but feel everyone is thinkin “Jesus, the state of him. He must never eat”. Its a nasty burden to have in our lives and no1 should have to live with it.

    So my answer was FUCK YEAH. The hassle is worth it. If i can devote 12-24months of my young life to helping me feel and look great for a further 30-50yrs then the answer is an overwhelming yes. Breaking down the PSYCHOLOGICAL BARRIER of “my metabolism is too fast” or “no matter what i eat i cant gain any weight” is a tough thing to do.

    I can almost guarantee that not one of you have went a single week of eating 2300-2600 calories per day along with at least 2hrs of pysical activity!!!!!
    I said the same ” No matter what i eat i cant gain” so after researching i asked myself have i ever did the above n of course i got a NO ( and so i never rlly tried to gain weight then did I? ). My day consisted of waking up and having some toast at 9 n a glass of milk. I picked at some fruit in work between 9-12. My lunch was always a southern fried chicken breast roll with egg mayo n cheese or some variant sandwiche n half litre of milk. Wud have a cuppa tea then at 3 as i had a sweet tooth. My dinner was cooked at 5-6 n i wud have some potatoes/ fries n some steak n veg etc. Cuppa tea then before bed. This routine was almost perfectly consistant in my life unless i ordered pizza or chinese n that wud break the mould for a change of having to eat healthy dinners.
    The caloric intake ………….? It was always around 2000 which you might say is fine HOWEVER i wanted to PUT ON WEIGHT not STAY AT THE SAME WEIGHT.
    So i had to soak up the fact, with a hard hit to the chin, that even tho i ate considerably well my body was super happy living as it was. My mother was skinny, my sisters are skinny, my dad was skinny n so it followed suit that poor old me was gonna be a skinny mofo. Being a man of 23 at the time it was an endless rollercoaster of waking up knowing your skinny n having to deal with it in ur daily life.

    { PS, this is all a big ramble but im trying my best to get the point across. You all deserve my side of the story 🙂 }

    So back to the caloric intake…
    I was consuming an amount my body wud happily live on so i had to break tru the norm n force my body tru a change it wasnt gonna be happy about. Spending 23 yrs feeding ur body in a certain pattern is gonna take more than a few weeks to change it. ( Thats a massive sentence so read it 100 times to let it soak in ).This is where almost everyone falls down in their quest to gain weight. They get all pumped up for a couple of weeks n see no difference after a wk or 2 n give up.

    The PB, like i said, is the hardest to break down. This is boosted by reasking the question of the end goal. “Is the hassle worth it?” “God give me fukin patience but yes it is”. Keep telling yourself that.

    So I knew i needed to eat more which was gonna be tough n fuk me it was tough. I knew eating 3000 cals/day was just too excessive so i stuck to my origal diet however i started to include a breakfast of 3 eggs scrambled with brown bread covered in philidelphia cream spread and a pint of milk. A huge 700 calorie start to the day and within 7 days it became easier to burn that meal off for my lunch at 12-1. It took me 2wks to get to the stage of 2500cals/day at a consistant level and in between taking notes of the calorie content of foods using one of those online calculators. A pain in the rectum I tell you all however you find after 3 wks you cud tell the cal content of almost everythin down to knobs of butter and slices of bread off the top of your head with ease so this is just a minor hurdle.

    Within 3 wks my body was getting used to eating alot however i was getting slightly bloated on 3 or 4 days a wk so i knew i had to start exercising. DREAD!!!!!
    I got myself some light weights and a bench and put them in the the shed as there was no fukin way i was gonna go to the gym and feel like a complete retard for not being able to use the equipment, embarrassed about my non existant muscles and total lack of confidence and of course pay the gym fee and prob never go anyway. Starting at home was fine!!!

    I decided to do some lifting and cardio at home. The main aim was to get my heart rate up to 120-140 for at least 2hrs a wk. You just wud be amazed at how us skinny fukers can burn off food. I found from basic push/pull ups among others i was able to burn off 400-600 cals within the hr work out. Or so it felt like. I absolutely lashed off my dinner afterwards and the bloating was non existant within the 3rd day. i got my work outs off various places and got a pirate copy of all skinny vinny aka V1nce De1 M0ntes muscle building books ( so to remove google key word)

    Within 6wks of i had gained 9lbs of weight and looked and felt like a new person. My face looked so much different, so alot of people said. I hadnt gained much muscle but its fat us skinny fukrs want. Muscle can wait for a while. You need some fat to turn to muscle anyway or else your just training to become a runner arent you?

    The first 5-6 wks are the hardest of your life but the question bares “Is it worth it?
    FUK YEAH. The compliments that come with the tiniest change of appearance made me cry like a little bitch one night as i knew there was a big change in my life occuring. I kept up with what i was doin and managed to increase my weight by 24lbs in 18 months.

    Now in between all this there were failure months but never more than 2lbs in losses. These months suffered cuz of college exams and the stress of final yr exams are tough to cope with. You can only manage so much in ur life. Exercise and healthy eating sorta goes out the window you know but as long as your eating enuf to tie the bodily requirements over its ok. You can pick up where you left off with before however you are going to have to go tru the DOMS in exercise again. The pain is intense but the gains make it worthwhile.

    I am currently around the 160-165 mark and eat around 3000 cals a day. Some days eating 4000 cuz i fukin love food but HATE preparing it. Grrr.
    Getting the balance of food prep, exercise, work, girlfriend time, family time and others is tough.
    LIFE IS TOUGH guys. Priorities are essential.

    Ive prob missed so much of what i wanted to say but i hope i have generated some interest in my super excessive post. I will bookmark the page and respond to as much as i can.
    Im an electronical engineer so im a busy bee so gimme some time to respond and i will gladly help you out with queries.

    Prepartion of the mind is the key to success!!
    Lots of hope and love to you all


  • nicole

    Im 15 years old and im a freshman in highschool about to be a sophmore. I weigh 107pounds for about a year. Everyone is jealous of me kuz i have a high meatbolism. I tell them it’s not my fault it’s just my body but they just say “yeah… ok. sure”. Some people call me anorexic. Really? you have got to be kidding. Im trying to gain weight and I eat a lot but no matter what Im always the same weight. It’s so much pressure to have people on my back constantly about me being skinny or looking like a twig. Im not even as skinny as the people I see who are anorexic and stuff. Everyone thinks its so much better to look prety and be skinny but when you have the presure of everyone on your back it’s not

  • Matt

    I’m 15 , I’m 5’9 and 53 kilos …. I have a fast metabolism. I eat alot and some friends I eat more than ; who are kinda chubby… I am really athletic and I’m kinda muscley.

    PLEASE READ !!!!!!!

    I was 46kilos 4 month ago but now I’m 53 , I’ve been on this complain drink for about 4 month , I take 1 every other day with my breakfast and when I come home from school. and I have protein shake after kick boxing and karate lessons , I its working slowly but I should be a buff dude in a couple of months , I’m gunna start going to the gym with my dad next week so that should help …. TRY IT AND TELL ME IF IT WORKS FOR YOU 🙂

    and Also my uncle had a really fast metabolism and was like 30 kilos a really skinny boy ; in his photo his rib were sticking out from his chest ; like full on !!! but his mother was a nutritionist and told his to have 3 weetabix every morning , so he did and eat his dinner with no gym or protein shakes …. he is now a personal trainer in the gym for body builders 😛 So I’ve been having my complain with my weetabix

    Thanks 🙂

  • Sandeep

    Hi, I’m suffering from high metabolism problem, whateever i eat it gets digested in no time. From few months i have started taking nutritous foods and in a heavy manner but still there is no devolopment in my health.

    So please provide me a way , how could I devolop my health?

  • Sandeep

    I’m of only 55 kgs, my age is 24 and height is 5’9″ . Though i don’t suffer from health problems.

  • kd

    I’m 35 yrs old, 5’10” 127 pounds when I weighed myself this morning. I hate it. I hate when people say ‘you look like you lost weight.”You’re too skinny.”Do you eat?”Do you need money for groceries?’ It’s a daily battle for me to stay positive. My brother is skinny. My Dad was skinny until after he had a heart attack at 52 yrs old. Then he really gained. Anyways after reading the postings I’m sure I don’t eat enough and def don’t excercise enough. So I need to start. And I will.

  • ydoc

    Hello all…I am a 23 yr. old male, 6’1″, and weigh on average 115-118 lbs.

    Here are the symptoms that I currently have or have been experiencing my entire life:

    -not putting on weight
    -frequently thirsty (crave liquids more than food)
    -thinning hair/receding hairline
    -heat intolerance
    -after eating a high amount of sugar without enough food to absorb it (such as drinking sodas w/o much food to go along with it) shortly after i feel off-balanced, hyper, jittery, and uncoordinated…however perhaps this is because of the caffeine?
    -pelvic bones stick out
    -pectus excavatum

    I recently had a fasting blood test done and it came back negative for diabetes. However my testosterone level came back on the high side..close to 800. I feel this may explain the thinning hair/receding hairline problem? Also my albumin/globlulin ratio was slightly off. But why I have the other symptoms and the inability to put on weight I don’t know and I’m still searching for an answer, and have been my entire life. My family doctor has no clue as to what might be wrong with me. However, in the past few weeks I have put on about five pounds because I have been doing little to no physical activity, sports, excercise, etc. I have been a couch potato while I am on my two month summer break from college. However, when I’m at school I walk such long distances around campus and to and from parking lots multiple times four or five days a week that I drop back to 115-118 lbs. no matter how much I eat. I feel that my metabolism is so extremely high that the slightest physical activity shreds weight off of me. After I eat a meal my stomach pooches out and I look bloated, but when I wake up in the morning everything has shrunken back in and I look like I have no body fat in my abdomen. My legs are extremely skinny, however I have defined and chiseled looking biceps, and while I am tall and thin, I am fairly broad. Overall though my body still looks like that of a teenager, in my opinion.

    I am excited that I have put on some weight since I have not been doing any walking around long distances or other physical activity. Could this be the source of my problem then..that my metabolism is so high that if I ever want to weigh more than 115 lbs. I’m going to have to do very little physical activity? It would be worth it to me, but I don’t want to be a couch potato the rest of my life…

  • jovan


  • Deborah

    I have the same problem, unable to gain weight…Have tried ensure drinks with my dinner ,working out, changing my diet, nothing worked…Realized talking with my doctor, how stressed I really was with my life, that was half the problem…Got rid of the boyfriend/stress problem, and I started eating peanut butter every night…Wow, I’ve gained 15 Lbs in 3 months…Also eating alot of bread & pasta…Try it out, hope this helps someone…Good luck…

  • Nik

    Yes i have the same problem,
    i still slightly have it but i have actually improved alot.
    Instead of eating lots of junk food and fatty foods, eat HEALTHY!
    Not just salads and that crap, but vary your foods. And MIX. For example
    eat salad WITH meat and a side dish, and if you keep it up, eventually you will start gaining.
    When i was 12, i weighed 40kg and i was 152cm. And after about 8 months, i have gained about 4kg
    I weighed 44kg! Trust me, it works.
    hope this helps 🙂

  • Michael

    Hey guys, I feel where yall are coming from. I was 6’1″ at 135 when I came into the army. Went through basic training and really started investigating into putting on weight. A full year of training and no results, except getting stronger. Look for a book called “Scrawny to Brawny”. It taught me how to eat for mass, despite my limited amount of choices(I eat at the Dining Facility). Ive alsonoticed that most people who want to gain weight/mass lift wrong. Start pyrimiding up in weight, raising weight/dropping reps. And limit your workouts to 1 hr and below, with at most four sets per exercise. Focus on one or two muscles at a time, and vary it up. Dont let your body get used to any fully laid out workout. Ive grown to 6’3″ at 175. Deadlifting 345, Chest pressing 100 each hand for three reps, and powerclean at 185. Hope this is helpful. Any questions contact me at mapoole67@yahoo.com

  • Tiara

    Hey, Im 15 years old,a sopohmore, and i weigh 97 pounds!! 97!!!! My friend’s mom was “joking” and asked me if i was belimic —.— . I eat a TON and dont gain anything!!! this is very very frustrating to me, walkin around the school being called toothpick. i am extremely skinny, have barely little chest and butt! ive tried everything!!!!!!!!!! Ugh i need help FAST. please email me for tips boss8009@yahoo.com

  • M

    II have a very high metabolism too. I eat according to my hunger, so I pretty much never over or undereat under normal circumstances. To estimate (I can’t be bothered calculating calories to the exact amount) I’m eating between 2700-3500 calories a day. I’m female, 5’5 , 127 lbs which I’m happy with, yet still I look thin (body composition maybe? muscle?). If I don’t eat as much I do now, I definitely wont be able to maintain 127 lb. I have 3 meals and 4-5 snacks a day. Sometimes it feels like I’m eating A LOT. More than what I guy would eat!

  • skinnyguy

    I’m also trying to gain alot of weight, im a 14 year old guy and i weigh 100-105 pounds even tho im 5’8. My skin is literally stretched over my bones in my arms and upper chest. Im ashamed to go swimming and even take my shirt off. however i eat like a pig and i try to pig out on mcd’s and fast food ad stuff, and i eat 3 meals and snacks all day, but i just can’t gain wieght! i need some help


    READ THIS!!!!!!

  • M.c

    I’m frustrated and tired of being skinny I’m 18 years old and I weight only 90 pounds barely i eat a lot and I try to eat all these fats but nothing seems to work I’m pretty healthy as in I eat fruits and stuff it has came to a point where i get aggravated when someone always has to make a remark about my weight and that I don’t eat and I’m anorexic people make fun of me by telling me I have no type of pretty body figure and I just want to be healthy and weight atleast 120

  • Sigh

    Okay so I’ve always been skinny I’m 16 5’6 and I weight 100 pda I HATE being skinny, I love to eat but people are constantly Calling me boney, I’m thinking about using weight gain from GNC but I don’t know if it’ll work, I don’t want some random info telling me to eat pecans and salad with chicken I already eat that, Im a size 1 sometimes 3 I just wanna gain 10 or 15 pounds
    Someone pleeease help

  • Jasmine

    Hey guys! 🙂 My name’s Jasmine, and I have an EXTREMELY high metabolism. At first, I had no clue what to do and I wasn’t very happy about my weight. However, I was just recently in Mexico and while I was there I did A LOT of swimming and exercising ! And, I ate lots and lots of food (there was an all you can eat buffet… And when you have a high metabolism, you can manage to eat A LOT of food). When I got back from Mexico I weighed myself and to my surprised I had gained 5 pounds! I was only there for about a week. These days, I’m keeping a food journal. Writing down how much food a day I eat. AND, on top of that I’m exercising everyday. Since I’ve gotten back from Mexico I’ve managed to keep my weight. Even gain a few pounds! Having a high metabolism is quite frustrating at times. However, all it takes is patience in trying to find the right technique so you can gain weight. There are pros and cons to having high metabolism. Such as; you can eat all you want, whenever you want! But, it is quite stressful (having to try and gain weight, but never succeeding). In conclusion, I suggest to all of you to exercise daily (swimming will most probably help the most) and to keep on eating (Which isn’t very hard ;D) Hope this helps ! 🙂

  • Ellie

    I have an high metabolism and i have been trying to gain weight for ages! i feel uncomfortable when everyone says to me look how small and thin your legs are and i can put my fingers round your wrist because there so small and when they say i feel like im going to snap you when i hug you! i hate it, i just wanna gain weight but i just dont seem to be putting any pounds on. Jasmine, i read yours and it helped abit but even if i eat loads, i dont put weight on, i exercise everyday and even go on wii fit if i have time, i need help on gaining weight.

  • mark

    I have a high metabolism and have been the same weight since leaving school i am now 33 and have just recently started goin to the gym where i started using a pro gain shake which i didnt think wud work but with that and eating right i have put on a stone in just over a month , it may not work for all ppl but may for some , it has no steroid related products its just protein and whey .

  • Remy

    im 17, 90 pounds, been stuck here for a year! all of you who are ATLEAST 100 pounds, i ENVY you! just thought id let you know (: yah

  • Chacha

    Hiiii im a slim bodied 15 yr old 5’4 1/2. … I of course have a HIGH metab. …..iuse to dtink alot of sportshakes before igot in my puberty years they really helped me out….but since im young theres a possibilty ican gain some weight…but im just trying to get a lil thicker..’many people say ihave a good shape but iwanna look a little thicker..so far in 1yr igained 2 pounds didnt grow…but now iweight 113…. Irecently started doin some butt nd thigh exercise nd drinkin Naked juice with a heavy sandwich in whole wheat bread nd im startin to look a bit much thicker..im actually 50% happy with havin High metabolism cause ican all iwant with out becomin a BEAST..my 8yr cousin drinks pediature nd he’s thick but regular skinny nd sport active nd his doctor says he’s overweight for his age even tho he has a high metb….if your confident nd focuse on what you want evrythings possible…iwish you guys L U C K

  • Jay

    Hey my names Jay and i have a semi-success story that might help people here. Before i started training i was 20 years old, 5 foot 9 inches and weighed 130 lbs. I am now 23 and i weigh 150. My goal weight is 155 because even though i have filled in with a lot of muscle, im still slightly skinny. Before i began “real” training, i used to think that i was doing everything right. I thought that i was eating a ton and training right and blamed my failure on my genetics. Genetics and high metabolism hold you back, but could be overcome… you just have to get drastic with things. 1st thing, count your calories! I thought i ate a ton but when i actually counted my colories for the 1st time, i found out that i was taking in 2200 a day. Thats only 200 above a normal daily intake. I began increasing my colorie intake to 3500 a day. This is very difficult because it is ALOT of food. However, there are ways to do this. Instead of eating 2 or 3 large meals a day, eat 6 smaller meals. The meals should not be calorie orientated but rather balanced nutrition. It needs to be food that actually has nutritional value. For example, although a tub of icecream has more colories, a better meal would be pasta with chicken, a salad, and a couple peices of garlic bread. A few of these 6 meals can be weight gainer shakes. Breakfast is the most important meal to weight gain because it stops the fasting that takes place at night while sleeping. it takes about 2 hours to digest food completely. This means, if you sleep 6 hours, thats 4 hours that your stomach is basically “eating itself”. So when you get up, eat a massive breakfast. Also take a weight gainer shake right before sleep to decrease the fasting time. Working out is also very important. It should consist of very light cardio with the focus being mainly lifting. When lifting, try to isolate body parts on separate days. All in all, this is my routine for weight gain… 8am: Breakfast 700 calories. 11am: 1/2 Protein shake with Creatine 200 Calories, 11:30pm-1pm lifting, 1pm after workout protein shake 500 calories, 2pm Lunch 600 calories, 5pm snack 200 calories, 7pm Dinner 700 calories, 10pm snack 200, 12am Before Sleep Weight Gain Shake 500 calories. Total: about 3500 calories. (on non workout days you should eat the same amount because even though you arnt working out, your body is recovering (repairing and building muscle)and using ALOT of calories in the process. Although this isnt an extreme TV show successful story, i managed to put on 20 lbs of muscle in 3 years. Do not expect to gain 20 lbs in a year like TV or internet adds might say. The truth is, if you have a small frame and a fast metabolism like me, it just isnt possible to do that. 1-2 lbs a month is an excellent and healthy rate. Supplements mentioned here such as Protein, Creatine, and Weight Gain shakes are all available at any common supplement and nutrition stores (GNC, Lindberg Nutrition, Supplement Warehouse). Cheers

  • emily

    i’ve tried a lot of things even vitamins.. im 19 at 88lbs i’ve been in the 80’s for years. i’ll keep trying until i get where i’m suppose to.

  • mychaela

    I know exactly what you all mean! I’m 14 , 5’3″ and 94 pounds! it makes me so annoyed its not like you can see my ribs but Im SO much skinnier than everyone, some people even think im ANOREXIC!! i eat at least three meals a day and a ton of snacks yesterday i even ate a big mac and fries with a large sweet tea and then i went home and ate half of a pizza cheese steak and i didnt gain ONE OUNCE. Im so tired of being the super skinny girl that everyone seems to think is so fragile.

  • Don

    I am 31 now and look like I did when I was 18 which is good and bad but I still weight about 150 lbs and I might be exaggerating that due to self consciousness lol because people usually assume I weight about 155 and I say “yeah, I weigh that much”….ahaha. But anyways, when I was a kid I was a picky eater and when I hit around 15 I started really putting food down but couldn’t gain weight at all. No matter how much I eat I still can’t gain but I put something on when I was around 21 because I ate ALL the time and power lifted but lost that as soon as I didn’t have the time to power lift anymore….I would lift the heaviest weight that I could without being stupid and do 3 sets of 3 or 5 ….but you have to have a ton of spare time and be extremely dedicated. Of course this doesn’t help the girls out there who want to gain weight but I have had this trouble for years…I eat a heavy breakfast…snack in between until lunch comes and then eat a heavy lunch…..snack in between and then a heavy dinner….lots of pasta and chicken and nothing….I really would like to know of an alternative because I can’t afford a home gym…

  • Don

    I also wanted to add that I am 6’0″ tall and wondered if being a picky eater as a kid had anything to do with having trouble putting on weight as I am older…..has anyone else here been a picky eater as a kid?

  • jtts

    i’m always very very hungry. i have a thirty four inch waist, and weigh 83 kg. 176.5 cm tall. i eat alot. kilos of food a day. always very hungry.

  • Thanks very much … Thanks very much for your help I will try to get the Omega 3 Oil and the Baby Aspirin also the Cayenne Pepper I can get I will also like to find out what is Krill Oil Also what is Lisinopril

  • Tierra

    funny i always thought i was weird because i dnt kno people with so high of metabolisms that they are almost pole straight like i am
    everyone tells me just eat more and more
    but it just doesnt work ……no matter how hard i try

    i just want to be at a healthy weight for my age and height
    i dont thnk that is to much to wish for

  • James Jones

    I am 6′ 0″ tall and weigh 125.6 lbs. I am active Military and am under the min. limit. I have tried everything I know to gain weight and I will gain a little then lose it and more. I have always been a big eater and it puzzles me how I eat so much and never gain a pound. It is down-right annoying sometimes. I just want to atleast hit 140 once in my life. the most I have ever weighed was 132. If there is anything that someone can do, please tell me.

    • Dr. G. Pepper

      Hi James
      Overcoming a “high metabolism” takes a lot of effort and knowledge. You should check out my ebook, Metabolism.com. There is an example of a complete guide to weight gain in the book which could help guide you in your quest to gain the weight you want, in a healthy way. Click on the book cover in the left upper part of the homepage to see what’s included in the book.

      Good luck

      Dr. Pepper

  • Claudia

    I’m 5’3” ish and 13. I way around 70-80 pounds, and where I live it’s all about the bodacious girls. I’m not like that, I’m skinny and not very bodacious. I come from a family of cubans, and I myself was born in Cuba so eating enough meat is not a concern for me. I eat well, and in my free time I eat cereal and gummies. I don’t eat those sugarfilled cereals though, I eat honey bunches of oats and lately I’ve been slowly gaining some weight. Every sunday we go out and eat churrasco in local restaurants, that helps me a bit but not very much. Something I find helpful is to eat a good bowl of cereal every day, maybe even some chips in between meals, and I also eat a lot beans. NO, I don’t get gas!!!! Also fruits like apples and bananas help with some healthy weight gain. But everyone is constantly telling me how lucky I am, I don’t consider my self ‘lucky’ I consider myself cursed. I wish I could just put on a good twenty or so pounds, but only time will tell me if I’m ever to be just, normal. :\

  • After reading this article I think I will gain my weight. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Waiting for another article from you

  • Kristina Heit

    I have Hashimotos and am traveling to Haiti. Should I be worried about the effects on the vaccines I will need to take as well as the preventative malaria medication? How might these vaccines effect my immune system.

    By the way, you are my doctor:)

    • Dr. G. Pepper

      Hi Kristina

      You found me! Thanks for logging on to metabolism.com. No problem with the vaccinations. Having Hashimoto’s is a type of genetic “allergy” to your thyroid. Vaccinations cause your body to generate protective antibodies to whatever it is your getting vaccinated for and should not interact with the thyroid antibodies. The malaria medication does not effect the immune system. Therefore you should be good to go. Have a great trip and I hope to see you when you return.

      Dr. P.

  • boon bear


  • michael jackson

    making a diet plan will help, u need to eat more than u normally would, not at random times, but everday, there has to be a controlled scheme, so your metabolism doesnt get ahead. eat 4 spaghetti on toast each day, with porridge, with a few sausages or something. dont miss days cos thats when u will lose it.

  • tinymite

    Hi! i have read every comment on here about the trouble everyone has on gaining weight. it is SO DEPRESSING AND SAD to see the comments that the professionals leave towards our problems. all i kept seeing was post the situation in a forum, look on the internet and see what you can do. HELLO!!!! dont you think we have done all that. where are the programs that help people gain weight, because i see no problem for those who want to lose weight. its everywhere! there are skinny people in the world you know. we may be hard to see but we are here..HELP US TOO.

  • Cindy Diamond

    I have a friend who never gained weight no matter what she ate. She has been having sciatica pain & the doc put her on steroid injections & pills. She is blowing up like a balloon. Problem solved….lol… You all seem to be eating healthy foods, so try McDonalds a couple times a week & a daily milkshake, eat some unhealthy foods maybe that will do the trick?
    I wish they would do studies on you all who can’t gain weight & figure it out so they could make a pill for people like me who just look at food & gain. I ate 800 calories for a month & didn’t lose one single pound & it was all veggies & a little fruit.

  • Benjamin

    I have the same problem… Part of the issue for me, is I notice how my body responds to different foods, and since my body doesn’t respond well to junk food, meat, or dairy, I don’t know how to cook(if recipies have more than 5 steps or so I get overwhelmed, so I tend to stick to Amy’s and kashi tv dinners) and I’m on a limited budget(about $100 per week) I eat as much as I can afford, and as much as my body accepts, but with me losing weight, and seemingly needing new clothes to fit me, I don’t know what to do. Plus with so many people and places focusing on losing weight, I often feel like an alien in a different land.

  • julie

    please help us. it’s so difficult eating healthy and taking care of our bodie’s but we can’t gain weight or just muscle. everything on the web is about weight loss but nobody realizes how difficult it is to gain weight. like others, of what i’m reading, i have also been called alot of names and accusations of having disorders and wish someone would look into this seriously

    • Benjamin

      I’ve noticed the same thing. I’m sure there must be something online for people like us, but weeding through the haystack of weight loss sites to find the needle of gaining weight… Is simply not worth my effort. I truly hope someone looks into this issue soon, because otherwise, my paychecks will simply pay for housing, and food.(or new clothes till I either don’t find any that fit me anymore or I turn to skin and bones)

  • martin

    Im 17 years old almost 18, im 5 ft 7, and im about between weights of 116 to 120 pounds. I have struggled most of my life to gain weight like all of you, im a skinny guy with a BIG head, skinny wrists, skinny legs, and have been that way for a while. I get TIRED easily during the day, tried doing weights, nothing, I eat all kinds of food from healthy to very unhealthy. when im full from a meal i tend to still wanna eat a little bit of something, but even that does not stick those pounds on me for long. I go to school 3 hours a day and usually get dropped off there and have to walk home after. I don’t know if maybe that makes me lose weight or so. Im not an active person, like play soccer, or football, or any of that. The times I do actually do Heavy exercise is when i go to local shows or concerts and i Mosh in the crowd for about 3 to 4 hours, and that makes me lose weight all kinds. BUT I go to shows VERY rarely. IF i gain 1 pound, the next day i lose 2 pounds :/ Thats not fair or normal for me. how am i suppose to hold a job or do a daily routine when it requires energy that i simply cannot give?! I tire easily! I get called, super skinny, anorexic, bulimic, tweeker, drug addict, i mean its really annoying! I wish there was something that we could take, like a hormone or something, that’ll slow our metabolisms down a notch. PLEAZZEEE HELP!!!!

  • T

    i like to eat like i really enjoy eating what ever i want but i have those days where maybe i don’t feel like eating a meal or so. If i was at a good weight for my height my mom would let me but if i even skip a day of eating i lose like 3 pounds. Im 16 going on 17 , 5 ft 7 and weigh 99-100 pounds so honestly if i could have a slightly slower metabolism to gain weight from all the food i eat that would be AWESOME.
    I know a lot of people are like why do you want to gain weight id rather be tiny but *I rather be at a healthy weight. if my metabolism is slower and im gaining weight i’m going to do what i already do which is : Eat, Sleep, Exercise and live my life.

    I feel as long as you eat the right things and live a healthy life like i fairly already do that obesity or being overweight will not be a problem i’ll have to deal with.

    So if there is a way to slightly slow down my metabolism or help me gain weight in general i will definitely jump at that chance.

  • Jessica

    omggg !!! i was sure that i was alone in this 😮 so does anybody else have joint pains also then ? i am 20 years old 5“6 1/2 and weigh 100lbs this is ridiculous it takes me about 4 mnths just to gain a pound or two. i eat like no tomorrow and can’t gain a pound if only they had a weight gaining program for people with a metabolism as fast as us that would be awsome. I’m tired of hearing people say `oh i wish i had your body, or you have the perfect body`like geeze shut up ! i do not have a healthy weight for my height. So if there is a way to help me gain weight i most definitely will jump at that chance.

  • Cindy Diamond

    I’m thinking maybe if you guys ate lots of junk food like milkshakes & fast food? OR see if the doctor can give you steroid shots? Those usually pack on the pounds for regular people.

  • Jarrah Caesar Baldwin

    i always knew i wasnt alone on this problem i have been searching nd searching for years on the internet for something ad im still searching, i have looked through everyone one diets, mine is a packet of bacon 6 sausage’s weet-bix (8) mc donalds large and a milkshake, i hit the gym and i accually notice a difference….. AFTER 1 YEAR!!!! of doing the same thing and this diet get really exspensive, i would like to say thou that i have figured out one way that helped, i started to gain weight after this….. i missed breakfast and had 2 double wopper combo’s a BK for lunch (brunch)

  • Jarrah Caesar Baldwin

    i have just written a article for everyone on this page, i have read all your comments, haven’t skipped one and put the ones i thought were best in to the article i will post the article link as soon as the article is approved, my heart is with all you’s

  • jim

    Im jim,listen least ul all prob live longer lives than most my grandfather ate heavy all his life drank heavy smoked like a trooper and wouldn,t start the day without a full irish breakfast and he was the same as all of you 6ft 2 and 10 stone and he lived til he was 99.Im the same as my grandfather 6ft 1 and 10 stone and been trying to put on weight for years by using protein shakes and spending hours in the gym lifting weights eating special diets and nothing worked so i just embraced it you are what you are.Aslong as you keep your chlosterol down and don.t abuse your body too much most of you id be fairly confident in sayin most of you will live long lives withiut worrying about your heart exploding with all the pressure people put on it.

  • Mark Kolb

    I recently discovered 2 studies stating high selenium intake (upper tolerable limit no more) leads to reduced levels of t3 hormone and causes weight gain. Research the studies yourself, also zinc but if you have hyperthyroid it may lead to increased zinc excretion making supplementing pointless. I have been experimenting only for about 2 weeks now so I cant really say too much on if it might help, even so if it helps me it might not help you. So those are just a few angles which one can look at it.

  • Christopher

    I agree with most people that commented on here.. I myself am about 5 foot 9 inches tall.. i’m a male.. I barely weigh 110.. I used to weigh 115.. I eat huge meals.. 3 a day on most good days.. I have a home gym I work out on.. I heard that maybe taking creatine and protein shakes appropriately through out the day might also work.. but I hide alot of my body in shame because I too get called, anorexic.. some days I eat 4 meals a day and even after I eat until i’m stuffed full.. I still feel a hunger in my gut.. It never goes away.. I sometimes fear i might have Hyperthyroidism.. cause my feet are always sweaty and cold.. my knees always have an appearance that i just fell off of a bike and scrapped them badly.. my forearms and hands look like skeleton hands with veins.. I’ve been searching for a way to gain weight and trying to gain weight for about 3 years now.. i’m 22 now.. been about 110-115lbs for about 6 or 7 years now…. it is NOT fun and I am NOT lucky to be 30 to 40 pounds underweight..

  • angel

    hey i found this site so interesting………………..we all have this same problem but there are so many people who wish to be our size. i am 16 and a size 0 i have lots clothes that suit me an i wear it and people love the way i look and even more i love the way i look in it i have been 83 pounds for as long as i can remember and i am trying now to put on a little more weight to reach nearly 93 pounds

  • PurpleDiamond

    STOP EXERCISING how many fat people like me do the doctors tell to “exercise to lose weight”? ALL of US, it’s supposed to be the GOLDEN ticket to lose weight. So if you can’t gain weight wouldn’t it make sense to stop exercising? Eat empty calories, follow one of your fat friends around & eat what they eat, junk food people, junk food! Talk to the doctor about steroid shots, those really packed on the pounds for my skinny friend.

  • Nicole

    I’m 5 foot 6 1/2 inches and weigh 95 pounds. The most I’ve ever weighed was 118. That was before I got pregnant when I was pregnant the most I weighed was 130. Literally a couple days after my son was born I was down to 115. He is 2 now and I lost the 10 pounds bringing me down to 105 but lately I have lost weight faster. I dropped the other 10 pounds In a couple months so now I’m 95 pounds. I’m 21 almost 22. Lately I cant sleep because my ribs hurt so bad while laying down. I even have the foam mattress. My dad has a VERY high metabolism so I find it impossible to gain weight. I live around where people do drugs and most look at me like a meth head but I’ve never done a drug in my life. I hate being this small and getting all these looks. People look at me like I’m unhealthy and it’s hard for me to find clothes that fit. Also the fact of being sore all the time and all the bruising and scars. I’m starting to become depressed because of it. Doran anyone know how to gain weight?!?!?

  • Cheyenne

    Ugh, I hate not being able to gain weight. People say “Oh your lucky,” and “Well don’t complain, at least your skinny,” and I am not lucky. A list of health problems, bony, weak, and fragile. I know people think I am anorexic, or I don’t eat enough. People even compare me. I also HATE that feeling, that I can’t do most things I loved to do, before my metabolism started going whack. To be honest, lol okay, I got compliments on my, lol, butt! I mean I want to be full and healthy, not weak. They always say this too “You should eat more”, “Are you eating? Are you being fed? Wanna stay for lunch/dinner?” then someone says, “Hey can I have that? “(Like to someone who says, I don’t wan these anymore) That person leaves then they give their food to me. Like am I that skinny to you, that you’d lie? Then I got bugged to eat everything in sight. I mean I do, I eat so much till I can feel my stomach stretch, still nothing. I even look up how to lose weight, then do the opposite of everything. Basically break all the rules that people follow to LOSE weight, while I’m just trying to gain it. I also bet most people with high metabolisms get vitamins, or medicine to gain weight, but personally I think we need more then that! They have orginizations for weightloss, people with eating disorders. Then I think, what about us? We have health problems too. Not EVERYONE wants to be model thin. Just really REALLY want help to gain weight.

  • Bert Castro

    I’m an 18 year old male 5″10 and weigh 135 on a good day. It really is frustrating not being able to gain weight. I have been weighing the same since I was 15 I believe, I used to be very active in a lot of sports and such so I assumed it was due to that, so I stopped, now all I do is eat and sleep, been doing this for a good year and some but still nothing, if anything ive lost more weight losing all my weight in muscle and all. My bullshit metabolism causes me to be hungry all the time so I eat all the time, like dangerous amounts of food but no gain, it’s ridiculous, the fact I’m not obese is beyond me.

  • Kendra

    I am 17 and weigh 83 pounds. My measurements are 30AA-23-34. I swear I’m not anorexic! (I LOVE to eat, actually.)

  • stevie wonder

    HAHA! All the skinny people complaining about eating whatever you want and not getting fat,
    Thats like being rich and wishing you were homeless.
    It just doesn’t make any fucking sense.
    Idk about any of you, but being a big guy with a slow metabolism, not having body fat as an obstacle?
    Sounds like fucking heaven to me.
    Being big, I can’t stand having eat nothin but veggies all the time, and having to run long distances, instead of lifting weights like I normally love doing. I’m constantly hungry, but I can’t eat anything but vegetables or whole natural nuts, and a little bit of meat.
    Girls won’t even make eye contact with me and I’m constantly being made fun of for being fat.
    Oh and body fat CANNOT be turned into muscle! believe me, ive been trying for years
    You people with high metabolisms have no clue how fucking lucky you really are!